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  • A picture of a mom helping her daughter put an ornament on a christmas tree. Beside the picture are the words The Best Christmas Traditions.

    The Best Christmas Traditions

    My husband and I LOVE Christmas traditions. When we got married, it was important to us to continue some of our traditions from childhood and start our own. Over the years, we have tried a few things to see if we want to do it again. Some things stick, but others have not. After 16…

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  • a picture of a wicker basket that is holding 6 large colourful easter eggs on top of a bed of hey. The basket is on green grass. Over the picture are the words: Activities that teach kids about the resurrection. Below the picture are the words:

    Family Activities that teach about the Resurrection

    Easter is right around the corner. One of my goals as a mother is to teach about the resurrection. I want my children to know that Easter is more than just bunnies and chocolate. In this post, I will share 5 family activities that teach about the resurrection. For me, Easter is a reminder of…

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