Bible Study: Who am I?

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The world tells us to base our identity on our work, our talents, our extra-curricular activities, and our background.

We often introduce ourselves by sharing our names and what we do for a living. We often change parts of who we are to fit into the world’s mould.

But none of those things actually define who we are.

We are not our jobs, our culture or even our relationships. We are made in the image of Christ and are called to so much more than what we can imagine.

Join Anne Markey on this 7-session journey to discover who we are in Christ and what we were made to do.

Ditch the chains of expectations and base your identity in Christ and what matters most instead of what others think.

Stop striving to be what the world accepts and stand firm in who God has called you.


  • A note to Leaders about this study and why you should study who we are in Christ
  • Personal study segments to complete in 7 weeks of group sessions, or on your own
  • Engaging questions, real-life examples, comparison charts, comparing scripture and so much more


  • Understand your value as a child of God
  • Be encouraged to learn who you are in Christ
  • Learn to be free from social expectations, labels and pressures
  • Learn to trust in the power of God and the change He bring to your life
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