10 ultimate blogging Resources

Blogging takes a lot of work and time. If you are not careful, you can spend lots of money and lots of time on blogging resources and tools.

Today, I want to share with you the 10 blogging resources I use on a daily basis.

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My budget

I don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on producing and promoting my blog.

For me, blogging is a hobby that I want to one day turn into a business. I don’t have the time to devote to my business right now, but I do have time for is investing in the tools I need to increase my audience and engagement

Here is a list of blog resources I use and love.

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10 ultimate blogging Resources

1. Creative Market

Creative Market was the first resource I found. In my I research for free pictures this website came up. I then checked it out, not only did it have pictures,  but graphics, blog themes, fonts and so much more.

Creative Market was having a special that gave me pictures, a blog theme and so much more. The bundle was 90%+++ off the regular prices and a steal of a deal. Not only did I get a huge discount on the bundle, but by becoming a member I get free resources every week.

As a blogger with a small budget, this is one of the first places I go to find fonts, themes, pictures, textures and anything else I might need.

2. Pinterest

One of my favourite blogging resources is Pinterest. Even before I started blogging I used Pinterest on a regular basis to search for inspiration. I still use it for that but also so much more.

Pinterest is where I have found amazing bloggers who know so much more than I do and who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Everything I have learned about blogging has been by doing searches on Pinterest and reading lots and lots of blogs.

Not only do I love Pinterest as a reader, but I also love it as a blogger. I get 90% of my traffic from Pinterest. It’s a great tool to use to reach many people that you may not reach using any other social media.

Since I don’t have lots of time to pin, I have invested in 2 tools to help automate that process.

3. Boardbooster

This post has been updated. Since I wrote this post, a board booster is no longer an option.

They were not a certified partner with Pinterest and had to stop their business. I hope that they find a way to work with Pinterest because I loved the features they had.

4. Tailwind

I found tailwind before the board booster. I found it was much easier to understand and the learning curve was way easier.

Tailwind is a great tool that helps you schedule your pins. It helps you be consistent and can pin to all your boards at once.

What I love about Tailwind are the tribes and the recommended pins. Once you pin a pin on Tailwind, it will give you a list of other pins you might like as well.

Click here to try it out now.

5. Canva

Canva is a program that helps you create pictures, print out, pins and so much more.

I am not a trained graphic designer and I don’t have time to learn Photoshop or any of the other programs. When I started looking at what I needed I knew that I needed something free and something simple to use.

I found Canva early on in my blogging and I love it. Canva is something I use it to create all my images on my blog. I also use it for Facebook images and Instagram.

Lately, I have been using Canva to create printables that I will add to the courses I am working on creating

Canva has many templates you can use and change. It has some free pictures and graphics you can use. If you can imagine creating a graphic, it can be made using canvas. It is free and easy to use.

6. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is an amazing tool that helps me create emails, opt-in forms,  pop-ups and so much more. I can create amazing-looking emails and opt-in forms using this tool. The best part is, it’s free to use until you have 1000 emails on your list.

Mailerlite is easy to use and understand. Creating emails is simple and quick. I highly recommend Mailerlite for first-time bloggers.

7. Facebook

I use Facebook every day for blogging. Facebook has many groups. Any sort of interest you have you can find a group. These groups are a great place to learn more about blogging but also share your blog posts and get leads.

Facebook also has cheap ads that target your direct audience. It’s a great tool to use to learn more but also grow your following.

Facebook is not only a great tool to grow your audience, but also to meet other entrepreneurs and learn from them. Some of the first groups I found on Facebook were so helpful and the people are so willing to share their knowledge, it’s amazing.

Favourite go-to bloggers for knowledge:

There are many more, but these are a great place to start.

8. Free pictures

I try to blog for as cheap as possible. One of the areas I save lots of money on is pictures. We all know how important pictures are in blogging. I don’t have to time to take my own, so I like to use stock pictures and free pictures.

check out my blog post: The Best Sites to find pictures for your blog

There are many places online where you can find licensed pictures for free. Before using, make sure you read what your limitations are and use the pictures accordingly.

9. Follow other Bloggers

I have found that the best way to learn about blogging to read blogs about it and follow people who have been doing it longer than I have.

There are many bloggers that have excellent websites and courses that are well worth the investment.

List of bloggers to follow:

10. Best blogging tool: Use Old technology

Since I have children, it’s not always possible to use the computer or even on my iPad. Kids love technology and every time I use it, I always have 3 kids surrounding me.

To keep that to a minimum I use a notebook to write down blog ideas and plan out my month. I also use my calendar to plan when to publish blog posts and Facebook posts.

