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Melanie Ramdeen

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My name is Melanie Ramdeen, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, the founder of Don’t Speak Defeat To Me, a Digital content creator, mentor and a happy wife. Growing up in a single-parent household was extremely challenging. As a sickly child, my mother, a God-fearing woman, raised and took care of me while providing for my elder sister simultaneously. I am grateful for my mother who, within the hurdles of single parenthood, pivoted me on godliness.
I realized quickly as I grew up that I was not called to fit into the parameters of the world and because I did not understand the special calling in my life, I strived for the need to be like others to the point that I became suicidal. In August 2011, I tried to end it all, but the good Lord interjected and saved my life. Since then, I surrendered all to Him and never looked back.
Writing this book “Don’t Speak Defeat to Me 21 Daily Devotionals” was a way to regenerate young people to trust the Lord and know that He is always with them. They must know that they are not defined by their past, rather their past and their present will collaborate to help them culminate to who God has designed them to be. “For all things work together for good to them that trust the Lord.”
This book was created to help everyone Survive, Thrive and Flourish.


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