4 Bible study tools to transform your Bible study

I am so excited to be part of The Gospel Grab bag. This bag has many Bible study tools that will transform your Bible Study.  

Today I’m going to highlight  4 Bible study tools to transform your Bible study. 

4 Bible study tools to transform your Bible study

1. Digging Deeper Christian Community

A membership community designed to support and guide you through your walk with God. This Christian Community gives you weekly Bible study tools, resources, and teaching that will help you have an ongoing and consistent relationship with God.

This is perfect for people

  • Who want to study God’s word but don’t know where or how to start
  • Who are ready to have a consistent relationship with God
  • Who are looking for fellowship and accountability

You can learn more about the Digging Deeper Christian community here.

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This is A Word-by-Word Hebrew Scriptures Study of Isaiah’s Messianic Prophecies. Devoted is a brand new Hebrew Scriptures study for women who want to dig deeper into God’s Word.

This study will teach you some Hebrew and then walks you through Isaiah as you apply the Hebrew to scripture. 

This is perfect for 

  • Someone who wants to learn a bit of Hebrew
  • Someone who wants to dig deeper into Isaiah
  • Someone who wants to have a better understanding of the Messianic Prophesies. 

3. The Bible Study Companion Guide

Some things Included in this guide: Brief Breakdown of the 66 Books of the Bible, Names of God list, Miracles of Jesus, Numbers and Their Meanings, Colors and Their Representations, The 9 Fruits of the Spirit, The 9 Gifts of the Spirit, The Armor of God, Bible Vocabulary, Important Prayers

This is perfect for: 

  • People who want to start studying the Bible and don’t have lots of time to look up all the references for certain topics
  • People who want some cheat sheets they can refer back to when they study their bible 

4. She Loves Truth Bible study

In Proverbs 14:1-12, Solomon tells us the best place to seek truth is in God’s Word. This Bible study helps you do just that! This is a ten-week study of the book of Proverbs. Let’s seek the truth together and record what we find because She Loves Truth!

This lovely, 28-page, self-guided (or group-guided) Bible study gently leads the reader on a journey through the book of Proverbs. 

The Bible study is great for:

  •  New believers who want to build a strong foundation of truth 
  • People who already know The Lord and want to learn more about what Proverbs has to say about truth

These are just 4 of the products included in the Gospel Grab bag.

There are a total of 45 products from 31 contributors and has a retail value of $590. However, we’re generously marking this down by 97%, making it only $16.99! 

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