14 Lies we believe about reading The Bible

Even though I grew up in a Christian home, starting to read The Bible on my own felt intimidating. It looked so big and I told myself that I could never read the whole thing. The Devil wants nothing else than for people to NOT read The Bible. His biggest tool is making us believe lies about the Bible. So, today, I want to share with you 14 lies we believe about reading The Bible, and some facts to prove they are lies.

14 Lies we believe about reading The Bible

1. It’s too hard to understand:

There are many Bible versions out there and some are harder to understand. Like the King James Version. It uses words we don’t know and are not used to.

But, there are other versions out there that are very easy to read and understand.

We have been reading The New King James Bible to our children since they were young, and they can understand many of the verses and the large themes in The Bible.

2. I don’t have time to read it

The truth is that nobody has time for Bible study unless they make the decision to do so. You are not a victim of your situation, despite what the world would have you believe. The pace of our lives is much more under our control than we may be aware of. And we never have too much time for the things that are most important to us. NEVER!

Make a weekly commitment to Bible study and choose a time each day to work toward your study objectives as a way to overcome this lie. However, be careful that your weekly commitment doesn’t exceed what you can finish in a single sitting. 

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3. The Bible isn’t true

this is a lie that we see everywhere we look. But, when we take a look at who is saying that, we realize that it’s coming from people who have not read and studied God’s word.

I have a whole video and blog post that shares proof The Bible IS the word of God and that it IS TRUE!  

4. You already know it, so don’t read it.

I have read The Bible many times. Each time I read it, I find a new truth, or it speaks to me in a different way. Passages I think I know, I go back too and realize I missed a detail. Or time and experience give me a new perspective on truths I know.

The Lord is so large and deep and endless. The Bible is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be spending eternity learning about God, who He is and so much more! 

A picture of a table that has a laptop, cup, and blanket. Over that image are the words The Lord is so large and deep and endless. The Bible is just the tip of the iceberg. Anne Markey, www.onedeterminedlife.com

5. It’s boring. So don’t read it.

I thought this when I was young. I would listen to the Bible being read to me and feel so bored. But, as an adult, I see how scripture is knit together and how the whole book covers themes and truths.

I also have many years of proof behind me- my experience tells me God’s word is alive and that The Lord brings me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it regardless of what passage I’m reading in His word. 

6. I’m not smart enough for Bible study

Ladies, this is a big one for us. The enemy doesn’t fight fairly, and he enjoys giving us a false sense of security. And using lies like this one to keep us imprisoned in a spiritual wasteland is one of his most successful tactics! We need to develop the skill of Bible study. Time and practice are necessary.

And I don’t think we’ll ever fully comprehend everything we read in the Bible. Because doing so would imply that we are able to fully appreciate God’s glory. Never read the Bible on your own to overcome this lie. Find some reliable believers to read The Bible with you through.

Find people you trust to ask questions. For me, it’s my dad. He has read so many books and has studied so much! I can trust his answer to any of my spiritual questions.


7. You need to understand Greek and Hebrew to know what it really means.

It’s easy to believe we need to understand Greek and Hebrew to know what The Bible says. This lie then makes us think we shouldn’t bother reading it.

I’m sure knowing the ancient texts helps in certain contexts as we know that some things just don’t translate.

For example: Greek has at least 4 different words for love when we only have 1. In that instance, it’s helpful to go back to the Greeks.

But, we live in a world where translators have done the work for us! They have translated it so we can understand it. 

8. It’s contradictory.

So don’t read it.” The truth is the opposite. Many people who search scripture to fund proof of contradictions step away without understanding the opposite.

There is nothing in scripture that contradicts itself. It all works together so beautifully- it’s a masterpiece. 

A blue and yellow background with text that says, There is nothing in scripture that contradicts itself. It all works together so beautifully- it’s a masterpiece. Anne Markey, www.onedeterminedlife.com

9. The Bible isn’t relevant to my life

The Bible was written many years ago, it’s a big, confusing book, and occasionally the stories seem so archaic. Although we must all overcome these challenges, the Bible remains relevant in spite of them. “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, and for training in righteousness,” according to 2 Timothy 3:16.

Because of this, we can be sure that the Bible has a lot to say about living in the twenty-first century. You won’t like this, but here’s how to defeat this lie. However, in my experience, the only means of dispelling this lie. 

10. Experts disagree on what it means.

So, don’t read it.” The Christian church, no matter what denomination, agrees with 90 percent of the Scripture message. Or even more.

11. The Bible is outdated

Not for our modern times. So, don’t read it. I find it quite the opposite. In Songs of Solomon, there is a verse that says nothing is new under the sun. And it’s true.

There is nothing going on in the world today that has not accrued before. The Lord, knowing this, wrote The Bible to be relevant to any person during any age they live in. I find so much wisdom for me and my family in navigating this uncertain world.  

The Bible is extremely practical. I’ve written a few blog posts that share so much practical wisdom that has lasted the test of time.

12. The Bible is just a bunch of rules

So, don’t read it.” The Old Testament does hold a bunch of laws. But when you look at those laws, it was to keep the Israelites clean, healthy and in good relationships.

There is so much wisdom in some of those laws. The New Testament also tells us that we need to law, to show us how much we can’t follow it on our own and how sinful we really are.

That we ALL need a saviour. The Law actually points us to Christ as He is the only one who lived a perfect life. 

13. No one with intelligence reads the Bible anymore

Only religious fundamentalists and extremists. So, don’t read it.” Some of the smartest people on the planet–including scientists and professors and philosophers read and love the Holy Bible. And they are some of the sanest people on the planet.

14. I don’t need to study The Bible

I don’t know if anyone else finds this lie difficult, but I certainly do! My entire life has been spent as a Christian. I’ve been in the church for more than 35 years. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover several times, and worked in ministry most of my life. I’m fine! I don’t require a daily schedule for Bible study.

This lie has its roots in self-sufficiency and pride, two vices I personally struggle with quite a bit. The issue is that we were not made to live independently, but rather in constant reliance on our Creator.

Do we ever really outgrow the need to spend regular time in the Bible? Never. I find myself so much more emotionally “unstable” when I don’t read my Bible often. 

I know that Bible study can be intimidating. I also know that you may feel you don’t have the time, or you don’t know where to start. I get it. 

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