What does it mean to have a christ centered home

What does it mean to have a Christ-Centered Home? In a world filled with distractions and ever-changing values, it is essential to anchor our homes in Christ. In this episode, you will learn exactly what it means to have a Christ-centred home, why this is important and some tips to help you get started.

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[00:03:26] “Personal relationship with Christ affects daily life.”

[00:09:36] Follow Bible, grow spiritually, and prioritize routine.

[00:11:16] Early stress in a relationship revealed true character.

[00:15:02] Eternal peace and hope with Christ.

[00:19:43] Deciding to share life, Bible impacts relationships, ethics, money, and decision-making.

[00:23:19] Reading the Bible impacts all areas of life.

[00:27:55] Value of Christian community in deepening faith.

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What does it mean to have a christ centered Home?

Having a Christ-centered home means intentionally making Jesus the center of our family life, decisions, and relationships. 

It means building our foundation on the principles found in God’s Word and allowing His love and teachings to permeate every aspect of our household.

6 reasons why this is important

1. It takes us beyond Christian culture

I’m Canadian and I live in Canada, and I think most of you live in North America, and the United States and Canada are actually known as Christian countries, but if you live in them, you know that that’s not true in practice.

So there’s this great culture of Christianity where people go to church and they call themselves Christians and they just go about their daily lives.

But that’s where it stops. It doesn’t go deeper than that.

Now, I’m not saying that those people aren’t Christians, because that decision isn’t up to me. That’s up to God himself because he’s the judge.

But what I’m saying is that there’s a big difference between just being a cultural Christian, and being in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and having that relationship.

It means that it affects different areas of your life. The perfect example of this is marriage, and God actually compares himself to a groom and Christians as his bride.

So we know that Christ wants a personal relationship with us. And it’s not that friend that you see every six years or every, you know, three times a year and just catch up.

He wants the everyday, day in, day out relationship that you would have as you do with your spouse. So that means that in a good marriage, you’re not leaving things off the table.

There are always things that you talk about. And in a good marriage, I know for ourselves we talk about everything, even the boring stuff.

When I was young, I would listen to my parents talk and they would talk about work because that’s what they did during the day. And they would share, you know, the ins and out of the office and the projects that they were working on. And I remember sitting there and just being so bored and thinking like, Oh my gosh, these people have nothing else to talk about.

But the older I get, and now I’ve been married for 16 years, I see that that’s just sharing each other’s lives. You’re saying, hey, this is what’s important. That happened my day, I want to tell you this. And then you’re sharing those things with you, each other.

You’re building that relationship. You’re growing together, You’re having that connection time and you’re becoming stronger.

And that’s the exact same thing with the Lord, that He wants us to have those everyday moments with him. He wants us to bring him in the things that we’re doing, and not just bring him in, but actually go and ask, hey, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to go here? Do you want me to go there? Do you want me to make this decision? And so we are decision making

Is not just centered about what we want and what we think, but about what the Lord wants and what he thinks. And when we start doing that, it actually touches a lot of different parts of our lives.

2. It’s the difference between life and death

I don’t like being crazy dramatic, and I’m not trying to over-exaggerate anything and I don’t believe in scaring people into heaven.

But the reality is that your decision, whether or not you’re going to follow God or whether or not you’re not is the difference between eternal life and eternal death.

But not just that, it also can impact your physical life.

When we look at the Old Testament, the example that I give a lot is that you can go through all the cleansing laws and feel that it’s really restrictive and say, Oh my goodness, God has so many rules and it must be so hard to follow the rules.

God doesn’t want me to have any fun whatsoever, and these are all the things that I have to follow. But The thing is, now that we look back. And if you look at those cleansing rules, those rules were like, hey, after you touch something dead, wash your hands.

You can’t mix this thing with that thing. They didn’t have advanced science. So some of the things that we take for granted now, like washing our hands before we go to the bathroom, washing our hands before we eat, washing our hands before we touch anything dirty, that wasn’t a normal thing.

God isn’t trying to restrict his people. It’s literally saying to them if you do these things, you will live longer.

The nations around them would spread sickness and have all these deaths and the nation because they followed the word of God and they did these cleansing rituals, they were healthier and they lived longer lives. And so the things that sometimes we think could be restrictive could be because he knows that if we don’t do those things, we may have a harder life.

Things might not go as well. Now that doesn’t mean that Christians don’t face hard things. I can share my testimony and say that I’ve been through many hard things. And so, you know, choosing to follow the Lord isn’t, you know, like a gold ticket saying, hey, you can have no more troubles.

I will never say that to you because that is an absolute lie. The scripture tells us that we will face trouble. The difference is that when we follow the Lord, things may be a little bit easier, right?

