8 amazing ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID

As a Christian, Halloween is not a monumental day in our house, but the kids love to dress up and go trick or treating. I never imagined that we would be on year 2 of COVID Halloween. In our city, restrictions are pretty minimal, but the case numbers are still high. These stats may cause people to find alternative things they can do this year. Continue to read to find 8 amazing ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID.

A picture of kids running down the street dresed up in their halloween costume. Beside the picture are the words 8 amazing ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID

How to talk to your kids about Halloween

COVID has changed many things this year. If your kids are like mine, they went without extracurricular activities, camps, get-togethers and so much more. 

My kids are over covid and just want things to get back to “normal”. 

It seems like every week, I am needing to tell my kids that we can’t do something because of COVID. 

They are old enough to know that we are trying to keep people safe from getting sick, but they wish they could have all their activities back now. 

As Halloween gets closer, I have already told my kids that it will look different from other years. 

3 tips on how to talk to your kids about Halloween during COVID 

1. Be honest

My youngest child is 4 ½ and he can understand social distancing and why we are doing it. 

When I talk to them about the activities we are missing, I try to tell them the truth. I tell them why things may look different and why we have to be careful. 

2. Be sympathetic

Kids have been going through a hard time during COVID. Mine understands why we are keeping social distance and wearing masks but they wish all their favorite things could happen as before. 

Understandably so, when they hear that something they love can’t happen or look different, they are sad.

They might even cry or be angry. 

These are normal emotions. 

It’s important that we allow our children to grieve what they are missing. 

What helps me be more sympathetic is to remember how I would feel if I canceled something I was looking forward to. 

When I take that view, I am so much more sympathetic and I can help my kids process what they are feeling. 

3. Make alternate plans

One thing that helped my kids process the changes happening this year at Halloween was to come up with an alternate plan. 

We talked about what they wanted to do and how we could do that and keep social distancing. 

Once the kids knew they could still have a good time and that there was a plan, they were so much happier. 

When making alternate plans, it’s always a good idea to ask your kids what they want to do and make them part of the conversation. That way, they will feel a bit more in control and won’t be as disappointed. 

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8 ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID

1. At-home party

During COVID, we have been in a cohort with one other family. Our two families have 8 kids in total. Anytime we get together as one group, it feels like a party. 

One of the options that I am considering is to get together and have a small Halloween party

We can let the kids dress up and get together for some Halloween music, Halloween crafts, Halloween games, and more Halloween fun. 

At this party, we would also have lots of treats for the kids. Because let’s be honest. The kids just want candy. 

2. Social distance trick or treat 

If you are dedicated to sending your kids out into the neighborhood during Halloween this year, make sure you have a plan how to do it with all the restrictions in mind. 

These would include: 

I know these restrictions may seem overwhelming, but they can be done if you need to. 

3. Selective trick or treating

Our family is naturally cohort with a set number of families. One of the suggestions my kids gave was to pick the houses of a few friends and only go to those houses for trick or treating.

This is an excellent compromise between staying safe and still keeping traditions from other years.  

4. Costume parade

Each year, schools usually have costume parades. This is where all the kids in the school walk around showing everyone their costumes. Obviously, this will not happen this year. 

But, just because your school is not doing a costume parade does not mean that your kids can’t dress up. 

You can still plan, make, or purchase a Halloween costume and show it off to people you know. 

You can get the kids dressed and face time all your family so that the kids can show off their costumes. 

You can also pick a few houses of friends close by to ring their doorbells and show off the kids.


5. Photo Booth

During the lockdown in the springtime, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. Because of the number of restrictions and closures we had very few options as to what we could do. 

So, I went to the store and got these fun accessories, and we had a photoshoot. The whole family was being silly, and we had so much fun. 

This idea would be a perfect way to add some fun at Halloween this year. 

To make your own Halloween photo booth, you can get many dress-up items to take a bunch of great pictures. 

If you are low on cash, Instagram, and Facebook messenger have some great filters you can add to pictures to make you look all dressed up when you haven’t changed anything on you. 

My kids always love playing with these filters and seeing what they look like. 

8 amazing ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID

6. Crafts and decorations

If you want to stay home and not venture far, you can plan a fun craft night. There are many Halloween crafts you can make to add some fun to the day or week coming up to Halloween. 

Not only can you make crafts but you can make decorations. Just because Halloween may look different this year, doesn’t mean you have to keep your decorations in the closet. 

Make decorations and put them in your yard, window, and wherever you want. 

7. Pumpkin carving 

One of my kids’ favorite things to do in the fall is to do some pumpkin carving. They love getting their hands messy in the guts of the pumpkin and carving out the pumpkins. 

Even though Halloween may look different this year, you can still carve pumpkins like you have other years. I know that our local stores are already selling pumpkins for carving.


8. Candy, Candy, Candy

If your children are like mine, the most important thing to them is collecting candy at Halloween.

They have been most concerned about not getting candy this year. So, no matter what plan we make for the day, I will make sure that they get a pile of candy. 

