60 easy Advent Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. One way my family and I get into the Christmas spirit is by using an advent calendar. Today, I am going to share with you 60 easy advent ideas for Christmas.

According to Wikipedia “Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the Second Coming.

Advent is not just for churches. You can observe Advent as a family.

There are many ways you can incorporate Advent into your Christmas celebrations. Here are 60 easy advent ideas for Christmas.

1. The Road To Christmas

A 31-Day Reading Plan and Verse Cards.

Follow Jesus from creation to His Birth. Walk the road history took. Enter and reflect on the story of Advent this season. 

You can dig deeper with The Road to Christmas Family Devotional pack. Click here to learn more.

A picture of The Road To Christmas Family devotional pack. Next to the product mockup are the words, grow closer to God this advent. With this amazing bundle. Grab now. www.onedeterminedlife.com

2. Burlap Calendar

Growing up we had a cloth advent calendar. Each day we would move the star from one day to the next. Using this type of calendar is an easy way to track the days going by.

To make one click here for a step-by-step guide to making an easy Advent Calendar with ribbons and Burlap.

a blue and white advent calendar made with burlap and ribbon- hanging on a wall beside a pincone wreath. Under the wreath is a couch.

3. Countdown Paper Chain

Paper chains are a fun way to countdown to Christmas. They are fun to make and enjoyable for any age group.

You can make a simple paper chain or one that has Fun Christmas Activities in it.

A paper chain can also learn the names of Christ.

When making the chain you can also add a simple verse or song to each portion of the chain. There are many variations to this craft. Be as creative as you want.

Pick which one you want to do and make a paper chain with your kids.

4. Snowman Calendar

If you want a harder project this Christmas season, then this wooden snowman is perfect.

Looking for one of those advent calendar ideas that is truly unique? Make this wood snowman and use it again year after year!

5. Kraft Paper Calendar

A fun family tradition is to make your own paper Advent Calendar. Homemade advent calendars are fun to make and you can choose what to put into it: a treat, a picture, a joke, a verse, or anything else you want.

stitched gingerbread men

6. Brown paper bags

A fun and simple way to make your own advent calendar is to string paper bags together.


7. Give Books

If you don’t want your children to eat candy every day, one thing you can do is give them books instead.

You can pick 24 books, wrap them, and then give one to your child each day.

Click here to get an idea as to the books you could get your kids.

8. Kindness Calendar

During the Christmas season, it is easy for our kids, and ourselves, to think about ourselves. If you want to help your kids to appreciate others during this season, then I highly recommend using a kindness Calendar.

Each day, you and your family can do one act of kindness for someone else.

It is a great way to teach appreciation for others at any age

A picture of small brown bags, closed with numbers and images on an attached picture. Under the image are the words, 60 easy advent ideas for christmas. www.onedeterminedlife.com

9. Reverse Advent Calendar

A reverse Advent Calendar is a great idea for families who want to give to others as a family. Instead of giving something to your kids every day, this is a way to give to others.

You pick a box and each day you choose a food donation or a practical donation to put in it. Then, when it’s full, you bring the box to your local food bank or faith-based organization.

More ideas

There are so many great ideas you can try. Here are a few links to give you even more ideas.

In the comments below please share your favourite advent activity.

A picture of The Road To Christmas Family devotional pack. Next to the product mockup are the words, grow closer to God this advent. With this amazing bundle. Grab now. www.onedeterminedlife.com

9 responses to “60 easy Advent Ideas for Christmas”

  1. Laura Allen Avatar

    I have never done an advent calender! I LOVE how many options there are! So fun for the holiday season!!!

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      Advent is so much fun. A great way to get ready for Christmas. There are so many options to fit anyone’s needs.

  2. Carmen Galloway Avatar

    Great ideas! I don’t know which one to implement first 🙂

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      I let my kids pick! It keeps my decision making minimal 🙂

  3. Carmen Brown Avatar

    The paper chain is such a good idea to do with my kids as a homschool project. I am definitely doing that one! Thank you.

    1. Anne Markey Avatar

      we love making paper chains!! They are easy to make without too much mess or stress.

  4. Kristi Woods Avatar

    Neat Advent ideas for Christmas! We had a wooden Advent calendar–one that you’d hang a new Bible story character, animal, or object each day. My kids loved it! Me too. 🙂 Great way to anticipate and celebrate Christmas.

  5. ArynTheLibraryan Avatar

    This is fantastic! I just printed out the kindness calendar, and I think we will do the reverse advent box!

  6. Johanna Avatar

    Great ideas 🙂 I love the burla one!! You asked us to share what we do, so this is what we do- WE make a JESUS ornament tree from here: https://devotedtomaker.com/2015/12/09/diy-jesus-christmas-with-the-names-of-god/ We love doing this all the time!!

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