If you wash your hands, you might not get sick as often. And we know this because we have just gone through, you know, two years of COVID where we were cleansing our hands and using. You know, sanitary things. And then lo and behold, I don’t know if this happened in your household, but it did happen in ours. As soon as those restrictions went down, we all got sick because we weren’t taking as many precautions as we were before when it came to sharing germs

So that’s one example that I use for people to say that it’s not just necessarily about, you know, your eternity and where you’re going to spend eternity, but also how you’re going to live your life. And that when you do follow the things that the Bible says, there are some things that are going to be easier for you

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3. It helps us grow spiritually

A Christ-centered home provides an environment conducive to spiritual growth and maturity. By prioritizing prayer, Bible study, and worship together, we invite God’s presence into our everyday lives and create opportunities for our family to grow closer to Him.

if you’re just a cultural Christian and you’re only going to church maybe a couple times a year or you’re not necessarily spending time in God’s word.

I’m not saying you’re never going to grow spiritually or you’re not going to learn more about God. Chances are you probably will, but just not as in-depth or as quickly as you would if those things became a regular part of your routine.

I’ll go back to a relationship example. When I met my husband, we were working in a call center. And when we started to get to know each other, you know, it started with us talking at the bus stop and then we sat together on the bus. And then we started taking our breaks together. And then we started sitting next to each other. And then we start spending all our time together as we could outside of work.

But in that time I saw all his ups and downs, the good, the bad, the ugly, because it was literally every day, you know, 8 to 10 hours a day.

And so when we started dating, even though we had only known each other for a couple of months, I felt that timeline was accelerated because I saw him so often and so I didn’t have to wait a year to see how he would react in a stressful environment. We worked in a call center selling things, which at the time was not his Forte, and he was stressed out all the time

And so I got to see the real him really early on in our relationship. And so I could make decisions as to okay. This is the type of guy he is. Do I like that or not versus when my parents were courting my dad was in France, my mom was in Chicago and they sent each other letters.

And so I’m not sure how long it took to get one letter, you know, across an ocean, but it took a long time. And in that process, you don’t get to know each other as well or as quickly because the communication is a little bit, you know, there’s a barrier between that because it’s letters, right? You can read something and you don’t necessarily know their intention or their tone of voice.

So you can have some inferences that maybe may not be correct. And you don’t necessarily get to know them as quickly because you maybe you’re not going to be able to write, oh, this is how I reacted in this particular situation. So it takes a lot longer.

And it’s the same with the Lord that when you’re having that daily in-and-out relationship with him, you’re going to grow so much faster, you’re going to get to know him so much better because it’s in your everyday moments, it’s not just once in a while

And so it really. Does help that connection to get deeper with the Lord, and to do that quickly, like more quickly than you would if you were only doing something you know once in a while.

4. Creates Stronger Relationships

Placing Christ at the center fosters love, forgiveness, and unity within our homes. It encourages us to treat one another with grace, compassion, and respect, strengthening our relationships with our spouses, children, and other family members.

scripture tells you how to act with other people, how to treat your spouse, and how to treat others.

Just today in our family devotions, we read the verse that you know, like treating others the way you would want to be treated.

There are many scriptures in the Bible that tells us how we should be treating others. Caring for them and loving them and all these sorts of things.

So if we’re getting to know the Lord and we’re slowly becoming more and more like him, it’s going to impact different areas of our life and it’s going to do it naturally.

It’s not necessarily going to be super hard or even extremely intentional because sometimes it just spills over and it goes into these other areas, including our relationships with others now.

5. Give us Guiding Values

When Christ is the center of our home, His teachings become the guiding principles for our decisions and actions. Our choices are rooted in love, integrity, humility, and service to others, reflecting the character of Christ and instilling godly values in our children.

So a really easy example of this is that you know, scripture tells us to take care of the poor. So that then the value can be ingrained in me.

And so then it means I’m I want to try and find some ways to donate to people who have less than I do because I know that the Lord values that.

Since the Lord values it, I can also value it and it can then influence some of the decisions that I make in my life

6. It gives us a Source of Hope

Life can be challenging, and our homes can provide a refuge in times of uncertainty. By keeping Christ at the center, we find hope and encouragement, knowing that He is with us, guiding us, and providing the strength we need to navigate life’s ups and downs.

There are a lot of things happening that I specifically do not think about because I refuse to live in fear, but when I do start getting fearful.

The Lord reminds me of the hope that I have in him, because ultimately, regardless of what happens on earth, he is the God and King of the universe. He controls all things, and when I’m saved, if the word should happen and I die, I go to heaven with him.

And that is a great comfort because it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me. He stays the same. His promises are true, and my eternal status is locked in. And so then I don’t need to be consumed with the things of this world

I don’t need to be worried about all the different things, because ultimately, at the end of the day, those aren’t going to matter. They’ll affect maybe the day today, but it’s not going to change my future. It’s not going to change my eternity.