I learn best through writing so I will usually print out free resources I find and write on them and then keep them in a binder. It’s all totally old-school, but I love it.

These are all tools that I use on a regular basis. There are many more, but these are the ones I use every day and the ones I would recommend you start with.

a pink scrunchoe over a notepad with a pen over a keyboard. Above the picture are the words: 10 ultimate blogging resrouces. www.onedeterminedlife.com

67 responses to “10 ultimate blogging Resources”

  1. Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries Avatar

    I’ve recently discovered Creative Market – I’m amazed with the selection of resources they have available for free!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      Yes! It’s amazing

  2. Brittany N Avatar

    Great resources, thanks so much for sharing! I’ve never tried Mailerite, I’m gonna have to check it out! xo, Brittany | http://www.theblistblog.com

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      It’s an amazing tool and I’m so glad I use it. Very easy and seamless

  3. Rebecca Hicks Avatar

    Great recommendations! I love Tailwind, but it is a lot of work to get your queue up and ready with pins. I need to check out Board Booster, but just don’t have the time to learn it right now haha. And Facebook groups have been AMAZING for helping me get more traffic to my blog- love ’em!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I wish I could remember where I found the boardbooster tutorial, but once I figured it out, it took me less time the tailwind. So, if it’s a time issue, I highly recommend you check it out.

  4. Jenny Avatar

    Yes to all of these! So essential.

  5. Vicki Avatar

    I’m just getting the hang of Tailwind, and need to work on email next. Thanks for the info!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I like the one thing at a time approach as well. Otherwise it can be overwhelming

  6. Jennifer Driskell Avatar

    What a great list! I love the Creative Market freebies — such a wonderful resource!

  7. wendy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I plan on getting started with tailwind

  8. Denay DeGuzman Avatar
    Denay DeGuzman

    What a helpful list of resources for beginning bloggers. I absolutely adore Pinterest and Canva. I need to up my game on FB though. I just wish there were more than 24 hours in a day!

  9. Francesca Avatar

    So many new resources that I haven’t tried yet! Definitely need to check some more of these out!

  10. Jessica Wagner Avatar
    Jessica Wagner

    SO many great tips! I keep hearing about this Board Booster and need to look into it! I don’t think I have fully gasped the concept yet! Thanks for including a video link! I also have kiddos at home and find I am never without a pen and paper to jot down ideas as they come! Technology is great but old tech is just a helpful! Thanks for sharing! XO


  11. Nicole Avatar

    What great tips!! I myself use canva everyday for everything!! It is such a great app!!

  12. Ariyo Avatar

    I enjoyed your above write up. It was quite detailed about sending traffic to a blog.

    I just want to add another way of sending traffic to your blog and that is to post in online forums related to your niche.

    For instance, if you blog about football or about a particular football team, leave over the top comments about a most recent match in forums related to that football club or football in general and leave a link back to your blog (Usually through a signature) and watch your traffic increase massively

    You can even open a thread, preferably a highly controversial thread and watch commentators flood in and with many of the thread visitors getting linked to your blog in due process.

    Thanks again for your write up


    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      Your so right! Thanks for the added tips

  13. Marvina Stedge Avatar

    Great post. Some of these I’ve never checked out, so I will have to check them out.

  14. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms Avatar

    These are really helpful! I love Tailwind, and I have been trying to remember to take advantage of the Creative Market freebies every week!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      Creative market sends me an email so it’s easy to remember

  15. Kim Avatar

    Creative Market is the best! I used to like Etsy before I discovered them, and now I don’t know why I didn’t find them sooner!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I’m so glad you found them. It’s seriously my number one go to place

  16. Jehava Avatar

    I haven’t heard of a few of these, but use many of these services and they definitely are super helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Patricia Avatar

    I’m bookmarking this. I’m a “seasoned” blogger I guess, lol, but so behind on som many of these helpful resources!

  18. Marta Rivera Avatar

    Thanks for the tips! As a new blogger, these are gems!!

  19. Heather Erickson Avatar

    Great tips! I really wanted to switch to mailer lite from MailChimp, but got stuck when it came to verifying with an email that was attached to my blog. It seems silly, but I don’t want yet another email account. And I wondered if my agreeing to get one I would be unknowingly moving my domain.

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I totally understand. I felt the same way. But, mailerlite is so amazing, it was an easy decision for me. My webpage is hosted on bluehost. With bluehost, I get a free email account. I set it up and only use it for mailerlite

  20. Jen Avatar

    This is such a helpful list for this new blogger. I am thrilled I discovered Tailwind to keep my Pinterest account active on days that I am swamped.

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