7 Healthy Snacks for kids that they will love

All growing kids tend to get hungry between meals, especially mine. But, my kids always want sugary snacks. So today, I made a list of 7 healthy snacks for kids. Each of these snack ideas will fill kids up with good nutrients instead of sugar.

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What stores offer

I always try to save money when I go to the store. I want to grab quick and healthy snacks but the most convenient snacks that I can find are usually the least healthy.

My children don’t need more sugar, they need foods that will help them have a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins to grow and develop healthily. 

It can be a real challenge to convince your kids to eat healthily. So when snack time comes, it is the best opportunity to add some extra nutrients and vitamins into your child’s diet. That is why these seven healthy snacks will be your little tricks to make this happen.

7 Healthy Snacks for Kids

1. Honey yogurt  

Yogurt and honey are two very healthy snacks that are both rich in protein, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Those two combined can be not only a delicious snack but also one with several health benefits. 

Honey contains many vitamins including ascorbic acid, zinc, manganese, potassium, iron, and calcium. Yogurt is also a great source of vitamins for your child as it is rich in protein and calcium. Another benefit of yogurt is the fact that it contains live bacterial content which can contribute to improving digestion and your child’s immune system. 

Yogurts that are marketed to children are usually high in sugar. If you are looking for a healthier option, buy plain full-fat yogurt such as Greek Yogurt.

When it’s time for a snack add a little bit of honey and even cinnamon if your kids like it. The honey will bring some sweetness to the yogurt, and your children will enjoy it. You can also get flavoured Greek yogurt and skip the honey. Both options are yummy and filling.

2. Trail mix 

If your children aren’t allergic to nuts, they are the best source of protein and make a great snack. You can make your own mix of nuts, dried fruits, and whole-grain cereal for a colourful and healthy snack.

A healthy trail mix can come in hundreds of combinations depending on what your child likes. 

Trail mix is a healthy snack no matter the season because they are easy to pack and easy to carry around. As an added bonus, nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts have a variety of health and energy-related benefits. 

Nuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for your child’s body and brain’s healthy development. They can protect your child from the risk of several health conditions including heart diseases, some types of cancers, and arthritis. 

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3. Popcorn 

What would your family movies be without a bowl of popcorn? All kids want to snack when watching their favourite animations. And from now on, you shouldn’t hesitate to allow your kids to have a bowl of popcorn during family movie night.  

Some consider popcorn to be junk food. However, what makes popcorn an unhealthy snack are the flavours they come with if you buy it from the supermarket. Yet, if you air-pop your own popcorn and exclude the unhealthy toppings it can actually be really healthy. It is a nutritious, whole-grain food and it is high in fibre, and protein, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Banana-oatmeal cookies 

Making your own healthy snacks for kids can be better than purchasing them from the supermarket. When making snacks, you are in control of what the snacks contain and you can add a few vitamins and nutrients to your child’s diet.

There is nothing better than getting your kids to help you make cookies. Not only will they have fun, but they can see what ingredients you put in.

When making banana oatmeal cookies, it’s good to remember that both banana and oatmeal contain fibre and combined together can make a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Potassium-rich bananas and fibre-rich oatmeal can make a healthy snack that can prevent several health conditions including kidney stones, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Homemade cookies such as banana-oatmeal cookies will taste like a delicious treat but don’t include refined sugar. 

5. Healthy snacks for Kids: Baked sweet potato fries  

Sweet potatoes can be a great nutritional snack that will help your child stay healthy. Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of fibre and potassium and fewer calories than regular potatoes.

If your kids are a fan of French fries, sweet potato fries are a healthy alternative that can protect your child’s health. However, to make the fires even healthier, instead of frying them in oil, bake the sweet potato as a nutritious alternative to French fries.

6. Healthy snacks for Kids: Apples and peanut butter

Mixing apples and peanut butter are both delicious and healthy. You can even mix peanut butter with full-fat yogurt to make a peanut butter dip.

The added yogurt makes the peanut butter creamier and makes for a delicious dip. When paired, apples and peanut butter create an ideal punch of nutrients that are necessary for healthy blood sugar control. 

Both apples and peanut butter are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals including fibre, protein, Vitamin C and K, manganese, and potassium.

7. Healthy snacks for Kids: Frozen fruit popsicles 

Do your kids crave cool ice cream during the summer months? Most probably, they do. However, ice cream can contain high amounts of sugar which are extremely unhealthy for kids. 

