• Best new products for Spring

    Best new products for Spring

    One of my favourite things about blogging is discovering other bloggers, reading new posts, finding new products that I love and being able to share all those things with others. In this post, I want to share with you my favourite products for spring. I also want to share with you some of my favourite…

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  • A mother holding her child. Both faces are facing the camera. The picture has text overlay that says: 6 things you can do to create memories

    6 things You Can do To Create Memories

    I love to create memories, but I hate getting my picture taken. In this post, I want to share how I started becoming afraid and the 6 things I am doing to change my behaviour. I am full of fear that I will look back and only see how fat and bad I look. My…

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  • two girls sitting at the edge of the water. They are both facing away from the camera and wearing straw hats. On top of the picture are the words: 10 tips on how to make friends.

    10 effortless tips on how to make friends

    Making new friends can be hard. I have always struggled with this and I know that others do as well. In today’s post, I will share 10 tips on how to make friends. My Past For 20 years, I went to the same church and lived in the same town. I knew everybody and everybody…

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  • Do you have emotions that you just don't know how to express? Click to read 9 ways to express yourself without hurting others

    9 Ways to Express Anger

    9 ways to express your ANGER without sinning or hurting those around you. ANGER is natural and good to express but only when you EXPRESS YOUR ANGER in a healthy way. Learn to CONTROL YOUR ANGER , read some ANGER QUOTES and some ANGER MANAGEMENT activities #christianliving, #wordofGod, #anger, #angermanagement, #angermangementstrategies

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  • A women dancing in the streets with a scarf above her tilted head with the words: make time in a busy world

    How to make Me time in a busy world

    As a mother of 3 and a wife of more than a decade, I know that it is very hard to make me time. Today, I am going to share with you 7 things you can do to make me time. Life is busy and goes by so fast. But, if you want a better…

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  • Life Lessons from Kids: jealousy

    Since becoming a parent, I have been learning some pretty awesome life lessons. This week, I learned about jealousy. One of the things I love most about having kids is seeing them learn and watch them grow. But, over the last seven years, my kids are not the only ones who have changed. I have…

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