The Best Christmas Traditions

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My husband and I LOVE Christmas traditions. When we got married, it was important to us to continue some of our traditions from childhood and start our own. Over the years, we have tried a few things to see if we want to do it again. Some things stick, but others have not. After 16 years together, these traditions are the ones that have stayed. Continue to read as I share our 8 of The Best Christmas Traditions.

8 of The Best Christmas Traditions:

1. Advent

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is observing Advent. It is one way we keep Christ the focus of Christmas. I made an advent calendar. Every day, we read a part of the Christmas story and have chocolate.

Doing this every day in December helps to remind me who we are celebrating and makes provision to talk to my children about Christ every day.

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2. 12 days of Christmas

When my husband was growing up, he and his family have their own Christmas traditions. They would go to Heritage Park every year and celebrate 12 days of Christmas. When we lived out east, doing this was impossible. Since living in Alberta, we make our way to Calgary every year and celebrate this with his family.  

Not only is this nostalgic for his entire family, but it’s a good excuse to go down to Calgary and spend time with his family.

It’s also neat to know that my children and my husband will charge similar memories of Christmas.

3. Christmas movies

My husband and I love watching Christmas movies. As part of our Christmas traditions, we have our top 10 favourite movies and we watch one per night coming up to Christmas.

It is our tradition that we even watch them in a very specific order. Watching movies helps us get into the Christmas mood.

Our top 10 Christmas movies include:

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4. Christmas Eve

Growing up, we had our Christmas traditions that we enjoyed on Christmas Eve. We would go to church for the Christmas Eve service and then we would go sledding with friends. Before we were too small to go sledding without our parents, we would go home and open just one gift.

These days, my husband and I have our own traditions. We still go to the Christmas Eve service, but before we go, we have some friends over for Chinese food. We then go to the Christmas Eve service together. Then, when we get home, we put the kids to bed and watch a Christmas movie.

5. Family time

What is Christmas without a family? Part of our Christmas traditions is to spend as much time with the family as we can. We are fortunate to have family and spend time with them, but we also try to remember the people who may not have family in town.

We have many single friends whose parents live out of town, so we always make sure they have a place to go for Christmas dinner.

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6. Christmas morning

I love Christmas morning. Even as an adult, I look forward to seeing what surprises are under the tree. In the morning, we all get up and the first thing we do is open our Christmas stocking. We all do this at the same time.

While we open our stockings, breakfast is being cooked. By the time stockings have been opened, breakfast is ready. We usually have cinnamon buns, bacon, and orange juice for breakfast.

Then, that’s when we go back to the living room and open gifts. We open them one at a time. We usually go from youngest to oldest until there is nothing left under the tree.

7. Christmas tree

It’s not always easy having a tree up with young children. They play with the ornaments and want to touch all of them. But no matter the obstacles, we always put one up.

We decorate for the season the first weekend in December. Each year, we get a new Christmas ornament. Usually something meaningful. Like an ornament from a special trip or celebration: like the birth of a child, or our first Christmas together. I love decorating the tree.

But with all our special ornaments, I love it even more. Most of our ornaments are a reminder of all our blessings. So, I sometimes think of our tree as a tree full of blessings.

8. Changing it up

My husband likes to do the same things every year. But, growing up, we would sometimes change things up. One year, my parents took us to the rotating restaurant for dessert.

It was the first, and only time we did that, and it was very special. That day still stands out in my mind as a great family memory. So now, I like to have one I guess per year that’s special and not the same.

I want to spend my money on building memories with my children. I find changing things up and having surprise fun activities is a great way to do that.

In the comments below, share some of your favourite Christmas traditions. Please share this post. Thank you.

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Author: Anne Markey

Anne is a stay at home mother of 3 who has been married for more then 10 years. She loves the Lord and is passionate about helping women learn who they are in Christ and how to live a life that glorifies Him.

5 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Traditions”

  1. I have to say that Christmas movies might be one of my favorite traditions! There is something about curling up on the couch with the Christmas tree lit and a good movie on.

  2. Those are lovely Christmas traditions! When I was a kid, we always did the one gift on Christmas Eve. We would have my sister and her family over (or go to their house) and celebrate on that day. Then Christmas Day was usually low key with presents in the morning and Christmas movies and whatnot. Once or twice we went out to breakfast/lunch with other family members because they didn’t have anywhere to go and we hadn’t planned anything ahead of time. I love watching Christmas movies now as an adult to get me in the Christmas spirit, but mostly TV movies like on Hallmark especially lol.

    1. Growing up we would also do one present the night before. But now, since my husband and I only buy 3 gifts for the kids, I don’t want to have less for them to open the morning of.

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