The Time is Now: Serve God Today and Not Tomorrow

In our Christian life, there’s a balance between doing things and thinking deeply, between staying busy helping others and finding peace in prayer. It’s like a seesaw that asks us to manage between the important things we have to do in the world and the deep connection we have with our beliefs. In this blog post, I’ll share why it’s important to serve God today, and not tomorrow.

Serve God today and not tomorrow

This blog post was written by Jen Schreiner. You can connect with her on her blog and learn more about her at the end of this blog post.

Choose today who you will serve

It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables.

Acts 6:2 (NIV)

Acts 6:2 is not a scripture I would normally turn to for comfort. But it has now changed my perspective as I rest and reflect. You see, I fall into the category of serving people actively.

My joy bucket overflows each time I assist others with their needs. If I can be that person you can call on in the middle of the night for help – sign me up!

Within a three-month period, the Lord began a new work in my life. He called my family into a period of growth through serving passively.

We went from actively serving in ministry to reach others, to a hands-off approach. If you don’t know what this means, neither did I, until God revealed this mystery to our family.

While processing this transition, I had a lightbulb moment. Being a doer, I saw this opportunity as a time to research and prepare for His next calling.

When God says, “enough” or “go” I do it out of obedience and then I take it one step further by trying to figure things out on my own.

Isn’t it funny; that no matter how obedient we are to God, we think we can help Him out?

A transition Problem

The apostles in the early church also had a transition problem. They needed disciples to help gather and distribute food to the widows.

Many were upset because this ministry was being overlooked as the growth of the church continued.

Instead of division, connections were made to meet the demands of serving in different capacities.

Seven disciples who were known to be full of the spirit and wisdom were chosen. Serving those widows and preaching about the goodness of God are both equally important.

A picture of a cement heart next to a wooden cross.  Under the picture are the words, amazing tip for christian living, serve God today and not tomorrow.

God will raise up His workers

It took time for me to realize that God will appoint and raise up those who need to be serving in action or for others to be serving through the use of spoken word ministry.

Our Christian walk requires us to be obedient to God.
He oftentimes shifts our responsibilities to:
  • Raise others up into positions we have served on.
  • Give us a time of rest and healing.
  • Deepen our relationship with Him.

No matter if you are a doer or in a resting phase of ministry, here is what I know for sure.

God created us for a purpose in Him.

When He changes our plans, it is often in preparation for our next steps.

God directs every effort for unity in Christ and through all things, whether “waiting on tables” or spreading His word, we can glorify Him.

While this may be a difficult transition, it’s important that we focus on how to serve God today- not in the past, or even tomorrow.

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What are the next steps?

So, when we don’t understand what God’s next steps look like for our life, we can count on one thing – doing for God today and not tomorrow will serve Him best. 

If God wills it or allows it, we must embrace it. Let’s lean on Him and not on our own methods of research or understanding.

In the comments below, share a time when your ministry focus changed and how The Lord helped you through it and any tips on how to serve God today.

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