7 Reasons Why I love sending my child to School

Like most parents, when school started, I had mixed feelings. Most days, I hate sending my child off.  Instead of looking at the negative, I have tried to be more positive and have come up with 7 reasons why I love sending my child to school.

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7 Reasons Why I love sending my child to School

1. Routine

Have you ever noticed that all programs are based on the school calendar?

During the Christmas break, every activity has stopped. Playgroup, bible study, sports, library programs etc all take a break.

There are a very limited amount of things to take your kids too. This makes it hard to keep your kids busy and leaves me more isolated from friends because there are fewer opportunities to get together.

One of the reasons why I love sending my child to school is that school creates a stable and reliable routine.

Our routine is simple and easy to do and works well for us. Without a need to send my children to school- I have a hard time thinking about how I am going to fill the day with my kids.

2. Keeps them engaged

When my kids were younger, all I had to do to keep them from getting bored was introduce a new toy or change their surrounding by bringing them to a new room in the house.

As my children get older, it is getting harder to keep them from getting bored without handing them the iPad.

During the Christmas break, my eldest daughter was easily bored and started sneaking around and lying about what she was doing. This behaviour was not as evident when she was in school.

One of the reasons why I love sending my child to school is because the school engages my children.

At school, my children are engaged and have something to do or think about all day long, she doesn’t have the time to be bored. When she gets home, she is spent and needs time to decompress and relax.

3. Shorter days

When all my kids were not old enough to be in school the days felt so long. As soon as my daughter started school the days started feeling shorter.

The biggest reason why I love sending my child to school is because it shortens my days.

There is something about getting out the door at 8:15 and having my children home by 3:30 that makes the day shorter. I think it has to do with the structure of the day and having specific events mark the passing of time.

Every time school is on break the days seem to last that much longer.

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4. Social time with friends

My daughter y social and loves spending time with her friends. Since I don’t know many of the parents very well she does not spend that much time with her friends outside of school. At school, she has time to learn about friendship and how to be a good friend.

5. Time outside

My youngest child is 13 months old. Being that young he still naps twice a day and is just starting to walk everywhere he goes. Due to those 2 factors, I find it hard to be outside by myself with all 3 kids.

My eldest daughter loves the outside and running around. When my husband was home, we were able to take turns and spend time with her doing outdoor activities like skating and sledding.

When she is at school, not only does she get 3 outdoor recesses she also gets regular gym time. Because she gets so much outdoor time at school I don’t feel the pressure to make sure she gets that time at home.

6. Build good qualities

The school that my daughter goes to participates in a program that helps students build good leadership qualities. My daughter is strong-willed and independent so it’s hard for me to foster those qualities and guide them to good use.

Her school has an environment that encourages independent thoughts and taking responsibility for their actions. These are all things that we try to teach at home but it’s nice that we are not the only adults in her life that try to teach her responsibility.

7. Meet people

School is a great place to meet people. By sending our child to school, we have been able to meet many parents. Since we live and shop in the area our child goes to school, we are now starting to recognize parents and families where we go.

We have met people at the grocery store, the library, and even the pool. All these encounters give us a sense of community and connection to our neighbourhood.

In the comments below, share the reasons why you love sending your kids to school. Share this post with others. Thank you.

8 responses to “7 Reasons Why I love sending my child to School”

  1. Elizabeth at Mom Always Knows Avatar

    They do need the social time and I need the downtime! : )

  2. Liz Avatar

    While I don’t have kids, I can certainly appreciate the benefits of having a routine.

  3. Tamara Goyette Avatar
    Tamara Goyette

    I am nervous to send my oldest to Kindergaten next year, but I know she will thrive and that makes me so happy for her.

    1. anne.markey1@gmail.com Avatar

      It was the hardest step I have taken as a mother. But I am happy we did!

  4. Melissa Avatar

    Some interesting thoughts!! My twins have just started Kindergarten and I am missing them so much. Will be interesting to see how things change over the years…

    1. anne.markey1@gmail.com Avatar

      I miss my daughter as well and I am already sad at sending my second daughter next year. The easiest way to make it better is by focussing on the positives. It also means that I am trying to make the time we have together count.

  5. Brittany Wise Avatar

    I absolutely agree with your reasons! Our kids thrive in a routine and seeing their friends. It just works for us as well!!

    1. anne.markey1@gmail.com Avatar

      I sometimes doubt our decision so knowing why we are sending them off is good for me.

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