The Grow in
trust Summit

A virtual conference focused on helping Christian women learn simple ways to

study The Bible and how to discern God’s will for their lives. 


Knowing God's plan for your life takes more then just doing whatever comes to mind in the name of Jesus.

You’re getting a lot of things right:



  •  You attend bible studies
  • You go to church every week
  • You are involved in your local church

Despite all that, you are still struggling to know God’s plan for your life and what you should do next.

Grow in Trust


Grow in Trust
Are experiencing uncertainty  when trying to discern God’s will, leading to frustration and indecision.
Grow in Trust
Are hearing different Voices that are providing conflicting advice, making it difficult to discern God’s will.
Grow in Trust
Are afraid of making the wrong decision or going against God’s will & its leading to stress and anxiety.
Grow in Trust
Are impatient- Waiting for clarity or direction from God because you are facing time-sensitive decisions, and need leading.
Grow in Trust
Are Feeling Abandoned by God, leading to frustration and questioning of God’s will and purpose.
Grow in Trust
       Are Feeling Uncertain when trying to discern God’s will, leading to frustration and indecision.

There has got to be a better way!


What if you could discover what God wants you to do & learn what He sounds like so you can make the right decisions with confidence.

Grow in Trust

How great would it feel to...

Have a sense of clarity and direction in life, knowing with confidence the path God wants you to follow.

Be confident and empowered in decision-making, trusting that you are following God's guidance.

Experience inner peace and contentment, knowing your decisions are aligned with God's plan for your life.

Experience a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose, knowing you are living out God's will for them

Develop a strong sense of trust in God's providence, knowing that He is guiding you even in uncertain times.

During The Grow in Trust Conference you'll learn how to Recognize God's voice and how to live a life that is pleasing to Him.

Grab your ticket and join me and 15+ speakers for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you learn simple ways to study The Bible and how to discern God’s will for their lives. 


Meet your Host

Anne Markey

Meet Your Host

Hi! I’m Anne Markey


I’m a certified teacher who has worked with multiple churches to grow their women’s ministries and with hundreds of women to grow in their walk with God.

I help Christian women save time and keep focused during bible study. 


I guide women through a simple framework so they can understand what they are reading in the bible so they can apply it to their lives, and grow in their faith without feeling overwhelmed.


I have a passion for helping women discover what their spiritual gifts are and to help them find ways they can use them in their churches, home, and everywhere else. 

If you are looking to learn more about spiritual gifts, this is the conferenced for you. 


I created the Grow in Trust Conference with Christian women in mind.


You don’t need another sermon telling you to just read your Bible and come to church every week!

That advice is good….. but you want more!

Good news! That is NOT what you’re going to find at this event.


The Grow in Trust Conference was specifically created for Christian women like you.

  • You have a personal relationship with The Lord

  • You are ready to learn more about how you can use your gifts

  • You want to develop your gifts even more and use them to serve the Lord


Instead of covering the basics about Christian living, this conference is about helping you build on what you already know, and give you specific teaching on specific ways to hear God and learn how He wants you to life your life.


Through short, action-packed presentations from our expert lineup of Christian women teachers, you’ll learn advanced strategies for discovering God’s will for your life.

Take a look at the presentations

Anne Markey

Anne Markey

6 ways God speaks to us today

Grow in Trust

Mary Gallagher

Learning to Live Stress-Free: Yes, You Can Control and Eliminate Stress!

Grow in Trust

Courtney Berry

Living your God-given purpose by letting go of your fears

Grow in Trust

Alicia Michelle

How to Use the Bible + Brain Science to Better Manage Your Emotions

Grow in Trust

Stephanie Miller

Living Out Your Calling Once God Has Revealed It To You

Grow in Trust

Vona Johnson

Step out in Faith, live your more!

