My enormous struggle with meal planning

I love the idea of meal planning once a month and then just preparing the meals on the days of the week. I know that there are many benefits to meal planning.

My struggle  with meal planning. 
meal planning, #mealplanning, #dinnerprep

My struggle with meal planning

3 Benefits to meal planning

1. Save money

Making a plan saves you money. When you have a plan, you decide what you will make ahead of time and when you go to the store, you only purchase the things you need to make the emails for that week.

Not only doe it saves you money grocery shopping, but it also saves you from going out to eat last minute or getting a hot chicken and salad (my go-to lazy dinner).

2. Save time

My kids are always asking me what’s for dinner. And most nights, I’m not sure. I spend time looking in the freezer for what we have and then decide.

Meal planning cuts out the guesswork because I already have decided what’s for dinner and shopped accordingly.

3. Eat better

When you control the menu, you control what your family eats. So if you want to eat better then you plan for healthier meals.

Meal planning also helps decrease the amount of fast food you eat. We all know how unhealthy fast can be so cutting it out of our diet will always help us eat better,

When meal planning did work

The only time meal planning worked for me is when I was pregnant with each of my children.

Cooking while also trying to feed a newborn is extremely hard. I am not good at multitasking and I knew that I did not have much help when the baby came.

When my kids were born, my husband would come home at 6 pm. Having him cook dinner was not an option since our kids went to bed at 7 and they needed daddy time. So, the only option was to prep my meals before the babies came so that I only needed to heat them up and make pasta or rice.

I loved having all my meals ready and not having to decide what we were going to make for dinner.

3 Reasons why meal planning has not worked for me (yet)

1. Not organized

If you have not guessed it already, I am not the most organized person out there. When I am working on a project, I am extremely organized. I know the tasks I need to accomplish and do them. But for some reason, that same mentality alludes me when it comes to any household responsibilities.

I just can’t seem to get myself to sit down and look at the flyers and decide what I want to cook and plan it all out.

2. The Tupperware

Any meal prep takes Tupperware. I am not sure what happens in our house but we lose Tupperware. There seems to be a black hole where our Tupperware walk to and die. No matter what I do, I just can’t keep track of the Tupperware.

Last year, I decided I wanted to prep lunches. I went out and got Tupperware. Enough for me and my husband to have prepped lunches for the week. This worked really well for 2 weeks. That’s when the Tupperware started to go missing.

I love the idea of prepping food, I just need to stop the Tupperware from disappearing.

3. I never know what to cook

I have a few go-to meals that I know how to make, that are easy to make and that my family loves. The problem is, that you can’t have spaghetti every night and a varied menu is good for everyone.

When we first got married, I promised myself that I would try making one new recipe a week. This worked extremely nicely before I had kids. I was able to get comfortable making new meals and adding them to my regular rotation.

Once I had kids, that all stopped. So now, I never know what to cook and am afraid to try new things because I share wasting food and we may all hate it.

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Things I can do to make it work

1. Have a plan

The times when meal planning was successful had one thing in common. I had a plan. I sat down and wrote out what meals I was going to make and what I needed to purchase to make them.

My plan included a deadline and a specific goal.

For meal planning to work for me again I need to set myself a deadline and make a plan.

I also need some go-to meals that my family will love.

2. Get some help

I am not the most organized person on the planet. I have come to the conclusion that to have success in this area, I need some help.

2 Places I can get the help

1. Friends:

Most of my friends like the idea of planning and prepping meals but don’t do it.

I think if we can encourage each other or even do it together we are all more likely to survive.

Get a few friends together and make some meals in bulk.

2. Free recipes

To get you started, I have gone ahead a searched the internet for family-friendly meals. 

I have collected 100 recipes that you can make for your family that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make and that the whole family can enjoy. 

In the comments below, share your struggles with meal planning and tell me what has worked for you. Please share this post with others. Thank you.

3 Huge struggles I have with meal planning. 
meal planning, #mealplanning
My struggle  with meal planning. 
meal planning, #mealplanning, #dinnerprep

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