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1 simple trick to help children count their blessings

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As a mother living in North America, I know we are blessed and have so much to be thankful for. 

But my 3 kids don’t seem to understand the privilege they experience and complain about everything. 

A few years ago, the complaining was non-stop about everything and I knew something had to change. 

We started immediately and implemented a few things that helped our children count their blessings.

The art of complaining

My children regularly complain about their food. To help them see how much food we have and waste, I wanted them to see how others aren’t as fortunate. 

The kids were too young to volunteer at a homeless shelter, so we turned to YouTube and showed our children videos of people experiencing famine. 

The images were raw, but they got the point across. The kids could see how so many people don’t have enough food for one meal a day-  let alone 3 meals a day and countless snacks. 

This image has a title and a grid with 3 images. The title is, 1 simple trick to help children count their blessings. Each of the 3 pictures are of happy kids playing together.

1 simple trick to help children count their blessings

When our kids exhibit behaviour we need to address, the first thing we do is pray about it. 

Then, we turn to the Focus on the Family and their Kids of Integrity family devotion series. 

This time, I printed the lesson on gratitude and went through it with the kids. 

I read the stories, looked through the scriptures and asked the guided questions. 

This resource was easy to use and applicable to the different ages of my kids. 

I find fighting behaviour with scripture is a great way to give the kids a Biblical view of how The Lord wants us to act. 

Ending the day with grateful hearts

Nighttime always brings out anxiety in my kids. They focus on things they can’t control which leads to more anxiety and fear. 

To help them, I encourage my children to focus on things they can be thankful for. 

Their response is they have nothing to be thankful for. 

I then encourage them to thank God for their hair, then their sight and so on. 

Then I tell them that if they are still feeling anxious, they can start thanking The Lord for every toy and piece of clothing they own. 

This exercise helps them see how many things they have to be thankful for, and it helps their minds shift from being anxious to being thankful. 

These moments have helped my children count their blessings.

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