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12 Powerful Names of God: Bible Study Workbook

Join me as we discover “12 powerful Names of God,”. A comprehensive 12-week Bible study workbook that reveals the richness and significance of twelve powerful names of God.

Each week/session is dedicated to learning more about 1 aspect of God’s character, inviting participants to deepen their understanding and experience of His presence in their lives.

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In our Christian life, there’s a balance between doing things and thinking deeply, between staying busy helping others and finding peace in prayer. It’s like a seesaw that asks us to manage between the important things we have to do in the world and the deep connection we have with our beliefs. In this blog post, I’ll share why it’s important to serve God today, and not tomorrow.

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Get started in Bible Study
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What’s Included:
✅The exact steps you need to take to get started studying The Bible
✅ 5 things to pray during Bible study
✅ 5 Simple questions to ask in Bible Study

✅ 4 FREE tools to help you in Bible study

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Emmanuel means God is with us! What a way to start this series 12 Powerful Names of God. As I’ve shared before, learning about the different names of God gives us profound insights into His nature and character. Each name reveals a specific characteristic of who He is, giving us a better understanding of who God is. Him. Continue to read and discover why Jesus is known as Emmanuel.

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