How to choose A Bible Reading Plan

I’ve been serving The Lord since I was a child and one thing I love doing is helping people start reading The Bible. One of the best ways to read The Bible consistently is by following a Bible Reading Plan. Continue to read as I share how to choose a Bible Reading Plan that works for you. 

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How to choose a Bible Reading Plan that works for you

1. Decide what type of Bible Reading Plan you want to follow

There are many types of Bible reading plans and it’s important you take some time and think about what you want to read in The Bible and the type of plan that will work for you. 

2. Get a copy of the plan

Some Bible reading plans on digital and others are physical. Whatever type of plan you choose, make sure you have a copy. 

So that means downloading an app, setting up an email service, printing off a Bible reading plan, or purchasing a book plan. 

Whatever path you choose, make sure you have a copy of the plan with you. 

3. Make The Bible Reading Plan accessible 

As a Christian, I desire to read The Word of God, but it’s still hard for me to follow through on reading The Bible every day. 

It seems like there are always distractions that keep me from reading The Bible. 

One way I can help minimize the distractions is by having my Bible reading plan accessible. 

That means the plan is either on our phone (email or app), or a copy of the plan is tucked in your Bible.

Having your plan accessible will save you time because you won’t have to look for it and be distracted by everything you see around you in your search. 

1 Year Bible reading plan

4. Track your process 

As a Christian, I’ve often felt guilty about how much I read The Bible or not. But, through the years, I’ve learned that the guilt I feel isn’t related to what God thinks about it. 

God loves us so much. His love doesn’t change regardless of how much we read The Bible. 

But, when we want to improve in an area- one thing that can help is tracking how often we do it. 

That means that when we make a goal to read The Bible more often- it’s important for us to see if we reach that goal or not. 

The Best way to track your Bible reading is to use a tracking sheet to give you a visual of the days you read The Bible, and the days you didn’t. 

This tracker is not to make you feel guilty about missing a day- it’s helping you see whether you meet your goals. 

5. Make adjustments 

Once you have followed your plan for a couple of weeks- it’s important that you take a minute to see whether it’s working. 

If you have a goal of reading The Bible every day- track your progress for at least a week. 

Then, sit down and see what days you missed and what days you didn’t. Once you have done that, take some time to think about the days you missed. 

Instead of feeling guilty about the days you missed, think about why you missed that day. 

Where are you busy, tired, or distracted? 

There are many reasons we miss reading our Bible each day. We can take that information and use it to decide what steps we need to take next. 

If we haven’t missed too many days, it’s a good sign that your quiet time routine is working. 

If you’ve missed over 4 days in a week- then it is time to analyze why you are missing those days and take the time to adjust your goal. 

Maybe you need to pick a new time of day or pick a different type of reading plan that gives us more or less scripture to read per day.

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