100 meals for a large crowd

I love hosting people for dinner, but I don’t always have the money to spend on an elaborate meal.  If you have the same problem, then you will love this list, its 100 meals you can make for a crowd that won’t break the bank.

All of these meals are easy to make. To make sure that the portions feed lots of people, you may need to double the recipes.

4 pictures of food. One hamburger, one lasagna, and 2 casseroles with the words 100 cheap meals to feed a crowd


Chicken, bacon and leek pasta bake
meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here

2. One-Pot Manly Cheesy Chicken Penne

One Pot Manly Cheesy Chicken Penne, meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here 


Get Check out the Recipe Here

4. Penne Rosa

Get the recipe here


Close up of a Slow Cooker Taco Chicken Bowl with melted cheese and sliced green onions- meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here

6. Margherita French Bread Pizza

tomatoes on french bread, meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here 

7. Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Italian Chicken

Slow-Cooker 3-Ingredient Italian Chicken, meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here 


Get the recipe here

9. Cheesy Broccoli Chicken & Rice Recipe 

Broccolli Chicken Rice Freezer Meal, meals for a large crowd

Get the recipe here


Get the recipe here

There are so many amazing recipes you can find that are inexpensive to make and absolutely delicious. Find a few recipes you love and double or triple the recipe if need be.

In the comments below share your favourite meals that feed a large crowd. Please share this post with others. Thanks.

14 responses to “100 meals for a large crowd”

  1. Jordyn Avatar

    I love chicken taco bowls!

  2. Brittany Avatar

    It all sounds so good! The taco bowls would probably be my first choice to please the people we have over though!

  3. Bonnie Lyn Smith Avatar

    Where have you been all my life? I need this to feed the robotics crowd! <3 Thank you!

  4. Jordan Avatar

    This is great! We are in the ministry and always have a house full over! I will def be saving this for later!

  5. Jehava Avatar

    I am always looking for new ideas! Great suggestions!

  6. 1stopmom Avatar

    These are some great suggestions.My immediate family is pretty big when we get together so I am always looking for ideas. I would love to try the Margherita French Bread Pizza.

  7. Meg Avatar

    These look delish! We often host family dinners, so meals like this are great!

  8. Lyndsey Avatar

    These all look delicious. I always never know what to bring to potlucks these will be on my list next time I have a potluck.

  9. Joline Avatar

    These are great options! It’s always difficult to think of dishes that will satisfy a big group of people with different tastes and preferences.

  10. Krystal @ Simple Finance Mom Avatar

    Each recipe looks better than the last! Seriously. I can’t wait to try some of these at home. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes.

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I am also always on the hunt and try to make a new recipe about once a month. I love having so many options.

  11. Jessica Peresta Avatar

    These are such great ideas! I always struggle with what to feed a large crowd of people and these ideas will really help me out!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I do as well! I figured since I struggled with it, others would as well.

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