7 alternatives to going trick-or-treating

As a Christian, you might decide that your child shouldn’t go trick-or-treating but you want to take part in Halloween in some other way. In this post, I will share with you 7 alternatives to going trick or treating.

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7 Alternatives to going trick or treating

1. Trick or trunk 

One major concern about going trick or treat is a child’s safety. The idea of going up to a stranger’s door can be intimidating. 

Because of this, some communities have started a tradition called trick or truck. 

How to do this: A group of people go to a parking lot and go car to car asking people for candy. This usually happens during daylight. 

This way, there are no driving cars, and children are contained in one parking lot.  

2. Trick or Can

If you don’t want your children going trick or treating because you don’t want all that candy in your house you can go trick or canning

How to do this: you go door to door. Instead of saying trick or treat you say trick or can. Many people who answer the door may not know what you mean. You can answer by saying that you are taking Halloween as an opportunity to go door to door collecting canned food for the food bank. 

Collect canned food from neighbors and then bring it to your local food bank. 

Most people who answer their door will be more than happy to donate a can or two. 

The only thing to remember is that cans can get heavy so it might be a good idea to park a car in a central location and regularly dump cans in the car and then keep going. 

Not only will kids have fun and collect food for a good cause but most people will also give your kid some candy. 

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3. Host a costume party 

Growing up, my parents did not want us to take part in Mardi gras. Instead, they hosted a Halloween party in the apartment’s basement building we lived in. 

If you want your kids to dress up but don’t want to do the other aspects of Halloween, then having a dress-up party is a perfect fit. You can invite friends and family over and have a great time together. 

4. Go to church/community events

If you want a safe place to take part in Halloween events, then look for opportunities around you. There are many churches and community groups that host Halloween or fall festivities on Halloween or around Halloween.

These activities are usually free or extremely affordable for families. These activities are fun because they include dress-up and candy plus activities without the other aspects of Halloween.  

5. Give but don’t take

I know some families that won’t go door to door with their kids, but they will hand out candy together. 

Taking part in Halloween in that way can be fun for the whole family. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and teach your kids how to be generous and kind to people who come to your door. 

6. Go to the mall

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That means that Halloween is usually cold and pretty miserable. This kind of weather makes it hard to go door to door at night. 

A fun alternative to going door to door is to go trick or treating at the mall. You get your kids all dressed up and take them to a participating mall.

Instead of going house to house, they can go store to store. I have never done this but have heard that it’s a great thing to do with small kids or on a freezing Halloween day. 

There are many fun and safe alternatives to going trick-or-treating with your kids. If you want to take part in fall fun but want to stay away from Halloween, then consider these alternative ideas. 

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7. Give out Hot chocolate

I live in Edmonton, Alberta- Halloween can either be nice and warm or extremely cold. We never know what weather we’ll get so we have to be prepared. We often choose costumes that can fit over winter coats so the kids can stay outside without freezing.

As a Christian, you may choose to not participate in Halloween, but you can still be neighborly. A great way to do that is to offer kids and adults some hot chocolate and get to know the people in your neighborhood. Halloween is a great time to love our neighbours.

Your turn

In the comments below, share your favorite alternative activity at Halloween. 

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