6 tips & Tricks to help you make time for Bible Study

Are you struggling to find time for Bible study in your busy life? I know this is something I struggle with and have always wanted to find time for Bible study. Continue to read as I give you 6 tips & tricks to help you make time for Bible study. I’ll explore creative ways to make Bible study a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Join me as I share with you how to prioritize the Word of God amidst the demands of our fast-paced lives. 

We all know the importance of studying the Bible and how it can nourish our souls and bring us closer to God. However, it can be challenging to find the time to read and study the Bible regularly. 

I understand the struggle of balancing work, family, and other commitments, and how easy it is for our spiritual life to take a backseat. 

That’s why I’ve gathered some of the best tips and strategies for creating space in your busy schedule for regular scripture study. Whether you’re a busy parent, a student, or a working professional, this episode is for you!

Get ready to discover 6 tips and tricks to help you make time for Bible study.

6 tips & Tricks to help you make time for Bible Study

6 tips and tricks to help you make time for Bible study

1. Schedule it in

One of the best ways to make sure you have time for Bible study is to schedule it into your day. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, right before bed, or anytime in between- pick a time and try it out for a least a week.

After a week- evaluate how things went and adjust as needed until you find a time that works for you and stick to it. This will help make Bible study a habit and a priority in your life.

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2. Start small

If you’re struggling to find the time to study the Bible, start small. Instead of trying to read a whole chapter or book, start with a verse or two.

Continue to do that for a month or more, and then gradually increase the amount of time you spend studying until you have reached your desired amount of time.

3. Find a Christian Mentor

Having someone who is dedicated to helping you grow in your faith and understands having a relationship with The Lord can be a great way to stay motivated. This mentor can give you Bible study tips, encouragement, and accountability. 

This mentor can be a friend or family member who is also interested in studying the Bible and commit to study together regularly. Make sure to check out The Christian Growth Hub.

This is a growing online membership for Christian women to help them read their Bible regularly, and grow in their faith with all the resources, tools and support they need, all in one place.  

You also can take part in monthly group mentorship calls. These calls are perfect for you when you want guidance and support in your faith journey.

During the call, I offer biblical teachings and wisdom, share my personal experiences and insights, pray with you, and provide guidance and accountability.

During this call, we can also discuss your current struggles or questions about the Bible study from that week, or anything related to your faith.

Click here to learn more about The Christian Growth Hub and sign up today. 

6 tips & Tricks to help you make time for Bible Study

4. Use technology to your advantage

There are many apps, websites and other tools that can help you make time for Bible study.

From Bible reading plans to online study groups, technology can be a great tool to help you stay on track. 

5. Replace an old habit with a new one

All of us have routines or fallback behaviour we naturally go to when we are bored. For some of us that’s cooking, cleaning, watching TV, scrolling the internet, and anything else. These are not evil- but they can take time from our days.

You can do 1 of 2 things- replace one behaviour for another, or do 2 things at once. 

Replace one old habit with a new one: 

Think of something you do every day and choose to spend less time doing that- and instead use that time to read and pray. 

For Example:

  • Some people wake up earlier- instead of sleeping
  • Instead of watching one more show on Netflix- read your Bible
  • Instead of listening to music in the car- listen to worship music or an audio Bible. 

You can also do 2 things at once: 

Think of something you do every day- and add a scripture or prayer to that activity. 

For example:

  • I check my emails 10+ times a day- so I subscribed to get a verse in my inbox every day. That way- when I’m checking emails, it’s not more work to also open another email and spend time reading
  • I also drive 20 minutes to and from my work. So, instead of listening to music, I have turned my car into my prayer closet and spend that time praying for my husband, kids and anything else that comes up. 

There are many things we do in our day that we can do less of so we can have more time reading scripture, or- we have some things we do we can add scripture/prayer, or worship to. 

6. Make it a priority

Ultimately, the key to making time for Bible study is to make it a priority. We make time for the things that are important to us, and studying the Bible should be no different.

Remember, The Lord loves us regardless of how much time we spend reading and studying the Bible. But, we are more likely to gain wisdom, peace, and so much more when we spend time with God. 

There are many benefits to reading God’s word, but we won’t experience them if we are not spending time with god on a regular basis. 

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Give yourself Grace

Remember to give yourself grace. 

We all skip a few days or even months. Don’t let those things discourage you and keep from starting up again. 

God wants to spend time with you and He can help you figure out what works best for you. 

With a little bit of planning and commitment, you can make time for Bible study and deepen your relationship with God. 

6 tips & Tricks to help you make time for Bible Study

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