7 common problems toddlers face

As a mother, I want to know what is normal and what is not. In this post, I will share 7 common problems that toddlers face.

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Those nine months of pregnancy may have felt like years. But,  once your little one is in your arms (literally!), things can go pretty quickly.

In Fact, it may seem like just yesterday when you held your baby in your arms for the first time, and now, he/she is already learning to walk and talk.

The transition from being a baby who is dependent on a toddler that’s learning and picking up everything so fast can be quite beautiful, but yes, stressful too, especially for a first-time mom. If that sounds like something you can resonate with, here’s a little help!

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We’ve listed down the top problems that most toddlers tend to develop in this phase, and some quick tips to help you deal with them better.

7 Common Problems Toddlers Face

1. Diaper Rashes

True, your baby’s skin is thinner than yours, and over time, as your little one grows up, the skin does get thicker and stronger, but it is during this age that he/she starts to develop diaper rashes more frequently. This is because your toddler will now dirty the diapers more frequently than before.

A good way to handle those nasty rashes and even prevent them is to swap those creams for the good old coconut oil. Using coconut oil for diaper rash is the way to go, especially if you’re into frugal living or just want to stick to natural baby essentials.

2. Social Skills Start to Develop (or not)

Now’s the time when you’ll probably start to take your little one on play dates, and if you find that most of the time, he/she just keeps to themselves and doesn’t really interact a lot with other toddlers, you may be worried that they may be antisocial.

While most pediatricians suggest that it takes up to 3 years for some kids to learn to interact and play with one another, most kids get together faster.

Give your little one some time and encourage him/her to explore and play together with other kids.

3. A Dentist Trip May be Needed

Just when you thought those teething issues were done, here’s a little biggie you must know. It is best to have your toddler visit the dentist for the first time when he/she is one year of age. This is the perfect time to look up and check for the best toothbrushes and toothpaste for toddlers.

It is best to start at the very beginning and care for your little one’s teeth even at an early age, and even when you know that they are milk teeth, and they’re going to eventually fall off.

4. Potty Training may be hard

The correct age to potty train your child may be different for everyone, but the best way to understand if your kid is ready is to go for it if your kid is able to understand what you say, communicate with you and when he/she can physically walk up to the potty and sit down on it without your help.

As a parent, your emotional support is a must during this time, because potty training isn’t just stressful for moms, it is the same for kids too.

Work on building a routine and start with having your little one fully clothed on the potty first and then move on to getting rid of the diapers completely. Don’t rush it.

5. Head Bumps Become Common

When your little one is first learning to crawl, then sit up, and then stand and finally walk, head bumps obviously become common. As a mom, you may be worried if there are any long-term effects involved if your kid has bumped his/her head a few times.

Well, for starters, most toddlers fall a lot of times during the transition, and if it is mild, you have no need to worry.

However, try to baby-proof your home if you haven’t done it already- round off all the sharp corners and try not to leave your kid to wander around unattended particularly when he’s awake and exploring.

6. Communication may not come easy

One of the problems toddlers face is the ability to communicate.

Some kids start speaking before their first birthdays. Other kids take much longer. When children can’t communicate what they want they try to tell you in other ways.

Most toddlers will scream and yell and cry. These fits are not a behaviour issue. Toddlers are frustrated because they want something and can’t ask for it. Kids also get frustrated when they try and speak but can’t.

When your child is acting out, try to be patient and understand what they are trying to say. An easy way to try and see what they want is by asking lots of yes and no questions. For example: do you want milk? Are you hungry?

Even children with low vocabulary will find a way to communicate yes or no to you. Also, try to stick to a routine so you know when they might be tired or hungry

7. Sleep regression

I have not done extensive research on the subject but from my own experience, I find that children experience sleep regression around 3 years old.

I like to sleep train my children at around 6 months old. Once they are trained, they sleep so well. But something happens at 3 that has kids back to waking up every couple of hours. It happened with both of my daughters and I am sure will happen when my son is around 3.

Know that this regression is normal and part of growth. Training older children to sleep takes a bit more time and some more creativity but it can be done and it’s well worth it. Create a great bedtime routine and stick to it. Make a plan and follow through. Soon enough your great sleeper will be back to normal.

The toddler stage is one of the hardest I have experienced so far. These are some of the problems toddlers face. My children tend to be independent and strong-willed.

They are determined to do things on their own even though they can’t and get frustrated when you try to help them but also frustrated when they can’t do it themselves.

This stage takes lots of patience. Try to be understanding and build in extra transition time so you have time for them to try to do things for themselves.

Need More?

Are you struggling with parenting and need more help? If so, click here and get free parenting resources that will make your life easier.

In the comments below, share the biggest problem you faced with your toddler. Please share this post with friends and family. Thank you.

7 common problems toddlers face
The transition from being a baby to toddler is stressful. If you need help figuring out what is going on with your toddler here’s a little help! #parentingtips, #parenting, #toddler
The transition from being a baby to toddler is stressful. If you need help figuring out what is going on with your toddler here’s a little help! #parentingtips, #parenting, #toddler
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