We know that because of COVID we have had to rethink many of our routines. I ask myself all the time what alternative activities can we do that is safe and yet still fun. 

I hope that this list has helped you in your planning. 

In the comments below, share with me ways you will celebrate Halloween during COVID.

7 alternatives to going trick-or-treating

As a Christian, you might decide that your child shouldn’t go trick-or-treating but you want to take part in Halloween in some other way. In this post, I will share with you 7 alternatives to going trick or treating.

a picture of some pumkins and candy on a table. Beside the picture are the words 7 alternatives to going trick or treating

7 Alternatives to going trick or treating

1. Trick or trunk 

One major concern about going trick or treat is a child’s safety. The idea of going up to a stranger’s door can be intimidating. 

Because of this, some communities have started a tradition called trick or truck. 

How to do this: A group of people go to a parking lot and go car to car asking people for candy. This usually happens during daylight. 

This way, there are no driving cars, and children are contained in one parking lot.  

2. Trick or Can

If you don’t want your children going trick or treating because you don’t want all that candy in your house you can go trick or canning

How to do this: you go door to door. Instead of saying trick or treat you say trick or can. Many people who answer the door may not know what you mean. You can answer by saying that you are taking Halloween as an opportunity to go door to door collecting canned food for the food bank. 

Collect canned food from neighbors and then bring it to your local food bank. 

Most people who answer their door will be more than happy to donate a can or two. 

The only thing to remember is that cans can get heavy so it might be a good idea to park a car in a central location and regularly dump cans in the car and then keep going. 

Not only will kids have fun and collect food for a good cause but most people will also give your kid some candy. 

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3. Host a costume party 

Growing up, my parents did not want us to take part in Mardi gras. Instead, they hosted a Halloween party in the apartment’s basement building we lived in. 

If you want your kids to dress up but don’t want to do the other aspects of Halloween, then having a dress-up party is a perfect fit. You can invite friends and family over and have a great time together. 

4. Go to church/community events

If you want a safe place to take part in Halloween events, then look for opportunities around you. There are many churches and community groups that host Halloween or fall festivities on Halloween or around Halloween.

These activities are usually free or extremely affordable for families. These activities are fun because they include dress-up and candy plus activities without the other aspects of Halloween.  

5. Give but don’t take

I know some families that won’t go door to door with their kids, but they will hand out candy together. 

Taking part in Halloween in that way can be fun for the whole family. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and teach your kids how to be generous and kind to people who come to your door. 

6. Go to the mall

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That means that Halloween is usually cold and pretty miserable. This kind of weather makes it hard to go door to door at night. 

A fun alternative to going door to door is to go trick or treating at the mall. You get your kids all dressed up and take them to a participating mall.

Instead of going house to house, they can go store to store. I have never done this but have heard that it’s a great thing to do with small kids or on a freezing Halloween day. 

There are many fun and safe alternatives to going trick-or-treating with your kids. If you want to take part in fall fun but want to stay away from Halloween, then consider these alternative ideas. 

7 Alternatives to going trick or treating- a woman handing out candy to 3 kids. Everyone is dressed up but you only the backs of the kids

7. Give out Hot chocolate

I live in Edmonton, Alberta- Halloween can either be nice and warm or extremely cold. We never know what weather we’ll get so we have to be prepared. We often choose costumes that can fit over winter coats so the kids can stay outside without freezing.

As a Christian, you may choose to not participate in Halloween, but you can still be neighborly. A great way to do that is to offer kids and adults some hot chocolate and get to know the people in your neighborhood. Halloween is a great time to love our neighbours.

Your turn

In the comments below, share your favorite alternative activity at Halloween. 

20 cute and easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is fast approaching and we know that this year it may look different. Du to COVID, many parents might choose to keep their kids at home and decrease the risk of infection. To make sure that Halloween is still fun for your kids, here are 20+ Halloween crafts for kids.

A picture of a person decoratting a can. Beside the picture are the words 20 cute and creative Halloween Crafts

20+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

1. Halloween Masks

These masks make a great Halloween craft. They look so cute and are so easy. All you have to do is print these out, colour them in and then cut it out.

To get all the details, click here.

Print + color Halloween masks are an easy and expensive Halloween craft for kids. These are a great activity for a class Halloween party!

2. Monster Pumkins

I love this next craft! You can let your imagination run wild as you put paint on pumpkins and make whatever type of monster you want.

But, you are not limited to only making monsters. You can paint several things on your pumpkin.

For instructions on how to paint these pumpkins, click here

painted monster face pumpkins DIY tutorial

3. Monster hand puppets

If your kids have a good imagination, then chances are that they have made puppets and created play after play after play.

Mix it up this year and add some Halloween hand puppets to the mix.

For instructions click here.

Halloween Puppets

4. Yarn Pumkins

This is a craft that I have always wanted to try. These yarn pumpkins look so cute and you can use them to decorate your house for Halloween and also Thanksgiving.

For instructions on how to make them, click here.

These yarn pumpkins are such a fun fall craft idea! They'd make a BEAUTIFUL centerpiece or mantle decoration, or you could even use them for Halloween! So pretty!