Grow in Trust

Anne Nelson

God’s plan for the family

Grow in Trust

Courtney Nallen

God’s Purpose for Our Imperfections

Grow in Trust

Lori Armstrong

Living Every Day in the Joy of the Lord

Grow in Trust

Clare Davy

Cultivating a beautiful heart and home

Grow in Trust

Kristin Fitch

God has called us to a Life of Adventure

Grow in Trust

Laura Krokos

Discover God’s Calling for your Life

Grow in Trust

Micaeh Tice

God’s Design for Rest

Grow in Trust

Kalah Riley

Worship is our warfare

Grow in Trust

Keagan Hayden

Purpose in the Pain

Grow in Trust

Lauren Roskilly

Renew Your Mind & Be Transformed

Grow in Trust

Kathryn Shirey

How to Trust in God’s Possibilities When Life Feels Impossible

Grow in Trust

Brittany Ann

How to Create a Practical Plan for Spiritual Growth

Grow in Trust

Stephanie Isaac

How to recognize the Voice of God

As you can see from these amazing value-packed presentations, this is an event you do not want to miss.

Click the button below to grab your ticket and join us for The grow in Trust Conference!

You’d pay over $300 if you paid to go to each of these presentations.



Get Your ticket for just $27!

Here's what you get when you purchase your ticket:

Grow in Trust
Grow in Gifts

Lifetime Access to ALL presentations

Get immediate  and lifetime access to all presentations.

This gives you ongoing access to the content to watch at your own pace and revisit whenever you want!


$200 value

A picture of The Grow in trust course that includes 19 sessions, a workbook , and a Bible study.

PRESENTATION Slides & transcripts

Get lifetime access to all the presentation slides & transcripts. This helps you remember what you learn if you are a visual learner. 


$150 Value

Grow in Trust

Access to VIP Workbook

Listening to a presentation and learning new information is one thing, but taking action is where results come from!


This workbook includes presentation notes which will give you easy access to the main takeaways from each presentation for a quick refresher anytime you need it and action steps to help you implement what you learned.


This workbook also includes a Bible reading plan about spiritual gifts, action steps you can take for the presentations you watch, and so much more.


$75 Value

Here is what Past attendees had to say

Grow in Trust

This was a great summit. The speakers were really speaking to my heart and soul. It was easy to watch the presentations and was not overwhelming. I would even go back and watch some videos twice.

Read More
Remind me what I ought to be doing and being, equipped me with useful pointers for my journey in deepening my relationship with Christ and fulfilling my God purpose
Read More
Wow I grew so much. I’m enjoying worship in a whole new way, digging into scripture and prayer, seeking God MORE about all the stuff I get wrapped up in. I want to reflect God’s heart in the world and this brought me so much closer to Him and others in hearing other perspectives.
Courtney Berry
Courtney Berry
Read More
The themes for the day and the professionalism of the speakers. Ive been an attendee for many that had several speakers with no speaking abilities and it was hard to listen to. Loved the fact that majority did slides as I'm a visual learner and that helped a lot. And transcripts were an awesome addition.

Grow in Gifts Conference Ticket

Grow in Trust

Get Access to

$ 27 One time Payment
  • Lifetime access to all presentations - ($200Value)
  • Lifetime access to presentation slides & transcripts - ($100 Value)
  • Lifetime access to VIP Workbook - ($75)
Limited time


This event takes place as soon as you purchase your ticket! This access takes place online, so you can attend from the comfort of your house. All you have to do is purchase your ticket and get instant access to every presentations and more!

The presentations and resources listed on this page are ready and waiting for you!


As soon as you purchase, you’ll get instant access to your course login where you’ll find all the presentations and more.

Yes, and No!

The Grow in Trust Conference was a live event from 2022. This is the recordings of that event. Same event, but not live! 

The price you see on this page varies from the live conference- but it’s the same thing.

Each video will have captions, and will be transcribed. The transcripts are available as part of the VIP Pass. 

If you still have questions, you can reach out to me (Anne) at I will try to respond as soon as I can!

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