Using our 5 Senses to Connect With God

Being a Christian for a long time means that sometimes we drift away from God without noticing. Feeling unhappy, unthankful and having a negative attitude are all hints we are not full of the Holy Spirit. They are signs that we need to come back to Christ. One way I did that was by using our 5 senses to connect with God.

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Getting Ready for Change

Change is on the horizon for my family and me. We’re on the cusp of being on the move. I’d tell you when we are going and where we are going, but we simply don’t know.

We asked God to tell us. This was His answer: “Trust me, it’s good. Be ready.” After the dozenth “Okay, God,” we decided we had better obey and “get ready.”

  • For my husband, that means polishing up rusty job skills and tackling a mountain of research.
  • For me, that means going through endless items stashed in long-term storage to see what stays, and what goes, and muttering, “Why in the world did I ever think I would need this?”
  • For my kids, that means asking mom every single day what the plan is.

As I was tackling my chore of sorting all of our collections and sending more than a little to the donation pile, I felt God drop a challenging thought into my mind. I realized I had way too many hoodies, but I don’t have peace, contentment, and joy.

I can’t look in this tote or that box and say, “These things make me proud of the last 12 years,” or “I may not know where God is sending me, but look at these treasures!”

I am grateful for all of these items. I am grateful that my bills are always paid, and that my kids have nice comfortable clothes, three meals a day, and plenty of toys.

I am thankful that God has been with Paul and I, and our family all these years. But almost every day I sink into discontentment rather than soaring with joy. 

God was telling me it was a heart problem.

The Source of Discontent

So, I’m still sorting through the world’s largest stash of unused stuff, and asking God: Where is my joy? When did I brew this unhappiness? What’s caused me to be so discontent? 

Thank you Father for always keeping it simple!

The answer: I wasn’t spending time with God anymore.

I was rushing through my morning devotional. When worship moments got interrupted, I wasn’t finding my way back.

There were more and more days that my prayers were fleeting and I was giving brief notice to God’s presence in my home.

It’s always jarring when God opens our eyes to something like that.

Shame rushes us, and we instantly want to make it right. It’s too tempting to stick God on our to-do list so we can feel good once again.

Instead, let’s keep it simple, and just walk right up to him again for fresh, living water.

For me, I am using the 5 senses to draw close to God again. It’s so simple and so easy.

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Using our Five Senses to Connect With God

1. Using our sense of Taste to Connect With God

Most of us probably say a ‘thank you’ blessing over our meals.

Keep thanking God for his provision, but add to it.

Each day when you eat a snack, try to think of one aspect of God’s character that you love.

Think of something that God does for you or through you and dwell on it. Say thank you, God, for whatever you choose. Out loud is best!

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2. Using our sense of Smell to Connect With God

Are you like me? I rarely notice things that smell good and beautiful, but the second a horrifying odor is present, I just about can’t stand it.

Each day, train yourself to think about God’s gifts whenever you smell something pleasant, like brownies in the oven!

However, if you smell something that turns your stomach, talk to God about one habit, negative thought, or attitude that you’ve been having.

Ask him for his help and thank him for listening!

3. Using our sense of Touch to Connect with God

Every time you hug someone or shake someone’s hand, tell God thank you for that person. Even if they’re driving you nuts!

On another day, use your sense of feeling to thank God for the blessings you have in your life.

You may not be crazy about the colour of the cabinets in your home, but you can change your thinking by being grateful to God every time you open them up!

Or every time you touch the hand-me-down furniture that doesn’t match. Maybe it will be more lovely to you than ever before if you thank God, sincerely, for it!

4. Using our sense of Sight to Connect With God

Is it our most used sense? I think it may be!

Start small with this one so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Every morning, thank God for the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

In the evening look around your home for 1 or 2 more things you can be thankful for.

Once you have this habit down, you can get even more creative with using your sight to experience God’s goodness.

5. Using our sense of Hearing to Connect With God

Let’s use hearing to go deeper.

Challenge yourself to listen to 3 or 4 worship songs throughout your day.

I like to choose a couple of old hymns and a couple of modern songs.

As you listen, identify phrases that talk about God’s character, his goodness, his holiness, his faithfulness.

Repeat those phrases to God. Remember out loud, if you can! This will have a life-giving impact on you and your home. 

Going Deeper

There are often times in my life when I am feeling sad, or short tempered. We all have those days.

But, these emotions and feelings are all signs that we need to fill ourselves with living water.

One book that helped me do this is: Come Thirsty by Max Lucado.

This description comes straight from the source. “Are you feeling a little dry? Edgy and rigid? Ineffective? What would it take to be more useful in the hands of the One who made you? Just come to the well, says bestselling author Max Lucado.

In this renewing and life-giving book Max leads us to the four essential nutrients every soul needs. Experience Christ’s work on the cross and know that your sins are pardoned and your death is defeated. Receive Christ’s energy and believe that you can do all things through the one who gives you strength. Receive his Lordship, knowing that you belong to him and that he looks out for you. Receive his love and feel confident that nothing can separate you from it.

Come to the well…to Christ’s work on the cross, his energy, his Lordship and his Love.”

Click on each link to learn more about the book and the workbook. (These are affiliate links, click here for my disclosure policy)

Closing Thoughts

I hope you will give this fun, challenging way to draw near to God a try.

Make sure that you are being sincere in your prayers, worship, and thankfulness because that’s where growth happens. 

I have so enjoyed running through this little program throughout my days and watching my heart shift back to the Lord again.

I am thankful God brought me to this place, showed me a way to include my kids, and waits patiently for me to come again to his throne room! 

Dear friends, I know that there may be some of you who lack one of the senses above. Perhaps you no longer have the gift of sight, perhaps you never did. Maybe your hearing is a thing of the past.

I would encourage you to adapt these ideas in your life, regardless!

I’m sure the enemy would rather see you dwell on what you don’t have; but God is waiting to meet you and he offers things that are even better than our sense of sight, hearing, or you-name-it! God’s richest blessings over you all as you pursue him!

In the comments below, share one sense you used to remind yourself of God’s character and goodness and connect with God.

Using our 5 Senses  to Connect With God

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