How to have a thriving relationship with God

When I was a teenager, I remember telling women all I wanted in a husband was someone who’s a Christian. She looked at me and said something like: that’s not enough. Look for a man who lives for The Lord. It’s one thing to say you are a Christian, it’s another to have a thriving relationship with God. One that compels you to change- not out of duty, but love and desire. Continue to read and find out how you can have a thriving relationship with God as well.

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I grew up in a Christian home and was saved at an early age. When I got to be a teenager, I realized I was 3 different people. Anne at school, Anne at church, and Anne at home. 

I realized I couldn’t keep it up and needed to choose one. The Lord guided me through this period and I chose to be Anne from Church. 

For me, that meant actually living out the life I was telling people I believed. 

From that point on, I wanted to know more about God and grow in my faith. 

4 simple steps to a thriving relationship with The Lord

The worst Spiritual Advice I’ve ever gotten

To do this, I was told the same advice repeatedly: Get up early in the morning and give God your first minutes of the day and spend time with Him. 

I’m not sure the exact language, but the speakers made it sound that if I didn’t commit this time to The Lord in the morning, my days would not go right, and I wasn’t giving The Lord my best. 

Since I wanted to grow in my faith and learn more about God, I tried following the advice.

I made a goal to wake up earlier, read my Bible, and pray in the morning. I wanted to give The Lord my first and best minutes of the day. 

But, within a day or so of setting these goals, I would miss a day and then eventually give up. 

My brain believed that if I could not spend this time the way I wanted, then I might as well stop trying. 

After a while, the guilt would set in. 

The Devil had a field day with my thoughts and made me think things such as: 

  • You obviously don’t love God because you can’t even wake up a bit earlier and spend time with Him
  • You’re a fake! You say you love the Lord, but you don’t read His word.

These lies made me feel guilty and made me feel like a complete failure. Here I was, trying so hard to follow all the advice given to me, and failing at every turn. 

The Lord showed me His way

Then, one day, I met my husband. We started dating and eventually got married. 

During that first year, I noticed that my husband (Greg) didn’t connect to God the way I did. 

I loved going to the breaking of bread service. This is a meeting where people are led by the spirit to pray, share a verse, and suggest a song we would all sing. Then, towards the end, we would take communion. 

I loved this service and could usually see how The Spirit worked through different people to share thoughts that would “somehow” all be related. 

Even though I loved this service, my husband really struggled with it. I thought it was because he didn’t grow up in the same denomination, and didn’t think much of it.  

But, over the years, I realized it was because He connected to God in a different way. 

He felt the closest to God through worship songs. 

It was through watching my husband live out his faith that I realized there wasn’t just one way to connect to God. 

There are many ways people connect to God

Since then, I’ve learned there are many ways people connect to God

So I started paying close attention to people’s testimonies. I wanted to know how they came to Know God, how He worked in their lives, and how they worshipped Him. 

Through that exercise, I learned I was placing my relationship with God in a box that didn’t fit my personality, brain, or anything else

No wonder I was failing! 

I was going through this cycle of “renewal” and guilt and struggled with guilt for so long. 

Through that journey, The Lord has taught me certain things that have helped me thrive in my relationship with Him. 

Can you relate to my story? 

You are doing “all the right things” but you still feel disconnected, guilty, or even blah about your faith. 

I want to assure you that these feelings are OK! I’ve had them as well!

But it doesn’t have to stay that way!! 

Do you have a personal and thriving relationship with The Lord? 

You can have a personal and thriving relationship with The Lord! 

The more I open up about my journey and my struggles, the more I see how many people feel the same as I do. 

That’s exactly why I’ve put together This Webinar for you.

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4 simple steps to a thriving relationship with The Lord

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