25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

My passion is to help women discover who God is and how to live their lives for Him. The best way to know God is through Bible Study and Prayer. There are many Bible studies for women out there, but it’s hard to cut through all the noise. To help you in your search, I wanted to share with you 25+ FREE Bible studies for women.

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25+ FREE Bible Studies for Women

1. In Christ, I am a new Creation

Anne Markey is passionate about teaching women about The Bible. She longs for women to understand what God has to teach us in the Bible and how we apply these truths to our lives. Anne has created a one-week study called: In Christ, I am a new creation. 

This study will help you define your identity in Christ and guide you to understand God’s amazing work in your life. 

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2. Becoming a Courageous and confident woman

Arabah Joy is passionate about seeing women flourish in God’s Word. She has created a Bible study Called: Becoming a courageous and confident woman. 

This 1-hour mini Bible Study will quickly show you how to become a confident and courageous woman of God…regardless of how much of an outsider you currently feel you are. Click here for access to the study. 

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

3. 45 Topical Bible Studies

Melissa Tumino has been actively involved and trained in various church ministries and leadership. Melissa has a passion for God’s word and has created 45 blog posts that focus on specific topics. 

These posts are perfect for someone who is looking to do a topical Bible study and doesn’t know where to start. Click here for access to these posts 

4. Cultivating the Fruit of The Spirit

Heather Hart has spent years writing printable Bible studies for the women at her church and has provided them for you to study. If you’ve been looking for a study to do on your own or with a group, you can download the study guides here

Bible study included are: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, Ready to Stand, Believe

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

5. Seeking Him

In this 12-week study, Wolgemuth and Grissom will guide us through critical stages of spiritual renewal including humility, repentance, grace, holiness, obedience, forgiveness, and power through the Spirit-filled life. 

Each week the book includes five days of individual study, thought-provoking questions, and application exercises. Each Tuesday morning at 9:00 est, June 1 through August 17, our guest blogger Julie, who is a Revive Our Hearts ambassador, will guide us through that week’s lesson with a new blog post.Get all the details here

6. Gracefully Truthful

They seek to equip women to welcome the fullness of the Almighty into the innermost parts of our everyday lives through studying His Word and entering into an authentic, biblical community. 

Gracefully Truthful is a place to connect, it’s a place to be real, it’s a place to share fears, ask questions, and unashamedly seek out the Father who crafted our hearts to love boldly and bravely as we discover together what it means to truly walk in the fullness of grace and truth. Click here to access their Bible Study posts. 

7. 5-Day Micro Bible Study Journaling Challenge

A free 5-day challenge that will help make your devotional time more personal and meaningful. This challenge will help you connect your faith and creativity in your Personal Devotional Time. Click here to join the challenge. 

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

8. Mary and Martha

Starla Hill is a mom, and blogger, who loves to drink coffee and talk about Jesus. She has written many posts about what the Bible teaches. One of my favourites is her posts about Mary and Martha. This story is one we can all relate to. Click here to discover what Mary and Martha can teach us. 

9. The women before us

Betty Predmore wrote a study called: The Women before us. The Bible is filled with stories of women who came before us. Their strength and perseverance, their pain and joy, their suffering and their rewards made them into women who God used for teaching the generations that came after.

There is much to be learned by digging deeper into the stories of four women who came before us. (Ester, Hannah, Hagar, Elizabeth). Click here for access to the study.  

10. Printable Bible Reading Plan Resources

Natalie Lynn is a teacher and loves to write about her saviour and simplicity. Studying the word of God for many years has made her realize that the mysteries of the bible can be unlocked, one day at a time. She has created a variety of Printable Bible Reading Plan Resources. Click here for access. 

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

11. Variety FREE Christian Resources

Sacha is passionate about encouraging women to be strong, honourable and faithful to God. She has created a variety of FREE Christian resources. These include Bible study guides, bible studies for women, scripture printables, women’s devotionals, and more. Click here for Free access. 

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

12. Ladies Drawing Nigh

This is a website dedicated to offering free online Bible studies for women. They created these to encourage and equip women to have a closer fellowship with God that results in their walking out His purposes for their lives. Click here for access to the studies. 

25+ FREE Bible Studies for women

In the comments below, share your favourite Bible studies for women.

