6 Types of Books Children should read

My children love to read. But with all the options out there, it’s hard to know what types of books we should let our kids read. In this post, I will share 6 types of books children should read.

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One of the main reasons my children love to read so much is because we have hundreds of books in our house.

Making books available is the main cause that helps foster the love of reading in my children.

BUT, it’s not just about having any book available. Parents should have the right books available.

Because if children only have access to books they don’t like or can’t read then chances are they might develop an aversion to reading.

6 types of Books children should read


1. Books at their reading level:

When choosing a book for your child to read it is critical that it is at their reading level. If a child picks a book below their reading level, they might get bored with reading. On the other hand, if they pick a book that is too difficult, they might get discouraged and uninterested.

If you are not sure what level your child is reading, consider asking their teacher to access them. The assessment will help guide you in choosing books at the right level.

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2. Books on topics they find interesting

If your child loves spiders then get books about Spiders (Beginners)

“spiders, even if it is weird for you. Not only will your child show great joy in reading, but they will feel supported in their reading journey. This is even more important when you have a boy. Boys have a harder time reading so choosing books on topics that they are interested in will help them read more.

3. Different genres:

I am guilty of finding one genre and sticking to it. I am not the biggest fan of change. But, occasionally, I will pick out a book in a different genre.

I thought I was not a fan of fantasy but one day a friend suggested I read Eragon. I was not sure I would like it and I was bored with everything else I was reading so thought I would give it a try.

Once I picked up the book and read it, I loved it! I needed up reading the whole series.

By reading different genres, children (and adults) can discover new topics of interest and new authors.

4. Books that show daily life

There are so many books out there that depict children in real-life scenarios. These characters are dealing with the same stuff as your kids might be dealing with.

In today’s world, kids have to deal with a myriad of different issues. They might not believe you when you say you understand. But by reading books that show characters dealing with similar issues, children will feel understood.

Children will also feel like they are not alone. They may also get some ideas about how to handle certain situations.

5. Books that teach you something new

One of my favourite books that my kids bring home from the library are ones that not only teach my kids something new but where I learn something as well.

These books are usually encyclopedias or nature books. They usually have great graphics and lots of great information.

I love reading and saying: Wow, I never knew that. Each time I do, my daughter’s eyes grow bigger as if she thought adults knew everything.

Showing my kids that learning is a lifelong journey and knowledge can come from many different sources.

 6. A different format

Boys, typically, have a harder time reading than girls. To engage them in reading, consider a different format. I love reading fantasy books and historical function books.

My husband likes political books and books about business. My children love comic books and magazines. Some children will never like reading novels, but that does not mean that they don’t like to read.

If you are having a hard time getting your child to read a book, consider looking at other types of reading materials.

The best places to start when exploring different formats include Comics, magazines, e-books, graphic novels, Lego instructions and so on.

The possibilities are endless. Observe what your child enjoys doing and find an opportunity for them to read something related.

There are so many books to choose some. So many that you may not know where to start. If after reading this you are still not sure where to start then ask your child’s teacher or spend some time at the library.

Teachers and librarians know exactly what sorts of books different children like and can help you narrow your search.

Need More?

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In the comments below, share the types of books your child loves. Please share this post with family and friends. Thank you.

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  1. Jessica Bradshaw Avatar
    Jessica Bradshaw

    Parents always ask us at school to help their kids find books and I tell them all of these same things. Great tips! Reading level and interest are super important to create lifelong readers.

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