Best new products for Spring

One of my favourite things about blogging is discovering other bloggers, reading new posts, finding new products that I love and being able to share all those things with others.

In this post, I want to share with you my favourite products for spring. I also want to share with you some of my favourite blog posts and pictures from the past couple of months.

a vase with flowes and 2 boxes tacked on top of each other. All on a desk. On top of the picture are the words: Best new products for spring.

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3 Products for Spring

1. Dishwasher Pods 

Over the years my husband and I have tried many different dishwasher soap solutions. No matter the product, my husband always seems to find grime on our glasses and not happy with how the dishes are washed.

This month, we tried a new dishwasher pod and loved it.

Not only does it help by getting old food off plates (eliminating the pre-wash), but it is the first time that my husband has been happy with how our glasses come out of the wash. The amount of grime on our glasses has disappeared. Let’s just say, we love this product and will purchase it from now on.

2. Beach blanket 

I hate having sand on my beach towel or blanket. This blanket absorbs the sand and you are left with a sand-free surface. I have not tried this product yet, but just the idea of it makes me happy. I am putting this under my: to order list.

Have you bought it? What are your thoughts??

3. Free Christian Resources

As a Christian, I love getting free resources to help me in my walk with God. One way I like to keep connected to God’s word is by having scripture around my house. 

My favourite verses are the ones I like to have in the house. To find some free Christian resources, click on the link below.

bible quote

2 Great Blog Posts

1. No one thing:

In her blog, Melissa Greenwood wrote about the fact that none of us can be defined by just one thing. 

This post resonated with me because I feel fear is holding me back and that fear is attached to the labels I have placed on myself and the ones I think people have put on me.

A conservative Christian woman believes this, acts like this, can’t do this, should not do this or think that. For many years, I fought the labels and because even though I related to the idea of a converse stick Christian, I am so much more than that and my beliefs don’t all match up to that label.

It is so hard to reconcile the labels I have to the ones I believe I am. I am slowly trying to create a space for myself that I feel fits who I am as a mother, wife, woman, and Christian. It’s been hard to reach that place but I believe well worth it.

Melissa did an amazing job conveying the idea that we are NO ONE THING.

2. Victory over Thoughts

Alexandra Yeboah wrote an amazing blog post called: 4 ways to have victory over your thoughts. 

I don’t know about you, but one of the areas I struggle with on a daily basis is my thought life. Thoughts fly through my head and I can’t seem to control where they go. Some days, I have victory and other times I let my thoughts have power over me.

Alexandra wrote a post that gave some excellent advice about how to have victory in that area of our lives.

2 Pictures That I Love: products for Spring

1. My children hugging

2 children hugging each other- in the blog post Best new products for spring.

This is one of my favourite pictures. It’s my one-year-old son hugging his sister. I love this picture because it captures their special relationship. He loves her so much and often hugs her and snuggles her.

When they are not hugging each other, they are chasing each other around the house, making each other laugh, or playing together. This picture also captures my son’s sweet nature. He loves t love people and shows his love with hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

I love being the recipient of such love, but I also love watching him show his love to others.

2. Picture of me

Anne Markey standing near a surf board. In the blog post: Best new products for Spring.

It might seem a bit arrogant to choose a picture of myself for this list, but I did. It’s not one of my favourite pictures of myself, but I love what this picture represents.

I hardly ever am the one in front of the camera and this picture is me getting out of my comfort zone by not only taking the picture but sharing it with the world.

The picture also helps me remember that this was taken during a date night with my husband. I love that he took it and that he finds me beautiful every day,  it just a pretty moment. This picture is a small way to document our time together.

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14 responses to “Best new products for Spring”

  1. Jennifer L Avatar

    Aww what a great round up! I seriously love the photo of your special ones hugging…so cute!!

  2. Melly Avatar

    What a fun post! I loved the dishwasher pods when we had a dishwasher!!!!

  3. Julie Avatar

    This post was fun, I also like hearing about new products! I’m going to check out some of the blog posts you mentioned too!
    Thank you!

  4. Brit Strawbridge Avatar

    Really sweet roundup! Love your favourites! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amanda | Maple Alps Avatar

    That towel sounds intriguing! Must check it out!

  6. Taylor Meehan Avatar
    Taylor Meehan

    Your children are absolutely adorable! Great post!

  7. Erin Avatar

    That beach blanket sounds like the best invention ever! I need to check that out!!!

  8. Thivy Michelle Avatar

    I’m such a clean freak that I need to get a dishwasher pod! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    Thivy Michelle

  9. Kate Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to try a beach blanket but haven’t done it yet either! And I don’t ever take pics of myself either. I did a sponsored post for lip gloss and had to use photos of myself-
    I felt so weird taking my own pic!

  10. Kate Avatar

    I know what you mean about photos- I loathe them soooo much! But that is a lovely one!

  11. Lauren C. Moye Avatar

    Anne, this is such a fun post! Thanks for sharing these highlights.

    Also, from somebody whose having to learn how to market roundups the hard way, you want your image to tell a little bit about what’s inside so people know how to pin it. My #25 roundup pins hardly got any repins until I added the ‘faith | parenting | etc” words onto the pins. (And they still don’t get many, but hey, I got some improvement, right?)

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for the tips!! I appreciate it!

  12. hal Avatar

    I love these roundups – it totally helps someone like me who’s constantly missing things – you had a very productive month!

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