21 Fundamental Bible Study Questions

When I was a teenager, I had the privilege to go to a Bible camp where I learned how to study the Bible. These camps would give me a hunger to learn more and dig into God’s word on my own. If you are new to Bible study or want to know more about it I encourage you to start with these 20 fundamental Bible study questions. These are general questions you can ask of ANY passage.

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Why Study The Bible

The Bible is God’s letter to us. He has inspired men, over hundreds of years, to write the content of The Bible. God created us and wants us to know who He is and how we can have a relationship with Him.

To understand why we should study The Bible, I want to share with you my favourite illustration.

As we know, counterfeit money is everywhere and pervasive. Bankers are trained to detect forgeries. To do so, they study real bills. If they know what real money looks and feels like, they can detect fakes much better.

Just think about it. Fake money is made all the time. If bankers studied the fakes, they would never catch up and probably miss some fakes and let them go into circulation.

By studying the real bills, they have a better chance of catching fakes.

Studying the Bible is like studying actual money.

When we know the truth, we can fight every lie that comes our way.

There is no better way to know the truth than to study it.

Where to Start Studying The Bible

If you are brand new to The Bible, I suggest you start your study in the gospel of John. It is full of truths regarding salvation, who God is and so much more.

Other great places to start Bible study is by reading The Psalms, or the Proverbs. Both of these books are filled with Godly wisdom and great application for Christian living.

There is no handbook that tells us where to start reading the Bible.

God can use any part of His word to help you grow. As long as your heart is on Bible study and you seek His revelation to you, where you start doesn’t really matter.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about where to start. Open The Bible and go.

Many people follow a Bible Reading Plan to ease the stress of trying to find passages to read. Click here to check out some Free Bible Reading Plans.

How to start studying The Bible

When I think about the words: Bible Study, I get a bit intimidated. It seems like people expect me to get a doctorate in what The Bible says.

When Jesus sought disciples, He found fishermen and tax collectors. These people were not known for having a higher education. These followers are proof that Jesus wants all people to understand His message.

You can start studying The Bible by taking small steps and then adding more when you are ready.

6 Simple Steps to Bible Study

  • Start with prayer
  • Open your Bible and read a passage
  • Read the passage two or three times
  • Ask yourself some questions
  • Take notes
  • Reflect on what you have learned.

To help get you started, I have collected 21 Bible Study Questions. These questions are general and can be used with any Bible verse or passage.

The Christian Growth Hub

21 Fundamental Bible Study Questions

  1. Who wrote this text?
  2.  Who is the text written to?
  3.  Why was this text written?
  4. What does this text reveal about God and His character?
  5. What do we learn about people? Their character, actions, motives?
  6. Who are the major characters? What are their roles?
  7. What progression does a character go through?
  8. Is there a command for me to follow?
  9. Is there a warning for me to take notice of?
  10. What keywords, themes, or ideas are in this passage?
  11. Are there any major shifts or changes in the text?
  12. Are there any changes in the flow of thought in the book?
  13. What genre is this text?
  14. Are there any literary markers? (therefore, but, for, because, since)
  15. Is there a mention of time in this passage? What is its importance?
  16. Are there geographic locations mentioned? How is the location relevant?
  17. Are there repetitive words or phrases? How is the repetition relevant?
  18. Is there anything I can compare or contrast?
  19. What was the application to the original hearers or readers?
  20. What is my personal application now? What does God want me to do?
  21. What needs to change in my life based on what God has said?  

You can use these questions for personal study and for group discussion. You can get more questions for small groups here.

Do you want more?

Do you want to read your bible more consistently? Do you want to know how to study the Bible on your own and know how to apply it to your life? 

You are a Christian woman who is dedicated to living a life for Christ. You want to read your bible every day, but sometimes you get distracted or are too tired to collect all the resources you need. 

It can be hard to figure it out on your own. 

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about The Christian Growth Hub

The Christian Growth Hub is an online, monthly membership focused on helping Christian women read the Bible, understand it, and apply it to their lives. 

The Christian Growth hub helps you in your faith by: 

  • Providing monthly Bible reading plans so you never have to think about what you’re going to read in the Bible next
  • Giving you on-demand training on how to understand the Bible and new monthly training on how to apply the Bible to a particular area of your life. 
  • Connects you to an online community to give you encouragement, support, and accountability

There are so many more features. Click here to learn more about them, and see what The Christian Growth Hub offers.

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