7 ways to love your neighbour on Halloween

Every single year, I see the same argument over and over. Should Christians take part in Halloween? I see people divide themselves into those who celebrate and those who don’t. This sort of behaviour makes me so sad. As Christians, we should not divide ourselves. We should unite to be a light to those around us. That is the biggest reason our family takes part in Halloween. Halloween is a perfect time of year to show love to our neighbours. Continue to read as I share 7 ways you can love your neighbour at Halloween. 

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7 Ways to love your neighbour on Halloween

1. Be generous 

As a kid, the best houses to go to were the ones that gave out pop or full candy bars. 

Now, I know that some of you may have hundreds of kids coming to your door and can’t afford to be so generous with each child. 

I don’t think we need to give out full candy bars to be generous. But, we can give out a handful of candy. 

We can also be generous with our time. When Halloween starts, we can be ready to welcome kids at an early hour and willing to leave our lights on until a later hour to welcome older kids. 

We can also be generous with our words. 

Instead of rushing kids out of our door, we can ask if they are having fun. We can guess what they are dressed up as and give them compliments about their costumes. 

2. Be courteous 

Kids are always so excited at Halloween and often forget their manners. As Christians, we can love our neighbours by saying: please, thank you, and happy Halloween. 

We can also help our children to be curious and kind as they knock on doors. 

3. Share God’s love

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to share God’s love. This can be done by handing out tracts with candy at the door or starting conversations with people we encounter that night. 

4. Be safe 

There is nothing more frustrating than cars speeding down a road on Halloween. 

An easy way to love our neighbours at Halloween is to be safe. 

We can be safe by: 

  • Having an adult around with the kids 
  • Not letting kids Criss Cross roads 
  • Crossing at lights and intersections
  • Walking from house to house 
  • Driving slowly on the roads 
  • Having our lights on at home 
  • Maybe even having the kids use lights or reflective gear 

Any of these small safety measures can keep children safe and make sure that everyone is having fun. 

5. Welcome everyone

I grew up in France where Halloween was not celebrated. Instead, they would celebrate Mardi gras. As kids, we would dress up and do a costume parade and competition and then we would have a neighbour’s party but we never went door to door. So, I never went trick or treating until I was 9. 

Because of that, I felt a bit cheated and felt like I missed too many opportunities to trick or treat. Because of that- I continued trick or treating until I was a teenager. 

We all know a few teens that come to our door. It’s tempting to turn them away or not give them as much candy as the younger kids. But, I think we should do the opposite. 

We should be thankful that the teens are out of the house, being social with their friends and not doing anything worse. 

As Christians, we should welcome anyone who comes to our door. 

That means teenagers and also people with disabilities. 

6. Be considerate 

Halloween brings out many people. Families with babies, alleges, disabilities and even teens all come out.

As Christians, we should be considerate to people we meet on the street or at our door. 

Allergies: there are so many people with allergies so it’s hard to have something for everyone. But, as a rule of thumb, I never purchase candy that contains nuts. 

If you want to go a step further, you can also purchase stickers and pencils for those people who have other alleges. 

We can’t guess who will come to our door or be ready for every person who comes to visit. But, we should be ready to be flexible and considerate to every single person we meet. 

7. Share

One Halloween my doorbell rang, and it was a neighbour. They asked if I had a corkscrew they could use. I knew they would use it to open a bottle of wine. I am not the biggest fan of alcohol consumption so it would have been easy to say I did not have one. But I shared what I had. I went to the kitchen and found our corkscrew. 

Ultimately, nothing came from that interaction- but it could have. When dealing with neighbours we never know what an opportunity will lead to. 

Sharing what we have with others at Halloween is a great way to build trust and relationships with our neighbours. 

We never know how God might use a small act to build with in the future. 

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