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Anne Markey

Anne Markey

I’m a Christian Speaker and author who has worked with multiple churches to grow their women’s ministries and helped hundreds of women grow in their walk with God.


I help Christian women save time and keep focused during bible study. I guide them through a simple 4 step framework that helps them understand what they are reading in the bible so they can apply it to their, and grow in their faith without feeling overwhelmed.


You can find me online at 

Meet Your Speakers

Cristy Murray

The Power of Spiritual Gifts in the Workplace


Cristy Murray empowers high-achieving women raised by narcissistic parents to break the cycle of generational trauma and step into a life of healing growth, and purpose.  As a Certified Neurocoach, and Functional Nutrition Coach, she is passionately committed to helping Christian women uplevel their health and relationships through the transformative power of neurocoaching and the word of God.

By combining the principles of functional nutrition, synaptic pruning and providing education and resources, she creates a holistic approach that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit. With a background as a Nurse Practitioner and expertise in NeuroCoaching, and Functional Medicine, she is uniquely equipped to guide you on your journey toward healing and transformation.

Embark on a path of growth, self-discovery, and reclaiming your true purpose as God created you to be.

Check out her website. 

Juliette Duncan

Juliette Duncan

Stepping out in Faith to Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts


Juliette Duncan is a USA Today bestselling author of Christian romance stories that ‘touch the heart and soul’. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, and writes Christian fiction that encourages a deeper faith in a world that seems to have lost its way. 

Most of her stories include an element of romance, but the main love story in each of her books is always God’s amazing, unconditional love for His wayward children.


Juliette and her husband enjoy spending time with their five adult children, and eleven grandchildren. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the wonderful world they live in.


Check out her website 

Sharon Baker

The Role of Mentoring

Sharon Baker, founder of Embracing Abundance Life Coaching, brings over 25 years of corporate expertise to her role as a certified business professional and life coach. Her coaching practice, born from a desire to blend business knowledge with specialized techniques, focuses on tailored strategies for personal and professional growth. Sharon’s own transformative journey, overcoming limiting beliefs, informs her empathetic coaching approach.

A dynamic speaker and two-time best-selling author, she shares her insights at events like The Leadership Experience Tour and the Global Wellness Summit. 


Check out her website 

Joan Yi

Have You Lost Your Muchness?

Joan Yi is an editor. She serves as the Assistant Director of the PEN Institute, an education arm of the Christian Editor’s Association.


Joan is passionate about sharing her love for the Bible and helping others find joy in studying God’s Word.


Check out her website 

Beth Runkle

Nurturing Your Spiritual Gift of Teaching

Beth and her husband serve with Cru Military®. Beth served as a military wife herself during her husband’s 25-year career with the Air Force. Beth disciples and conducts Bible studies for female cadets and young military spouses. Having come to faith through Bible study, she has led small groups for military couples and taught Bible study for 23 years. 

She is also a women’s ministry speaker in various venues. She is completing a Master of Theological Studies at Gateway Seminary and is releasing a book for military wives called Another Move, God? 30 Encouragements to Embrace Your Life as Military Wife with B & H Publishing in October of 2024.


Check out her website 

Joy Capps

Divine Wisdom: Using Fruits and Gifts in the Workplace

As a communications strategist, author, and podcaster—Joy helps service-based entrepreneurs, moral compass followers, and Christian business leaders create ethical communications strategies and relationship-building copy that connects with customers.

Those who encounter her say Joy embodies her name with enthusiasm, drive, determination, and love for the Lord.


She lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, Robert, and their two fur sons, Paisley and Finley.


You can connect with her at

Lucy Martin

Building Dream Marriages Beyond Circumstances

Lucy Martin is a licensed therapist in the state of Maine and certified relationship coach who found contentment and freedom as a homeschooling stay at home mom.


She was surprised when the Lord called her to apply her knowledge about what works in marriage to help women fall in love with their lives, their husbands, and God’s word. 

She is the host of the podcast and Facebook group Easy Biblical Marriage and created a six-month program that combines community and transformational coaching for born-again wives who want victorious marriages.


You can connect with her on her website here


Suzanne Gose

But What if I Don’t Like My Spiritual Gift?

I am a certified Texas Public School Teacher who thrived on teaching in the Public school system before we began our family. I am a happily married homeschooling mother of five children (only two left to graduate!), small business owner, as well as a founder & board member of the Community Homeschool Center. 

My family and I love living on our small 15 acre farm here in Central Texas with our goats, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. I thoroughly enjoy teaching my weekly Spanish classes, mentoring Spanish Geniuses, supporting homeschool endeavours of the community in any way possible, and striving to keep a happy, well-organized home.


You can connect with her on her website here

Jessica Klassen

Using Your Spiritual Gifts to Love and Serve Without Comparison

I’m a daughter of the King, a mom of two wonderful boys, and a wife to a paramedic firefighter. I believe God created every person in his image. We need to be reminded that we are loved by God and loved by others. 

There is so much loneliness and darkness in this world right now. I help Christians spread light and love through Ripple Boxes, encouraging Christian gift boxes. Every box casts a ripple of hope and light. It’s like sending a friend a hug in the mail.


