8 ways to increase your Instagram followers

a laptop, coffee and a pastry sitting on a white linen. On top of the picture are the words: 8 strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

Over the last couple of years, I have worked to increase my Instagram followers. In this post, I will share 8 ways to increase your Instagram followers.

Each of these strategies is easy to implement and can be done all at once or one at a time.

I have found by implementing these strategies,  not only have I gained followers but engagement as well. I hope these strategies work as well for you as they did for me.


a laptop, coffee and a pastry sitting on a white linen. On top of the picture are the words: 8 strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

8 ways to increase your Instagram followers

1. Do not do follow for follow

Instagram is a social media network. As such, the Instagram algorithm likes it when you post and follow people and engage with them. Following people just for the sake of following people might increase your followers count but won’t increase engagement.

Some accounts on Instagram are fake or set up to automatically follow you back. Your numbers might climb but your influence won’t.

You want to follow people who inspire you, who are leaders in a field you’re interested in and people you can build a relationship with.

Having true followers on Instagram will I increase trust that will lead to more views on your website or blog and to more sales.

2. Search Hashtags

Instagram has millions of people and millions of pictures. It’s hard to find people who are like-minded without a way to search for them. In comes hashtags. Hashtags are a tool people used to describe a picture as a way to be found.

So, if you’re a mom blogger you might use hashtags that describe blogging, motherhood or everyday life with kids. So, examples include: #momlife, #momlifeisthebestlife, #mothersofinstagram

There are thousands of hashtags. Start your search with one and see what people come up to follow. Click on their profile and see what type of pictures they post, and what other types of hashtags they use. If you like their content, follow them.

3. Search people in your niche

You don’t just want to follow just a bunch of random people. I suggest following people who are your target audience or other bloggers who write about what you do. If you are a mom blogger, then follow Mom and other mom bloggers. This way, the people you follow are more likely to like your content and follow you back.

If you are a blogger who writes about marriage, then it does not make too much sense to follow influencers who blog about fashion or photography. Focus your search efforts on the people who are most likely to one day buy from you.

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4. Find like-minded people

The best way to find your target audience is to find other influencers in your niche. These people will have thousands of followers. To gain more followers.

Find these influencers and look at who is following them. From that list, start following people who fir your target audience. If these followers like this influencer and your posting similar content then they are likely to follow you back.

5. Follow 50 new people every day

To gain followers on Instagram quickly, then I suggest that you follow 50 new people a day.

If the people are following use the same hashtags you do and are interested in the same things you are, the chances are that they will follow you back.

These 50 people should be people that share similar content or be people that fit your ideal customer.

Since I am a Christian Blogger, I look for Christian women who are married and have children. These women are more likely to like and engage with my content since they are my targetted group of people

6. Join Facebook groups 

Another quick way to get followers on Instagram is by following blogging groups on Facebook. These groups are set up to help you increase engagement. Each group has a different set of rules,  but they typically will have posts where you can share your Instagram account.

These groups are a great way to gain followers. The only downfall is that you have to reciprocate. For every link you share, you need to follow 5/10 or all. This will increase your followers but will take time to them follow people in return.

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7. Join comment pods

A comment pod is a group of bloggers that like and comment on each other’s pictures. For each picture you post in the pod for a comment, you need to comment on all the other pictures. Each pod has different rules. But most are set up to increase engagement. Using pods, I would get 30-50 comments per picture and hundreds of likes.

Comment Pods can be fun found in Facebook blogging groups. If you can’t find a pod, start your own. Look for bloggers who are on Instagram that are in your niche and invite them to join your pod.

8. Engage engage engage

If you don’t have time to comment in pods or use Facebook groups there is still a way to gain more followers. Find people that inspire you on Instagram and comment on their pictures.

Make sure that your comment is genuine and shows interest. Maybe ask a question. The more you comment on other people’s stuff, the more likely they will comment on your pictures and even start following you.

Once you have followers and comments, make sure to comment back. Engage commenters by thanking them or asking a question. Use Instagram to build relationships and trust. The more people trust you, the more likely they will buy from you.

Instagram is a great tool to gain followers and market your website. With the right strategies, you can gain many followers and start getting to know them.

I hope that you can use these strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

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a picture of a women sitting on the ground outside with her laptop open. Above the picture are the words: 8 strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

Author: Anne Markey

Anne is a stay at home mother of 3 who has been married for more then 10 years. She loves the Lord and is passionate about helping women learn who they are in Christ and how to live a life that glorifies Him.

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