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I help christian women grow in their faith by providing Bible reading tips, Bible reading and Bible study resources, online events and more!

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  • 6 ways to teach your children to think critically

    6 ways to teach your children to think critically

    In today’s rapidly changing world, children are constantly bombarded with so many ideas and beliefs from various sources. From social media to school curriculums, secular influences are prevalent, shaping how children perceive the world around them. With this in mind, continue to read as I share with you: 6 ways to teach your children to…

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  • The Time is Now: Serve God Today and Not Tomorrow

    In our Christian life, there’s a balance between doing things and thinking deeply, between staying busy helping others and finding peace in prayer. It’s like a seesaw that asks us to manage between the important things we have to do in the world and the deep connection we have with our beliefs. In this blog…

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  • The Courageous Witness of Elisabeth Elliot

    The Courageous Witness of Elisabeth Elliot

    In Christian circles, few figures stand as boldly as Elisabeth Elliot—a woman whose life showed faith, resilience in the face of adversity, and a remarkable capacity for forgiveness. Through her extraordinary witness, Elisabeth left a permanent mark on the world of Christian missions, inspiring countless individuals to follow in her footsteps and embrace God’s call…

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