50 indoor activities for bored pre-teens

Our province is in its third lockdown of the year. My oldest child is now homeschooling, so she is not having lots of opportunities to socialize. Thankfully, the parks are still open but my 11-year-old is still bored out of her mind. So to help pass the time I asked her to write a list of 50 indoor activities for bored pre-teens.

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Learning Activity

The best part of being forced to homeschool is finding cool ways for your kids to learn.

Last week, my 10-year-old came to me and told me how bored she was. So, we did what we always do when we are looking for activities. We searched for ideas on Pinterest.

What we found was a bit discouraging. Most activities we found included going somewhere and being able to leave your house. There were not many lists for things kids could do in their homes.

That is when the idea hit me— I could use this as a writing assignment.

I challenged my 10-year-old to make her own list.

The Assignment

Her assignment: Handwrite a list of 25 things you want to do at home.

She was able to complete that extremely fast so I have her another challenge: come up with 25 more things you can do at home.

Once she finished her list, I asked her to type out her list on the computer.

Then, when she was done that, I opened a canva account for her and asked her to make a Pinterest image.

She had never used canva before, so I spent some time showing her the templates and how to make changes.

She learned the program pretty quickly and was able to make a Pin image that she liked.

Skills Used:

  • list-making
  • handwriting
  • typing
  • learning about graphic design

The Result:

My daughter knows that I write a blog, so I asked her if I could share her list. She was thrilled to know that this list would be posted online and could be shared with others.

So, below is her list of 50+ indoor activities for bored pre-teens.

A picture of two pre-teen girls in the woods. One girl is whispering into the ear of the other. Over the picture are the words 50 indoor activities for bored pre-teens. Below the picture are the words: onedeterminedlife.com

50+ indoor activities for bored pre-teens

  1. Make slime
  2. Play an imaginary game
  3. Make a slide on google drive
  4. Look through family photo albums
  5. Wright something based on your favourite book or movie
  6. Declutter your room
  7. Make a dance routine
  8. Wright or call a friend
  9. Make a friendship bracelet
  10. Knit a hat, scarf or something else
  11. Design your dream house on a piece of paper
  12. Do your nails or your sibling’s nails
  13. Do a chore to surprise your mom and dad
  14. Make a scavenger hunt for the family
  15. Pick out some clothes to give to charity
  16. . Make a YouTube video
  17. Write a blog post
  18. Make a Lego sculpture
  19. Do a puzzle
  20. Play a board game
  21. Go on a walk
  22. Create a new hairstyle
  23. Sew
  24. Make an eye spy jar
  25. Make a calming sensory bottle
  26. Bake something sweet like cookies
  27. Make a schedule for the day/week/month
  28. Dream about a perfect family vacation and Plan the whole trip – Create a budget for your trip then plan where you would sleep, eat and what activities you would do. 
  29. Make your own board game
  30. Make a card and send it in the mail for someone
  31. Make a collage
  32. Make a streamer maze
  33. Go on a bike ride
  34. Plant a garden
  35. Design your dream backyard
  36. Makeup and write your own song
  37. Learn how to do Origami
  38. Design a logo for your family
  39. Make something with modelling clay
  40. Train your pet to do a trick
  41. Match all your miss-matched socks
  42. Read a book
  43. Make your own film or movie
  44. Play hide and go seek
  45. Make a menu and make up a name for your family’s restaurant
  46. Learn how to make bread
  47. Make a mural
  48. Make a list of practical jokes
  49. Read to your siblings
  50. Write a book report
  51. Do a craft
  52. Make a fort
  53. Draw something with your eyes closed
  54. Play a video game
  55. Make your own list of things you can do at home


I hope that some of these ideas have sparked an idea or two for you or your pre-teen to do while we are all stuck inside.

In the comments below add your favourite indoor activities for bored pre-teens.

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