6 of the best “who I am in Christ” PDFs

6 of the best who I am in Christ PDFs you really should know about

One of the best ways to read scripture regularly is to have verses on the walls of your house. That way, when you are washing dishes, or watching your kids play in the living room, there will always be scripture you can look at when you need refreshment. To continue my blog series about our identity in Christ, I want to share 6 of the best “who I am in Christ” PDFs You Really Should Know About.

A picture of a woman looking at the title. 6 of the best who I am in Christ PDFs you really should know about.

This post was written by Chyna Nicole. To learn more about her, please read her bio at the end of the post. Thank you Chyna for writing this post.

Chyna’s Story

I can remember the day like it was yesterday when I first gave my life to Christ.

Young, in my early teens, not fully understanding the decision I was making, but feeling an unsettling in my stomach. With each sensation, I kept feeling the need to get up and go down to the altar. That day was the most important day where I made the most important decision of my life.

But what was I supposed to do after that?

For years, I went around with minimal support trying to figure out who I was and what getting saved truly meant.

But I wasn’t going to speak up and ask anyone, I believed that I was supposed to just know.

Have you ever felt like that before?

So, I took things into my own hands. This started a long journey, but I finally got the answer to the question that has been weighing heavy on my heart for over 15 years: Who Am I in Christ?

Identity in Christ

In the bible, there are many scriptures focused on the identity that was given to us during the Garden of Eden, post-resurrection, and everything in between. My favourite study is in Ephesians 2. 

Ephesians 2:8-9 I have been saved by grace through faith in Christ.

However, when you are new in Christ, finding where to go in the bible to find out who you are can be a search in itself.

I tend to rely on old, faithful (Google) for my quick searches. But when I feel guilty regarding my “millennial tendencies”, I take the time to search the concordance for scriptures of topics I want to learn more about.

Whatever method you take or if you skip all the above options and go to the Pastor, know that there are many resources to help you get a full grasp on your identity in Christ. 

My Secret Tool

Despite the wasted time over the years, being tossed back and forth, trying on every identity I came across ( sounds a lot like the wilderness and the Israelites). 

It’s so important for you to study, meditate on, and know who you are according to God because your identity shapes the way you experience the world and how you handle the advances of the enemy. 

When I dived wholeheartedly into knowing who I am in Christ, I used my trusty search engine called Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great resource for blog posts and shopping items.

Pinterest is also a great place to obtain useful PDFs to give you visual reminders in hand for a better understanding of scripture. 

That is why I took the time to create a list of 6 of the best Who I am in Christ PDFs for you to save you the time I used to look for answers.

6 of the best “who I am in Christ” PDFs

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to most of these who I am in Christ PDFs. These are all resource options that you will need to click on through clicking the links.

The truth you will receive from these resources will increase your confidence in your faith but also help you maintain your posture when difficult things come your way. Take a look!

1. 24 Affirmation Cards: Who I am?

One of my favourite who I am in Christ PDFs is these 24 affirmation cards.

I seem to always forget what the bible says about who I am and how God feels about me. To help me out, I have created 24 Affirmation cards to print out and put up in your house. These are meant to have around you so you never forget what the bible says.

2. You are not alone

The next who I am in Christ PDFs is by Katie at My Joy in Chaos.

Her printable is cute, chic, but gets to the point of what our identity is in Christ. Including easy-to-read cards that help remind you you are not a failure

Subscribe to receive it but it’s well worth it. I even like the scripture reference included, which is helpful if you’re really new in Christ.

3. Qualities in Christ Printable

If you’re anything like me and want to see reminders all over your house to help you remember who you are in Christ, this next printable is for you. SincerelyEllieMay at Etsy makes gorgeous printable that you would want to hang around your home.

All her printables are focused on the qualities and attributes that are associated with having your identity in Christ and a relationship with God.

Posted above is my favourite of hers and they only cost you 5 dollars for a digital download, which is definitely affordable.

Identity in Christ Blog Posts

4. Belonging in Christ Printable

Another gorgeous who I am in Christ PDF is this Identity in Christ printable from Inkblots of Hope.

They have a strong understanding of the issues plaguing our church right now which is an identity crisis. 

With this printable, there are scriptures included with each title to help with a deeper study into the Word regarding a specific description.

They have tons of printables on the website that will help provide a visual reminder of what you study and learn from the Word.

5. Impact in Christ Printable

I love this beautiful, who I am in Christ PDF created by Joy In My Kitchen. This printable reminds you of your identity in Christ. It is a great tool to help you walk with authority in your identity.

This printable was created with the idea that if you meditate on these qualifiers, you will know how to restore your joy anytime you are faced with difficult times and emotions. 

Another perk with this printable is that if you print it on card stock, you will have built-in note cards for each truth.

I love a quote that she says in the post, “ The key to joy and contentment in any situation is this: Remembering your true identity!”

6.Confession in Christ Printable

Last, but not least, Erin at Raise Your Sword created two who I am in Christ PDFs. Each is full of bible verses and reminders to help us know who we are and challenge us to never forget it.

In her blog posts, Erin talks about the various tactics that are in play to distract us from walking in the identity we were created to have.

My favourite printable is the Whose You Are Reminder which is focused on the scriptures.

Her printables are free but they just require a subscription for access to her assortment of awesome resources to support you on your journey in Christ. Check them out!


I encourage you all to check out these unique printables whether you know who you are in Christ or barely starting out.

Writing this post helped me realize that there are so many resources to help us along the way on our Christian journey. 

Once you are solid in your identity in Christ, stop by my blog at Made New Mama to get another helpful printable focused on developing affirmations for what you are believing for in your life with Christ. You can access this printable here.

In the comments below, share with us your favourite who I am in Christ PDFs.

Author: Anne Markey

Anne is a stay at home mother of 3 who has been married for more then 10 years. She loves the Lord and is passionate about helping women learn who they are in Christ and how to live a life that glorifies Him.

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