3 Blogging rules to break

I have been blogging for a few years now and I have discovered that there any many rules to follow.

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But, since I wanted to quit, I needed to find a way to make blogging work for me.

To read why I wanted to quit and how I kept going,  click here to read.

What I did to keep going

To be able to keep going, one of the things I did was take a break from blogging.

During that break I assessed 2 things:

  • how much time I had to blog
  • how I wanted to spend that time.

Once I took the time to think over these things, I discovered that there are blogging rules I could break, and ones that I wanted to follow.

3 blogging Rules to break

1. How often you post

When I first started blogging, I wanted to know how often I needed to post. There

We’re many options out there, but the general consensus was that posting content 2-3 times a week was a good idea.

Since I wanted to so do things right, I started posting content 2 times a week. I soon came to realize that I could not sustain creating that much content on a regular basis.

So, I cut back. I started creating one post per week. When life got crazy, I cut back even more and recycled old content or even had many guest bloggers creating content for me.

I know that consistency is key and that new content is great. But sometimes, it’s just not possible. So for me, breaking some of these blogging rules gave me a better balance and will keep me from burning out.

2. How long the posts are

In the past couple of months, I have read many posts that suggest blog posts should be very long.

When I first started blogging, the rule of thumb seemed to be about 700-word posts. Now, people suggest that posts should be more than 1000 words long.

I know that there are many good reasons to have longer posts. They give great value and are great for SEO, but sometimes it’s hard to create content on a regular basis that is more than 700 words let alone 1000.

So now, I don’t really care how long my posts are. I try to give as much value to my posts as possible, but I don’t want to write more for the sake of length.

So for me, word count is a rule I can break. Now, when I am writing content I focus on what I want to say and not so much on how long it is.

3. Social Media Posting

When I first started to blog I was engaged in 4 forms of social media. I was on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I know that there are many people who find success on different social media platforms.

But over time, I noticed that the time I was investing in certain social media platforms was not giving me the engagement I wanted.

I slowly learned that it was not profitable for me to spend time on social meadow platforms that were not bringing me traffic.

I love social media and I think bloggers do need to use it, but they don’t have to use all of them and it certainly does not have to take houses every day.

4 Blogging Rules to keep

Though there are blogging rules I break, I do try and keep these blogging rules.

1. Connect with other bloggers

Since I blog from the comfort of my home, I sometimes feel disconnected and discouraged in my blogging. Connecting with other bloggers encourages me and keeps me focused and motivated.

Every week, I try to connect with other bloggers I know through email of social media. Following what other bloggers helps me see what others are doing and will sometimes inspire ideas or even inspire me to spend a bit more time focusing on one particular area of blogging.

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2. Use systems that help

Since I have decided that I wanted to spend less time blogging, I needed to keep using systems that still worked for me, even if I was not online all the time.

The one system I use that continues to bring me traffic regardless of how often I use it is tailwind.

They each have a specific function that I love and I like using both.

Once these are set up, it does not take much time to schedule pins and also discover new content and bloggers.

The systems that work for me and bring me traffic might be different than yours. Look at your traffic, and see where it is coming from. Then, focus on the systems that help you bring in more traffic.

3. Focus on what’s working

I was spending hours on things that were bringing me little to no traffic. I realized tent whatever I was doing was not working. So, I could try and change what I was doing or focus on the things I knew were working.

Since I was decreasing the amount of time I was spending blogging, I decided to let go of the things that were not working for me and instead keep focusing on what was working.

We each have a strategy that seems to constantly bring us traffic. Since we all have a different focus, time and money the things that are working for us might differ.

That’s ok.

I learned that I should be learning from other bloggers but that my journey is different from theirs and that I don’t always have to do things the same way or at the same pace.

4. Take one step at a time

For me, the most important thing I have been doing is to just take one thing at a time.

So, I was learning how to tackle one aspect of blogging one at a time instead of trying to figure everything at the same time.

There is so much to learn and things change all the time. All the changes a

Can be overwhelming! But by breaking down tasks it can make it easier to learn and less stressful.

When I first started blogging, I did not realize how much there was involved. It’s not easy to get people to notice you and stand out from the crowd.

But for me, I decided to stop focusing on that and to keep in mind why I started blogging. Having the right focus has helped me to keep blogging. Even if it’s a bit unconventional or breaking cardinal blogging rules.

In the comments below, share what blogging rules you break and which ones you keep. Please help me out by sharing this post. Thank you!

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