20 top Christian family podcasts

As parents, we understand the desire to raise our children with love, wisdom, and a strong foundation in faith. In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to learn and grow as parents can be challenging. That’s where Christian family podcasts come in – they offer a convenient and accessible way to gain valuable insights, practical tips, and biblical guidance right at your fingertips. 

In this blog post, I’ll share with you 20+ of the best Christian family podcasts that you can listen to on your phone, or while driving your car. 

Get ready to discover an incredible resource that will equip you with knowledge and encouragement as you navigate the joys and challenges of raising your children in a Christ-centered home.

20+ top Christian family podcasts

1. The Christian Minute:

The Christian Minute Podcast goes live every week when Anne dives into a topic that is relevant to the Christian faith. She explores the Bible, and share personal stories of how faith has impacted our lives and how practical it can be in any given scenario.  

Listen to The Christian Minute Podcast here 

2. Family Life Today: 

Family Life Today® is hosted by Dave and Ann. It’s a weekday podcast featuring fun, engaging conversations that help families grow together with Jesus while pursuing the relationships that matter most.

Listen to Family Life Today here

3. Raising Arrows

In those in-between moments of your busy mom life, Amy of the Raising Arrows Podcast is there to offer encouragement, refreshment, vision and hope. Find inspiration for the everyday management of your home and homeschool with practical, simple, guilt-free ideas from a mom who knows exactly where you are.

Listen to Raising Arrows here

4. Focus on the Family

A renowned podcast hosted by Jim Daly and John Fuller, featuring interviews, advice, and resources to help families thrive and live out their faith. Link

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5. Parenting on Purpose

This podcast by Aaron and Jody Pratt offers biblical guidance and practical strategies to help parents raise children who love and follow Jesus. Link

6. Family Matters

A podcast hosted by Dr. Tim Kimmel, provides insights and tools to help families embrace grace-based relationships and build strong foundations. Link

7. Rooted Working Mom podcast

Find True Rest in Jesus, Rise in Your God-Given Authority & Raise Kingdom Kids Steward & Connect With Your Kids Through Gospel Centered Parenting, as a Busy Working Mom God-Led Wholeness Coaching in Faith, Motherhood, Wellness, & Mindset Find Clarity and Purpose in Your Motherhood. 

Listen here

8. Marriage After God

A weekly marriage-focused podcast hosted by Aaron and Jennifer Smith, authors of Husband After God and Wife After God and their newest book titled Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose For Your Life Together. Marriage After God is intended to encourage, inspire and challenge marriages to chase boldly after God together and to cultivate an extraordinary marriage with each other.

Stay tuned each week for awesome marriage encouragement. We hope that we can shine a light on why God has brought you and your spouse together and how you can pursue His purpose for your life and family with joy and excitement. 

Listen here

9. Courageous Parenting

A weekly podcast with Isaac & Angie Tolpin on Biblical parenting. The raw truth on how to equip confident Christian kids in an uncertain world. We cover parenting topics on things such as purity, self-control, obedience, discipleship, relationships, education, pornography, Bible-time, marriage, and family. We hold nothing back and give the Biblical truth on relevant topics parents need today.

Listen here

10. Grace Based Families

Karis Murray and Michelle Broek believe that no one should parent children alone. And even more, we should all parent with grace. The grace based families podcast is a conversation between two moms in the thick of parenting children leaning into God’s grace as they try to extend his grace to their children. Grace Based Families is a podcast of Family Matters ministry.

Listen here

A picture of a mom and dad with their small child between them. The dad is putting headphones on the child's ears. Next to the picture are the following words, Christian family podcasts are a source of hope and encouragement, reminding us that with God's grace and guidance, we have the ability to nurture strong, loving, and faithful families.

11. Inspired to Action

Hosted by Kat Lee, this podcast encourages moms to live with intention, purpose, and joy in their parenting and personal lives. Full of practical wisdom and inspiring encouragement for moms. You’re a mom. You’re kind of a big deal. This podcast is for you!

Listen here 

12. The Parent Cue

Join hosts Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy as they discuss practical strategies for intentional parenting based on the Orange curriculum. Parent Cue Live is a weekly podcast featuring parenting experts designed to help parents do family better.

Listen here

13. Faith Strong Today

This podcast network offers a variety of shows focused on faith, family, marriage, and parenting from a Christian perspective. Link

14. Don’t Mom Alone

Heather MacFadyen, a mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to “witness”.

Listen here

15. The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

The Homemaking Foundations podcast exists to encourage and equip Christian Homemakers to serve the Lord with Joy and diligence within our homes. The podcast is a mix of hands-on practical ideas as well as Biblical encouragement for those long weary days. Join in and listen to get the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home. 

Listen here 

16. The Parenting Dare

Hosted by Amy Carney, this podcast challenges parents to embrace intentional and counter-cultural parenting strategies that align with biblical principles.

Listen here

A picture of a women sitting at a desk. She is wearing headphones and speaking into a mocrophone. Next to the picture are these words, Through Christian family podcasts, we discover that our imperfect efforts as parents are met with God's grace, and we find encouragement to persevere and grow in our role as spiritual leaders for our children.

17. Family Worship Radio

The purpose for which Family Worship Radio exists is to strengthen parents to lead family worship that is Christ-centered, enjoyable, and profitable. This desire to help other families is fueled by a pastor’s heart that has seen the fruit first-hand from years of leading my own family in this blessed discipline. If even a few Christian families are aided in their journey to consistent, joyful, God-honoring family worship, then this is time well spent for Christ’s kingdom.

Listen here

18. The Bible for Kids

A podcast that brings Bible stories to life for children and families, exploring the Scriptures in an engaging and accessible way. Link

19. The Read-Aloud Revival

Hosted by Sarah Mackenzie, this podcast encourages families to foster a love for reading aloud and shares book recommendations for all ages. 

Listen here

A picture of a women sitting at her deask looking straight to the camera. She is happy and giving a small wave. Next to the picture are the words, In the midst of our busy lives, Christian family podcasts provide a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect, and draw closer to God as we seek to navigate the joys and struggles of raising a family in alignment with His Word.

20. Thriving Beyond Belief

Cheryl Scruggs interviews guests who share stories of hope, faith, and resilience, inspiring families to thrive in their relationships and walk with God. Link

21. Real Christianity

Dale Partridge explores what it means to live out authentic Christianity in our families, churches, and communities. Link

22. Wire Talk 

Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs is a weekly podcast designed to encourage and equips moms through the precious, busy, challenging and life-changing journey of motherhood. Wire Talk offers practical, biblical advice on everything from toddler discipline to teenage dating and beyond! 

Listen here

23. Rootlike Faith

Jodi Grubbs shares stories and interviews that inspire families to live out their faith authentically and cultivate a strong foundation in Christ. Link

Explore these Christian family podcasts to find valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice on various aspects of family life, parenting, marriage, faith, and homemaking.

These podcasts provide a wealth of resources to help you navigate the challenges and joys of raising a Christ-centered family and growing in your faith together.

In the comments below, share your top Christian family podcasts.

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