And so I can let those go and I can have this lasting peace because I have this hope in Christ. So not only does it help in the day today, but also in calming my fears, giving me hope and also a purpose ’cause sometimes, certainly as a mom, I felt like my purpose was just to keep humans alive

And for a long time, it didn’t really seem quite worth it. I didn’t have the best early mom years experiences and so I needed to have a hope that was outside of those things.

I needed to have a purpose that was outside of those things. And for both of those that was Christ and the purpose that he had for me and the hope that then I have in him and how those things aren’t related to.

Anything that I do, anything that I am, but ultimately it comes back to Christ and who he is and the way he wants that relationship with me in his view of me, which is incredible.

Choosing who I want to be

When I was a young teenager, I had different personas. There was Anne at home, Anne at church, and Anne at school. 

It was easy to be different in all 3 areas because the only overlap would be my siblings, but we were never in the same grade, or had the same friends at church- so they didn’t really keep tabs on me. 

But, as I was getting ready to be baptized, I realized that I was about to declare to people that I was a follower of God- but I wasn’t acting like it in every area of my life. 

So, from that day- I strived to be the same person in all areas of my life and I wanted those areas to be guided and influenced by The Lord. 

Areas of our lives that can be affected by our faith

If you are new to all this, you might be wondering what areas of your life can be guided by The Lord. 

Some of these areas include Personal Relationships, Marriage and Family, Ethics and Morality, Work and Finances, Social Justice, Decision-Making, and any other area you can think of.

Remember that applying a Biblical view to these areas requires ongoing study of the Scriptures, prayer, and reliance on the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It is a lifelong process of seeking to align our thoughts, attitudes, and actions with God’s Word.

2 Tips to Help You Get Started:

1. Spend time reading The Bible and praying

Begin by nurturing your own relationship with Christ through daily prayer, Bible reading, and reflection. Seek to grow in your faith and allow Christ to transform your heart and mind.

I’ve had this conversation a lot with my husband. And when he hears this, he says it can’t be that simple.

Why do they always say this?

And my response is like, because it’s true.

When you start reading the word of God, you get to know God, you get to know who he is. It’s dark. Impacting the way you think, the way you behave, the things you want to do.

If you’re spending time in the word of God, and if you’re doing it in a way that you want to learn more, that you want to grow and that you want to obey, then just spending that time with the Lord will have a huge impact on every single area of your life.

The Bible talks about finance, it talks about relationships, it talks about all the different hard things, you know, even loss even.

You look at David in the songs and you know he struggled with very deep depression and being persecuted by his friends being stabbed in the back.

There are some very relatable stories in every single piece of the Bible that we can see ourselves in, because it’s real life. And every single one of those weaves in God and who he is and how those things are impacted.

And so just by reading Scripture, it will change the way we think.

It will change the way we want to do things. And it will make us holier just by being in the Lord’s presence. And so when we do that, it will naturally just flow out of us.

I like just having a few simple things I can do that then just naturally spills out, right?

But if I’m reading scripture that says, hey, you need to be treating your coworkers the way you want to be treated, and I haven’t been treating my coworkers nicely, I might have a double thing like, ooh, OK, I’m going to have that conviction.

The Lord’s going to speak to me and say, hey Anne, I need you to be nicer to your coworker. And then it just naturally changes the way things happen at work.

Because not because I’ve added it to my To Do List, but just because I’ve been spending time in his word and letting him speak to me and then letting it then be the motor that changes my behaviour, that changes me, my mindset, that changes my all the different things just by doing the one thing.

2. Seek Christian Community:

Connect with a local church or Christian community where you and your family can grow spiritually, find support, and develop relationships with like-minded believers.

So this means spending time regularly with other Christians so that you can encourage each other, pray for each other, and support one another.

And I’m not just saying go to church once a week because that is a way that you’re going to be with other Christians. It means real friends that you share struggles with them, You tell them what’s going on in your life, you ask them for prayer, and they pray over you.

When you’re going through something hard and you need some biblical wisdom, you have somebody you know you can go to for advice, that can pray with you and give you wisdom

So this isn’t just the casual relationships, this is lasting, deep relationships to have with other Christians. And so that might mean you need to be more engaged.

But I promise you that when you start having other Christians in your life on a regular basis, it will make you a better Christian because you’ll be encouraging one another in your walk with the Lord.

You’ll be leaning on each other when things are hard. You’ll be supporting each other, loving each other, and praying for one another. And all those things help you become closer to the Lord and just help you become a better person, honestly, because.

You get to see somebody else’s relationship with the Lord, and it sometimes could be a mirror. And you look at yourself and like, oh, I’m not doing that well, I can really learn from this person. And then you want to, you know, start emulating some of those things.

Christian community is one of the best things that you can do because. It kind of takes the pressure off because then it’s not just up to you to do all these things because now you’re doing it together, not just with the Lord, but kind of like a team.

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I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks, we will be covering so many amazing things and I’m so happy you are here with me. 

Tune in next week when I will talk about The power of praying as a family.

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