To make a healthy cold snack, you can make frozen fruit popsicles. These can be a great healthy snack during summertime and a nutritious alternative to ice cream.

Not only that they look cool and colourful, but they are also creamy, healthy, and a snack that your kids will certainly love. 

Giving your kids homemade healthy snacks is the best way to provide them with the number of vitamins and nutrients they need for healthy development. So, use these 7 healthy snacks for kids as ideas to help your kids change their snacking habits into healthier ones. 

In the comments below, share what healthy snacks you like to make for your kids. Please share this post. Thank you!

Meet the Author

Daniela McVicker is a psychologist and family counsellor. She is also a freelance writer and a contributor to TopWritersReview. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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5 Healthy Discipline Strategies That Work

As a mom to 3 children, I have learned that there are healthy discipline strategies that work and ones that don’t. In this post, I will share 5 healthy discipline strategies that work.

I know that children misbehave. I also know that reacting harshly rarely does anything to make the situation better.

In this post, I will share 6 healthy discipline strategies that work.

I first started on this parenting journey 10 years ago. Since the birth of my eldest child, I have learned that there are good ways to react to behaviour and then there are less helpful ways to react.

I found myself asking: could there really be a way to introduce him to the idea of ‘yes and no’ or ‘right and wrong’ at such a young age? Needless to say, I was determined to find a way to gently nudge him in the right direction.

What the Research says:

Research shows that how we react to our children’s behaviour has a profound effect on how they behave in the future.

Reacting too strongly (or not strongly enough) to misbehaviour can lead to repeated issues which can last indefinitely.

I mean, think about it. they look up to us, not only to tell them how to behave but also to teach them by modelling the desired behaviour.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to introduce the concept of discipline to your little ones, consider the following advice to correct your child’s behaviour, but remain a positive influence at the same time.

5 healthy discipline strategies that work

1. Keep Your Cool

I know we all have had days where we’ve had it ‘up to here’ with our kids. However, the most important thing to keep in mind when your child misbehaves is to remain calm.

Losing your cool while trying to improve your child’s behaviour doesn’t set a positive example of how to act in stressful situations.

In fact, it does the exact opposite.

Children are extremely observant and the last thing you would want is for your child to become anxious or timid around you due to fear that you’ll lose your cool.

Instead, if you’re feeling upset or overwhelmed with your child, try talking it out with them. I’m a huge advocate for verbally communicating with young children.

Baby talk is cute and all but by communicating with them in a normal tone of voice works wonders for their rapidly developing language and speech skills

2. Don’t Highlight Misbehavior 

Children often act out because they are looking for attention, whether it’s positive or not. If yelling or throwing a tantrum proves to be a good way to get your attention, they will undoubtedly keep doing it whenever they see fit.

Of course, you can’t ignore misbehaviour completely – you need to make sure your child stays safe. But, try to avoid showing extra attention to them because of negative actions.

For example, if your child throws a tantrum because he wants a toy at the store, try telling him that you won’t talk about it until he calms down. If he continues to cry, browse the store as usual and remind him that you won’t talk about it until he calms down.

As tempting as it may be to yell or ‘nip it in the bud’ to avoid a crying spell in the store, I’ve found that my son calms down much quicker when I ignore his misbehaviour and suggest an alternative instead

3. Take Special Notice of Good Behavior

It’s been found that children react very positively to encouragement, affirmation, and approval. Not only that – praise also makes your child feel more capable, which is good for self-esteem.

Therefore, you want to make sure that you are intentional about giving praise to your children for good habits and behaviour.

If your child gets no encouragement or attention from positive actions, they may turn to misbehaviour in order to feel noticed.

4. Stay Firm

Usually, when parents clearly and firmly demand that their child do something, it’s safe to say that the child generally knows that there aren’t any other options.

However, this isn’t always the case.

Nevertheless, it’s important to use a calm tone of voice when speaking with your child but remember to remind them that you mean what you say.

Of course, being firm doesn’t mean yelling or being mean to your children.

It just means not to give in to them so easily.

5. Learn to Accept Mistakes

Children make mistakes in how they behave, just like adults sometimes do. It’s important to remember that kids aren’t tiny grown-ups and they lack much of the knowledge and experience that many adults have picked up over the years.

Misbehaviour may not be desirable, but it is a perfectly normal part of being a kid.