5. Googly eye headband

I have 2 daughters and they both LOVE all the headbands. I have lost track of how many headbands we have in the house.

This googly eye headband is a perfect way of using all those extra googly eyes lying around and makes a great craft.

For instructions on how to make these headbands, click here.

Little girl wearing a Googly eyes Halloween headband.

6. Paper Pumpkins in 2 styles

My kids love using paper for everything. We always have some lying around, so I love finding craft ideas that use supplies we already have.

Below, you will find links to 2 different styles of paper pumpkins.

Pick one and follow the link.

Or, better yet— do both!!!

A) paper pumpkins

These paper strip pumpkins are cute, inexpensive, and super easy to make using scrapbook paper. This would be a fun Halloween craft project to do with the kids!

B) Paper pumpkin

1-Paper Pumpkin Tutorial - Harvest and Halloween Crafts Sep 6, 2016, 9-039

7. Spider Hat

This spider hat is so amazing! As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I had to add it to this list. It’s very creative and can double up as an easy spider costume. Follow this link for instructions: spider hat

Headband Spider Halloween Craft

8. Paper Garlands

As mentioned above, I love any craft that uses paper since we have so much of it at home.

These Paper garlands look easy to make and are a great way to decorate the house.

These Halloween paper garland cutouts are SO CUTE and surprisingly simple to make! This is such a fun Halloween craft for kids! Even teens, tweens, adults and seniors would have fun making them! They'd look great hung up on a door, on the walls, or even in the window! What a simple paper craft for kids and a great way to make some non-spooky DIY Halloween decor!

9. Halloween flower pots

If you have extra flower pots lying around, then these Halloween flower pots are a perfect craft.

Let your imagination flow with these posts and see what sort of monster or creature you can make.

Halloween Flower Pot Craft

10. Witch wind catcher

Some people love decorating the outside of their house for Halloween. If you are one of those people, then this craft is perfect.

This witch wind catcher would look so cool outside flying in the wind.

Paper Plate Witch Wind Catcher Craft For Kids pin 2

11. Yarn wrapped Mummy

I have a 4-year-old at home that loves doing crafts. So, I am always on the lookout for crafts that he can do with little help.

These Yarn-wrapped Mummy look like they would be a perfect choice.

They are easy to make and can be done without too much mess or frustration.


12. Paper spider Webs

These webs are the Halloween version of paper snowflakes. They look fun to make and can be made in many patterns.

Once these paper spider webs are cut out, you can hang them around your house.

These paper spiderwebs are so easy to make and they look AWESOME! This is such a fun Halloween craft to make with the kids and a great Halloween decoration! I love the pipe cleaner spider!

13. Toilet Paper roll monsters

In our house, we use lots of toilet paper, so I always have rolls around. I love finding crafts that can use up materials we already have.

These Toilet Paper roll monsters are so cute and I know all 3 of my kids would love to make some.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

14. Paper plate monster

If you have a million googly eyes at home and have no clue how to use them, this is the right craft for you.

Look how cute these Paper plate monsters are! They look so good and would make perfect Halloween decorations.

20 cute and easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

15. yarn spiderweb

My mom likes to make afghans and always has yarn leftover. These yearn spiderwebs would make the perfect craft to use up all that leftover yarn.

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb

16. Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

I have 3 kids in the house. My oldest is 11 and finding crafts she would think is cool is not always easy.

I think these Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries would be fun for her to make and I think she would love them.

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries - Cutest and Easiest Halloween Crafts Ever and they make fun candy jars too!

17. Standalone Ghosts

Every Halloween, my kids ask me how people make these! Follow the link to make these Standalone Ghosts to find out.

20 cute and easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

18. Halloween Shadow Box

This is another craft that my oldest daughter would love. She could follow these instructions to make a Halloween Shadow Box. Or she can make up her own scene and make a completely creative shadow box.

halloween shadow box orange black silhouette haunted house

19. Halloween Tin Can Bowling

As a mom of 3, I use a lot of cans to make food so we always have cans in our recycle bin. Now, we can use these cans for something else.

How cute are these Halloween bowling tin cans?

Not only are these a cool craft, but it’s a game as well. Once you are done decorating your cans, you can go bowling.

Super fun Halloween Party Activity - Halloween Tin Can Bowling! Make your own Halloween Characters from Frankenstein, to Zombies, Black Ctas and our favourite - the Mummy! #Halloween #Halloweenparty #halloweenpartygames #halloweenpartyactivities #tincan #recycling

20. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein

I have a million popsicle sticks in our house. These Popsicle Stick Frankenstein are the perfect craft to use them all up.


21. Halloween Rock monsters

I recently purchased some paint pens that are meant for painting rocks. U am always on the lookout for cool rock painting ideas.

These Halloween rock monsters are so cute and look to be pretty easy for me and the kids can do.

20 cute and easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

What about you?

Do you like to make crafts? Do you make Halloween crafts?

In the comments below, tell me your favourite Halloween craft.

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