4 Reasons why I fail at Dieting

I have never had any luck at sticking to a diet. I fail at dieting all the time.

For me, it’s the same thing. Any weight I lose on a diet, I easily gain back.

My parents go on a diet about 2-3 times a year. Each time, they lose 10 or more pounds and look great. The problem is, that after each diet, they go back to old habits and gain the weight back. That’s why they have to do the diet again and again.

4 Reasons why I fail at Dieting. 
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4 Reasons why I fail at Dieting:

1. I love carbs

I grew up in France where every day we would go to the bakery and purchase fresh French bread. A meal was not complete without bread. To this day, I still love fresh French bread. Who wouldn’t!! It’s amazing.

But my obsession with carbs does not end there!

I love pasta too! When people ask me what food I could eat every day for my whole life, my answer is pasta.

The idea of not eating bread or pasta makes me so sad.

2. I love sugar

My idea of a perfect night includes sitting in front of the TV and eating candy.

I love candy and all types of sugar. My body is so used to sugar that when I do t consume large portions of it, I get headaches and feel like crap. I am seriously addicted.

3. I have no self-control

Every day I tell myself that I will not eat certain foods. But the problem is that if there is candy in the house, I will find it and eat it. When we get candy, I always tell myself that I will only eat half of what I normally do and then eat the whole bowl.

People might say, then don’t buy candy! That would be a good solution but my husband is also a sugar addict and will bring some home.

4. I set the bar too high

Every so often, I will look at myself in the mirror and think that it’s time to get in shape. I plan to eat right and exercise every day.

But I must be setting my goals too high since I have never been able to follow through.

Life gets in the way and I don’t know how to exercise with my kids around or when I just don’t want to move. I have other things I would rather do and it all gets pushed aside.

Once I stop it’s just easier to not start.

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2. Things I can do to be healthier

1. Give myself grace

Change takes time and it’s not easy changing years of bad habits. When my kids were small, I barely could consider cleaning the house when they happened, let alone working out. My head was not in a great space and I only knew one way to relax.

Now, I am in a much better space. It seems that sleep makes me such a better person. Funny how that works.

I have to stop beating myself up and give myself room to fail and try again. Room to live and have flexibility.

I seem to be an all-or-nothing girl. If I can’t do it to my expectation then what’s the point?

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking like that.

Maybe it’s time I give myself grace. If I fail, it does not mean I stop, it just means I try again.

2. Meal plan

I have always struggled with meal planning- read this blog to see why it’s so hard for me to do.

I know many people have had success with meal planning and meal prep but it’s never been something that I have been good at.

If you struggle with diets and you struggle with meal planning, I highly recommend you take the first step to a healthy life and get your free healthy recipes

In the comments below share your struggles with diets and what steps you have taken to be healthier. Please share this blog post with others. Thank you.

My Struggle with Dieting, #diet, #healthyliving
4 reasons why  I fail at dieting, #diet, #healthyliving, #mealplan

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