You can connect with her on her website here

Jenilee Samuel

How to Steward Your Gifts Without Regret

Jenilee is the host of Java with Jen Podcast where she normalizes learning to hear God’s voice, for her Christian audience, in a let-your-hair-down, authentic & encouraging way. She is a Podcast Coach and CEO of Imagine Media Podcast Network and has a globally ranked top 1% podcast program that is listened to in over 95 countries, with over 75+ guests from all walks of life.

Jenilee has been seen in various media outlets like LUTV News, dozens of other podcasts, featured in various articles like the Beaumont Enterprise, Voyage Houston, Bold, and others. 


Jenilee can be found filling her time running her podcast, coaching aspiring podcasters into creating their own shows, and managing her Podcast Network, alongside raising her four teen boys & Pastoring with her husband.



She can be found on Instagram @javawithjen or check out her various endeavors at

Chastity Dawn

Prioritizing God’s Kingdom to Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts

Chastity Dawn describes herself as simply a soul, doing her best to navigate this human experience. 


Her book, “From the Wilderness to the Narrow Path: A Journey of Surrender and Course Correction,” is a story of how God got her attention, simplified her life, and showed her what it means to not conform to the pattern of this world by seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness with her entire heart.

You can connect with her on her website. 

Deborah Rutherford

Growing your gift of Encouragement

Deborah Rutherford is a Christian writer, poet, podcaster, Emmy recipient makeup artist, and passionate about Jesus.

She is the founder of the Behold-Her Beauty Blog, Podcast, and Community.

Although raised in Los Angeles, California, she and her husband, Don, now call Georgia home. She enjoys a good cup of tea while journaling and Bible study, and as a beauty and wonder seeker, she finds her soul rest on nature walks with God.


You can connect with her on her website here.  

Megan Wilczek

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Ministry: A Guide to Biblical Self-Care

Megan grew up in rural Wisconsin, where she was always known as the quiet girl with a book in her hands. Now, Megan is working on her lifelong dream of becoming the author of her very own book. 

Out of her own struggle with trauma, addiction, and mental health, she created the Jordan Crossings Blog to empower those who are healing from trauma. Megan is a chosen child of God, writer, speaker, counselor-in-training at Liberty University, adoptive mom, and fire wife.


You can connect with her on her website here.  

Roy Vincent

An Insider’s Look At The Spiritual Gift Of Teaching

Roy Vincent is a Bible Teacher, Discipleship Mentor and Small Group Leader who’s passionate about helping believers learn what the Bible says and how it applies to their lives.


Roy and his wife Ramona are also the founders of Light And Manna, a faith-based community where Christians around the world gather to study the Bible and strengthen their faith.

You can connect with him on his website here.  

Dr. Renee

Dr. Renee Sunday

God in Business, Home, and Everywhere

Dr. Renee Sunday, M.D., a board-certified anesthesiologist and accomplished digital marketer, is poised to share her expertise as a distinguished speaker at this year’s conference. Her compelling presentation, titled “God in Business, Home, Everywhere: My Secret to Balancing Faith and Work, Business,” promises to be a captivating highlight of the event.

Dr. Renee Sunday shares the keys to achieving harmony between your spiritual beliefs and your professional pursuits. Prepare to become part of a movement that embraces faith, empowers action, and fosters success in business and beyond.


You can connect with her on her website here.  

Melanie Ramdeen

Faith and Leadership

My name is Melanie Ramdeen, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, the founder of Don’t Speak Defeat To Me, a Digital content creator, mentor and a happy wife. Growing up in a single-parent household was extremely challenging. As a sickly child, my mother, a God-fearing woman, raised and took care of me while providing for my elder sister simultaneously. 

In August 2011, I tried to end it all, but the good Lord interjected and saved my life. Since then, I surrendered all to Him and never looked back.

You can connect with her on her website here.  

Leigh-Anna Moris

Struggling to fulfill your ministry call with ADHD distractions

My name is LeighAnna Morris and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12. 

My current focus is more to give parents the tools and systems to help cultivate peace in their homes and success for their children into adulthood.

I have just recently received my Advanced Certified ADHD Life Coach certification from the International ADHD Coach Training Institute and am working toward my ACC credentials through them to be certified by the International Coaching Federation!


You can connect with her on her website here. 

Cynthia Martin

Exploring the Strengths and Nuances of ​the Gift Administration.

Cynthia Martin is a powerhouse of faith, motivation, and practical wisdom. As a Minister and Christian Life Coach, she has spent over 20 years guiding individuals and churches towards fulfilling their highest potential.


For over two decades, Cynthia has been a trusted confidante and source of support for churches, offering invaluable Pastoral Care counselling. Her warm, friendly demeanour and infectious energy create a safe and empowering space for personal growth and spiritual exploration.


You can connect with her on her website. 

Teresa Dietrich

Giver of Gifts- Expressing Holy Gratitude for Gifts We Receive

Teresa (Tee) Dietrich is an Author, Blogger, Wife, and Mom to three grown children. She lives in sunny Central California, where she’s privileged to be on staff as a Prayer Coordinator for her local church. Tee is also a Volunteer Prayer Coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. She cherishes every opportunity to connect and pray with people in her community and worldwide, especially with other prayer coordinators from the BGEA.


You can connect with her on her website here

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