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Free Christian Resources that I have made

As a blogger, I love to create free Christian Resources for you to use.

Below are just a few that I have made.

5 Free Christian Resources

1. Identity in Christ

I believe that the Christian faith consists of cornerstone truths that if grasp them- our faith will be strong and deep. One of these cornerstones is knowing who we are in Christ.

To help you know and remember who you are in Christ, I have created 24 Affirmation Cards that will encourage you and help you remember who we are when we come to know God.


Blog posts about who we are in Christ

2. Marriage Booster

Are you looking to have a closer relationship with God and your spouse?

If so, I have created free Christian resources that you will love.

It is called: 30 days of praying scripture for your marriage.

In this e-book, I guide you through how to use this resource and give you 30 scriptures that you can pray over your marriage.

Free Christian Resources that I have made

Blog Posts about Marriage

3. Quiet Time Planner

I have been a Christian most of my life and one of my biggest struggles is to sit down with God every day and read my bible.

I don’t know what it’s so hard for me, but it is.

Maybe you struggle with this as well and you need help.

To try and help solve this problem, I have written a blog post and have created Free Christian resources called: A Quiet time Planner.

I know that if you use this, you will see that your quiet time will be more consistent.

Free Christian Resources that I have made

Quiet Time Posts

4. Prayer Help

How is your prayer life?

If its like mine, its not focused, or consistent and you would not mind having some help with this.

If this sounds like you then I know you will love these free Christian resources.

I have created Prayer cards that you can use to pray over your home.

By signing up for these cards, you will also receive more resources as I create them to help you have a better prayer life.

5. Parenting Help

Parenting is hard work. I have been a mother for 10 years and the one thing I have learned is that I can’t do it alone.

I need all the help I can get.

That is why I have created some free parenting Christian resources to help you on your parenting journey.

Free Christian Resources that I have made

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Free Christian Resources that I have made

More Christian Resources

I love to create more Christian resources to help women have a closer relationship with God.

So, keep checking in to see what other Christian resources I have created.

I would also love to know what Christian resources you want me to create. Please contact me to le me know what you want me to create.

Also, if there is a problem you are having or something you want to know more about, please contact me to let me know what I can create for you.

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