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Anne Markey

Anne Markey

One Determined Life

My name is Anne Markey from one determined life. I’m a Christian Speaker and author who has worked with multiple churches to grow their women’s ministries and helped hundreds of women grow in their walk with God.

I help Christian women save time and keep focused during bible study. I guide them through a simple 4 step framework that helps them understand what they are reading in the bible so they can apply it to their, and grow in their faith without feeling overwhelmed.


You can find me online at


Cristy Murray

The Power of Spiritual Gifts in the Workplace


Cristy Murray empowers high-achieving women raised by narcissistic parents to break the cycle of generational trauma and step into a life of healing growth, and purpose.  As a Certified Neurocoach, and Functional Nutrition Coach, she is passionately committed to helping Christian women uplevel their health and relationships through the transformative power of neurocoaching and the word of God.

By combining the principles of functional nutrition, synaptic pruning and providing education and resources, she creates a holistic approach that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit. With a background as a Nurse Practitioner and expertise in NeuroCoaching, and Functional Medicine, she is uniquely equipped to guide you on your journey toward healing and transformation.

Embark on a path of growth, self-discovery, and reclaiming your true purpose as God created you to be.

Check out her website. 

Juliette Duncan

Juliette Duncan

Stepping out in Faith to Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts


Juliette Duncan is a USA Today bestselling author of Christian romance stories that ‘touch the heart and soul’. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, and writes Christian fiction that encourages a deeper faith in a world that seems to have lost its way. 

Most of her stories include an element of romance, but the main love story in each of her books is always God’s amazing, unconditional love for His wayward children.


Juliette and her husband enjoy spending time with their five adult children, and eleven grandchildren. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the wonderful world they live in.


Check out her website 


Sharon Baker

The Role of Mentoring

Sharon Baker, founder of Embracing Abundance Life Coaching, brings over 25 years of corporate expertise to her role as a certified business professional and life coach. Her coaching practice, born from a desire to blend business knowledge with specialized techniques, focuses on tailored strategies for personal and professional growth. Sharon’s own transformative journey, overcoming limiting beliefs, informs her empathetic coaching approach.

A dynamic speaker and two-time best-selling author, she shares her insights at events like The Leadership Experience Tour and the Global Wellness Summit. 


Check out her website 


Joan Yi

Have You Lost Your Muchness?

Joan Yi is an editor. She serves as the Assistant Director of the PEN Institute, an education arm of the Christian Editor’s Association.


Joan is passionate about sharing her love for the Bible and helping others find joy in studying God’s Word.


Check out her website 

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