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Get started E-Book

5 Simple Steps to Get Started in Bible Study/Reading
What’s Included:
✅ The exact steps you need to take to get started studying The Bible
✅  5 things to pray during Bible study
✅  5 Simple questions to ask in Bible Study
✅  4 FREE tools to help you in Bible study
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Empowered Spirit:

 Uncover Your Spiritual Gifts, Nourish Your Soul, and Share Your Faith Authentically in the Spirit of Christ’s Love


Embark on a transformative journey with “Soulful Radiance,” a concise guide to discovering, nourishing, and authentically sharing your spiritual gifts. Begin by unraveling the unique facets of your spiritual essence through a short but insightful assessment, gaining clarity on your distinctive contributions to the world.


Nourish your soul with daily affirmations tailored to resonate with your core being. Learn practical ways to share your faith authentically, reflecting the love and compassion found in your unique Christ-like radiance. 

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Juliette Duncan

No Going Back (eBook)

Read Juliette Dunca’s personal story and discover how God placed His hand on her life and gave her a future and a hope.

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Sharon Baker

Divine Pathways Bundle Ebook and Journal


Nurturing Your Spiritual Gifts with a Mentor” is an inspiring ebook that, along with its accompanying journal, offers a transformative approach to spiritual growth through mentorship. This guide delves into the art of nurturing spiritual gifts with the aid of a mentor, presenting five key strategies to enrich the mentoring journey.

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Beth Runkle

10 Tips to Navigate Christian Dating

Using her 15 years of experience working in premarriage ministry and discipleship, Beth has compiled 10 tips for navigating Christian dating. This resource can be used by those with the gift of teaching to disciple or mentor non-married believer or their own children in how to navigate Christian dating in a way that glorifies the Lord.

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Chastity Dawn

From the Wilderness to the Narrow Path

A Journey of Surrender and Course Correction offers a fresh perspective on what it truly means to not conform to the pattern of this world and to seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.


Whether you feel lost in the wilderness or need a course correction on your spiritual journey, this book is the perfect guide to help you navigate life’s challenges and stay on the straight and narrow path.


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Joy Capps


Make Your Communications Joyful


Download two FREE PDFs:

*The Joyful Communications Framework and
*The Divine Wisdom: Fruits & Gifts in the Workplace Deck

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Lucy Martin

Easy Biblical Marriage Facebook Group

Members rave about this life changing group. It’s the most positive place on the internet, and also a place where it’s OK to be raw and real. Join the group for real talk about what it means to show up obedient to God when your husband may not be. There are lots of free life changing webinars and challenges. A sisterhood of women celebrating your wins!

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Jessica Klassen

Stay in Your Lane Devotional

Do you want to learn to use your spiritual gifts?


Grab the “Stay in Your Lane Devotional” to help you walk more confidently and boldly in what God gifted you to do. This devotional will have questions, verses and journal space for you to process the 4 ways you can stay in your lane while growing deeper in your faith and using your spiritual gifts.

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Deborah Rutherford

Encouragement The Jesus Way: Growing Your Gift of Encouragement Workbook With Scripture & Prayer

Grow your gift of encouragement with Scripture and Prayer. In the “Encouragement The Jesus Way” Workbook you receive encouragement tasks, reflections, prayers and Scripture to develop and track your encouragement.


Let’s do this together stirring up love and good works for God’s Kingdom.


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Jenilee Samuel

Grow Your Gifts

Download this free checklist which comes with:

• A spiritual Gifts Test to discover what your top gifts are

• A list of all the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament, sorted by where they’re found. 

• Five practical action steps with explanations beneath each gift, so you have some ideas on how to develop those gifts in your practical life.  

• And a surprise within your free download on how you can develop your gifts further!  


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Megan Wilczek

Stuck Thought Tip Sheet


Do thoughts get stuck in your head, haunting you with worry and causing feelings of inadequacy? Download this tip sheet for a quick, simple guide to remind you how to Biblically redirect your thoughts and prevent that otherwise inevitable spiral.


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Roy Vincent

Unlocking Your Gift: Possibilities For Spiritually Gifted Teachers


Unlocking Your Gift: Possibilities For Spiritually Gifted Teachers is designed to help you discover how God has uniquely equipped you to use your spiritual gift! Use this workbook to:

• Study the key Bible passages about spiritual gifts
• Define the spiritual gift of teaching.
• Identify five characteristics of gifted teachers.
• Discover where to teach (inside/outside the church).
• Find the right people and ministries to work with.
• Explore how the gift of teaching operates in your life.

Please accept this invaluable workbook as our gift to you!

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How To Get Started Living Your Best Life With God Guide

Unlock your full potential and start living your best life with God today! “How To Get Started Living Your Best Life With God,” created by the experienced ordained Minister Dr. Renee Sunday, provides clear and concise guidance on living a life pleasing to God. Say goodbye to confusion and embrace direction and purpose. Don’t wait any longer to start living your best life with God – pick up your copy today and join the movement toward a more joyful, peaceful, and purposeful life! 🙏📖✨

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Cynthia Martin

Start Fresh 10-Day Challenge

Fresh Start 10-Day Challenge, a new beginning from wherever you are into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Challenge will run Mon-Fri with a weekend off then resume for the second Mon-Fri. Content will be delivered via Facebook group and email for those who aren’t Facebook fans.

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