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10 things Creation teaches us about God’s Character

Some people may say God hides from us, but The Bible says that if we seek God, He will reveal Himself. I believe He reveals Himself in creation and so many other ways. One of my favourite things to do is sit on the edge of a lake looking at some mountains. It’s my sacred place– somewhere I can see God’s character and creativity. Since I love creation so much, I wanted to learn more about what creation teaches us about God’s character. 

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12 Powerful Names of God: Bible Study Workbook

Join me as we discover “12 powerful Names of God,”. A comprehensive 12-week Bible study workbook that reveals the richness and significance of twelve powerful names of God.

Each week/session is dedicated to learning more about 1 aspect of God’s character, inviting participants to deepen their understanding and experience of His presence in their lives.

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The Ultimate Bible Study Guide
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6 tips & Tricks to help you make time for Bible Study

Are you struggling to find time for Bible study in your busy life? I know this is something I struggle with and have always wanted to find time for Bible study. Continue to read as I give you 6 tips & tricks to help you make time for Bible study. I’ll explore creative ways to make Bible study a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Join me as I share with you how to prioritize the Word of God amidst the demands of our fast-paced lives. 

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Get started in Bible Study
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What’s Included:
✅The exact steps you need to take to get started studying The Bible
✅ 5 things to pray during Bible study
✅ 5 Simple questions to ask in Bible Study

✅ 4 FREE tools to help you in Bible study

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