Parenting Alphabet Challenge

Top of image says: A to Z What Parenting means to me, click to read. Then below is a picture of a mom who is throwing her child in the air. They are both sitting under a tree.

I have been nominated by Coralie at My Life as a Mom to take the Parenting Alphabet Challenge.

The idea is to use all 26 letters of the alphabet to describe what parenting means to you.

This post at my take on the Alphabet Challenge.

Here are the answers that I’ve written. I bet you can relate to most of them.

Top of image says: A to Z What Parenting means to me, click to read. 
Then below is a picture of a mom who is throwing her child in the air. They are both sitting under a tree.

Parenting Alphabet Challenge

A for Affection

I have three children and all 3 love to give me hugs, kisses and snuggles. Since my oldest daughter was born, I have been sharing my personal space with one to three kids.

The sweetness and love given to me are amazing. But, also the affection I feel for my kids is sometimes overwhelming. The love of a mother is amazing and has no comparison.

B for Blood

I know that nobody like to think about blood or talk about it. But, if you are a parent then you know that there will be blood— I will just leave it at that

C for Compromise

My children are the king and queens of compromise. They can compromise their way into almost anything. My husband and I try not to feel too bad about this since we believe we are raising future lawyers or hostage negotiators.

D for Doll

I have two daughters and one son. When each of my daughters was born, they looked like porcelain dolls.

They had fair skin, bright blue eyes and pink cheeks. I would regularly be stopped so that people could look at my babies.

E  for Energy

The amount of energy needed for parenting is like nothing I have experienced before. I would compare it to running a marathon— but I have never done that.

But, this is not just about the energy I need but also the energy my children have. My husband and I are trying to figure out how we can bottle our children’s energy and sell it.

All that to say, if you have kids then you know how much energy a child has.

F for Falling

I think that at least one of my children has fallen at least once a day for the past 9 years.

No….. that is not an exaggeration. I am not sure it’s normal, but for one reason or other, falling happens all the time. Every time I think that maybe we could have just one day without a fall, someone falls…. Oh well. We will try again tomorrow.

G for God

As a Christian, I try and live a life that is glorifying to God. That includes parenting. I am not the perfect parent, but I have God who is the perfect father. God gives me wisdom, patience, direction, and love– all the things I need to be the best parent I could be. I would not be able to parent without His help.

H for Help

Parenting is hard work and no one can do it alone. Everyone needs help to parent children. It is so important to make friends and be connected. It’s even more important to ask for help when you need it and accept it when it’s offered to you.

I for Isolation

As a stay-at-home mother, parenting can feel lonely and isolating. Even though I am surrounded by kids all day long, I still feel alone. The best way to bear isolation is to make some mommy friends.

J for Jokes

My children love to hear jokes and tell jokes. We will often just tell each other jokes and ask if the kids have new ones to tell. The funniest thing is listening to a 3-year-old trying to tell a joke. They try so hard and are so sincere about it that it’s hard not to laugh.

K for Kisses

I give my kids kisses all day long. I also receive kisses from them on a regular basis. There is nothing sweeter than receiving kisses from your babies. (ps, I still consider my 10-year-old my baby)

L for Laughing

One of my favourite sounds in the world is the sound of my children laughing. There is no better sound in the world. What I love about my children’s laugh is how contagious it is. When one of them starts to laugh, we all end up laughing. We have had many sweet memories of laughing together.

M for Markey

Markey is my last name. I can’t look at the letter M and think of anything else. Not only does my last name start with an M, but I have two daughters and both of their names start with the letter M. So, the letter M is very special to me.

N for NO

If I got paid for every time I said the word no, or one of my kids said it to me I would be a gazillionaire. Yes, I know it’s not a real number, but I think it makes the point. The word no is said in our house so many times, I have lost count.

It always amazed me how many different ways the word no can be said.

O for Overwhelming

As a parent, there have been many days that I have felt overwhelmed. Parenting is a hard long journey with changing stages and challenges. Every time I feel like we are on the right path we are faced with a new challenge.

P for Patience

Lord, grant me the patience I need to raise these children. I love my children…. But they have a way of driving me nuts and to the point of crazy.

Those are the moments when I have to dig down deep and use every single ounce of energy to show patience and love.

Q for Questions

The word Questions make me think about this song.  The song is one that my husband and I listened to together before we were even dating and it seems to have become a theme in our marriage and in our parenting.

As a parent, it’s important to ask questions and to get to know your kids. They won’t always what to chat, but that does not mean you give up.

R for Relaxation

Is relaxing even possible as a mother? I know it might sound crazy, but I have found ways to relax and take a break from my kids when I needed to. Each and every parent needs to take some time away and relax. It only makes you a better parent.

Other Blog Posts

S for Songs

I love to sing and often say that my life might as well be a musical. If you lived with me, you could hear me sing all the time. My kids also sing all the time. I actually almost named my 2nd daughter Robin because of how much we sing in our house. Not only do I love to sing, but I love to listen to music as well- certainly when I’m upset. I made this playlist to listen to to help change my mood.

T for Tantrums

I am very familiar with tantrums. Every single day, there is one child (and sometimes all 3) that finds things to be upset about and then has a tantrum. These are sometimes hard to handle, but I have found that the best thing to do is to be calm and not respond in anger.

U for underappreciated

As a mother, I often feel overworked and underappreciated. I do so much around the house and I barely get a thank you. But, even though they don’t appreciate me now, I know that there will be a day when they understand everything I did for them. Because I still call my mom and say Thank you and I’m sorry.

V for Victory

Every day there are small victories. It is so easy to look at all the bad things that happen every day, but there are also victories. These can be small: like my child getting an A on a math test. Or, it can be big– like not backing down after giving consequences for bad behaviour. Either way, there are victories every day and it’s good to take note of them.

W for War

Some advice that people like to give is to pick your battles. Well, for me, it was more like having to choose what war I was willing to fight.

I have very independent and strong-willed children. So, most days I feel like I am preparing for war.

X for (E)Xtreme

Okay, so I couldn’t come up with a word that actually begins with X so this will have to do. There is nothing in our house that is experienced normally. Every emotion is taken to the extreme. This might sound bad, but it’s not just for the angry and frustrated emotions but also for the happy and exciting ones. It seems like everything is at the extreme.

Y for Yuck

Kids are messy! They poop, throw up, have runny noses and so much more. There have been many times when all I can think of is: YUCK!!

Z for ZZZzzzzz

ZZZzzzz for sleep (or should I say lack of sleep). When babies are born, they sleep for about 20 hours a day.. But just because they sleep that long does not mean that moms get that much sleep. As a mom, I am either sleeping or fighting kids to go to sleep on a regular basis.  I now regret every nap I never took.

I hope that you have enjoyed my A-Z on parenting. Some were negative because parenting is not a walk in the park. But, there is so much I do love about being a mother. And, no matter how hard it is, or how tired I am I love being a mother and would do it all over again.

Need More

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Part of this Challenge is to now nominate people to make their own list.

If you want to be part of this challenge, then please say so in the comments below and I will contact you about how to make this list for yourself.

Author: Anne Markey

Anne is a stay at home mother of 3 who has been married for more then 10 years. She loves the Lord and is passionate about helping women learn who they are in Christ and how to live a life that glorifies Him.

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