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As a Bible Teacher and author, my passion is to equip Christian Women to grow in faith, through helping them read The Bible, understand it and apply it to their lives.

I understand the challenge of finding a Christian speaker for your event. 

After having spent many years planning bible studies for women and organizing events, I know the success of an event comes down to the quality of the speakers. If they were able to meet people where they are and encourage them in their faith, and take them to a new level, then the event was a success.

My goal is to bring that value to your speaking event. 

I focus my speaking career on helping Christian women read the Bible, understand The Bible, and apply it to thier lives.

I can speak to people who need encouragement in their walk with God and to those who want to learn more about that The Bible says about a range of topics.

Whether you are a corporation, an association, a church or a Christian organization, my messages are designed to bring both biblical teaching and practical solutions to your attendees.

For more information about topics that best suit your needs, scroll below, but first, let me say Thank you for considering me for your event. I am honored.

Speaking Topics

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Here’s what people have said about Anne’s teaching

Easy to follow

❝I loved the simplicity of the study. It is easy to follow along with and can easily be adapted to people who want or need a different pace. 

Brittany Santos

Ability to simplify complex thoughts

Anne has an amazing ability to simplify complex thoughts and make them relatable to any audience. 

Sarah Krikke

Hi, I’m Anne Markey

Anne likes to live her life for God. As a mother of 3 and married for more than a decade, she has learned to lean on God during the good, the bad and the ugly.

Anne was born on the mission field and has been in one type of service for God ever since. She has done every job from sweeping floors and cleaning bathrooms to organising women’s events and even being the principal speaker.

Anne loves to connect the bible to life today. She has an amazing ability to simplify complex thoughts and make them relatable to any audience. Anne has a passion to help women read the Bible, understand it and teach them to apply it to their lives.You can find Anne online at One Determined Life blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Anne Markey

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