By modelling the desired behaviour for your child, rather than simply scolding them for bad behaviour, you help to make sure they understand what they can do to behave better from that point forward.

As parents, it’s our job to teach our children how to navigate the world around them.

Reacting negatively to misbehaviour can affect your kids during their childhood and later when they become parents themselves.

However, if you apply the above tips, and remain patient and positive, you can be sure that your kids will develop positive habits too.

Gentle Parenting books I recommend

** The links below are affiliate links, please read my disclosure policy**

  • Have a new Kid by Friday
  • The 5 Love Languages of Children
  • The whole brain child

In the comments below, share some positive ways you react when your child misbehaves.

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Best new products for Spring

One of my favourite things about blogging is discovering other bloggers, reading new posts, finding new products that I love and being able to share all those things with others.

In this post, I want to share with you my favourite products for spring. I also want to share with you some of my favourite blog posts and pictures from the past couple of months.

a vase with flowes and 2 boxes tacked on top of each other. All on a desk. On top of the picture are the words: Best new products for spring. www.onedeterminedlife.com

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3 Products for Spring

1. Dishwasher Pods 

Over the years my husband and I have tried many different dishwasher soap solutions. No matter the product, my husband always seems to find grime on our glasses and not happy with how the dishes are washed.

This month, we tried a new dishwasher pod and loved it.

Not only does it help by getting old food off plates (eliminating the pre-wash), but it is the first time that my husband has been happy with how our glasses come out of the wash. The amount of grime on our glasses has disappeared. Let’s just say, we love this product and will purchase it from now on.

2. Beach blanket 

I hate having sand on my beach towel or blanket. This blanket absorbs the sand and you are left with a sand-free surface. I have not tried this product yet, but just the idea of it makes me happy. I am putting this under my: to order list.

Have you bought it? What are your thoughts??

3. Free Christian Resources

As a Christian, I love getting free resources to help me in my walk with God. One way I like to keep connected to God’s word is by having scripture around my house. 

My favourite verses are the ones I like to have in the house. To find some free Christian resources, click on the link below.

bible quote

2 Great Blog Posts

1. No one thing:

In her blog, Melissa Greenwood wrote about the fact that none of us can be defined by just one thing. 

This post resonated with me because I feel fear is holding me back and that fear is attached to the labels I have placed on myself and the ones I think people have put on me.

A conservative Christian woman believes this, acts like this, can’t do this, should not do this or think that. For many years, I fought the labels and because even though I related to the idea of a converse stick Christian, I am so much more than that and my beliefs don’t all match up to that label.

It is so hard to reconcile the labels I have to the ones I believe I am. I am slowly trying to create a space for myself that I feel fits who I am as a mother, wife, woman, and Christian. It’s been hard to reach that place but I believe well worth it.

Melissa did an amazing job conveying the idea that we are NO ONE THING.

2. Victory over Thoughts

Alexandra Yeboah wrote an amazing blog post called: 4 ways to have victory over your thoughts. 

I don’t know about you, but one of the areas I struggle with on a daily basis is my thought life. Thoughts fly through my head and I can’t seem to control where they go. Some days, I have victory and other times I let my thoughts have power over me.

Alexandra wrote a post that gave some excellent advice about how to have victory in that area of our lives.

2 Pictures That I Love: products for Spring

1. My children hugging

2 children hugging each other- in the blog post Best new products for spring. www.onedeterminedlife.com

This is one of my favourite pictures. It’s my one-year-old son hugging his sister. I love this picture because it captures their special relationship. He loves her so much and often hugs her and snuggles her.

When they are not hugging each other, they are chasing each other around the house, making each other laugh, or playing together. This picture also captures my son’s sweet nature. He loves t love people and shows his love with hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

I love being the recipient of such love, but I also love watching him show his love to others.

2. Picture of me

Anne Markey standing near a surf board. In the blog post: Best new products for Spring. www.onedeterminedlife.com

It might seem a bit arrogant to choose a picture of myself for this list, but I did. It’s not one of my favourite pictures of myself, but I love what this picture represents.

I hardly ever am the one in front of the camera and this picture is me getting out of my comfort zone by not only taking the picture but sharing it with the world.

The picture also helps me remember that this was taken during a date night with my husband. I love that he took it and that he finds me beautiful every day,  it just a pretty moment. This picture is a small way to document our time together.

 Need More?

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