learning Patience and faith in God’s plan

Has there ever been a time when you were ambitious enough to rush into a situation only to discover a severe consequence? I’ve done this many times, only to discover that there are consequences to doing things your own way. Continue to read as I share a story about learning patience and faith in God’s plan.

This blog post was written by Jen Schreiner. She is an emerging Christian author striving to win lives for Jesus. You can find Jen online through her blog, Instagram, and Facebook. You can learn more about Jen at the end of this post.

Learning Patience and faith in God’s plan

The Consequences of Rushing into Life’s Challenges

If it didn’t happen to me, I would not have believed it could happen. In a four-month span, I was in three separate car accidents.

And I hate to say it, but I kind of asked for it to happen. We know the phrase and use it quite often; “God works in mysterious ways.”

What we see as black and white, or as a choice “A” or choice “B”, God routinely shows us we are working within mindful boundaries.

He makes it a habit to answer our prayers outside of our frames of reference. He takes mystery, packaged up in our boxed limitations, and expands it into an unexplored reveal.

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Seeking Divine Help in Moments of Desperation

When I prayed for God to help me. I was in desperate need of His help. My kids and the patients I help serve at the hospital left me in search of more patience.

It made being a mom and a nurse overwhelming as both work and home life collided. My reflection of God’s logic gave me comfort.

I believed He would give me endurance and peace of mind in my heart.

But what I didn’t know is He would grow my heart through lessons of experience.

If I had known ahead of time, I would not have signed up for these challenges. I am glad He never gave me that choice.

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Lessons Learned Through Adversity

After my first accident, I sat in my car, embarrassed to admit, in a state of total loss of control. I remember banging my fists on the steering wheel, screaming in a fit of rage. Yes, this is not the person you would meet today.

The wisest man, Solomon, once spoke,

Desire without knowledge is not good — Whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.

Proverbs 19:2 (ESV)

Rushing seems to be our way of life. It is quite the opposite of having or obtaining patience at any given moment.

In my first sixty seconds after my car accident, there was no count to five, or a deep breath of surrender, as I faced an out-of-my-control situation. I was angry and ugly. I reacted fast as I resisted patience and insisted on my own will.

Roughly three weeks later, I got my car back from the shop and one week later, I was in my second car accident. This time, I was better, but still remained frustrated. This time I didn’t have my adult-sized tantrum. Instead, I began to peel away the layers of having my way and honouring God’s word.

God tells us to take up His cross because His yoke is light (Matthew 11:29). Getting wrapped up in trying to maintain my identity and self-worth, I found moving with haste easy.

I relied on myself and removed Him from the equation. When I freely gave up my right to react as I desired, I gave into acquiring the desire to have patience.

Embracing God’s Purpose

Isn’t it funny how much we want to change, but we want it on our terms? When we release situations, behaviours, and attitudes into God’s hands, His purpose arises.

So, when my third accident occurred which caused my black glossy passenger side door to be etched in silver paint and my side-view mirror to be ripped off by a very large truck, I thanked Jesus!

My motivation to speak out of anger transformed into having compassion for others.

Praise the Lord, for His willingness never to give up on me.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

7 Simple Ways to improve your mental health

As a young adult, I watched as mental health affected the marriage and life of family members. I wondered how anyone could marry someone that had mental health issues. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would do exactly that. 14 years ago, I married my best friend. Little did I know how mental health would affect our marriage and what was coming around the corner?  Today, I want to share with you 7 ways to improve your mental health. 

My Husband’s story

Before I share 7 ways to improve your mental health, I want to share a bit of my husband’s story. 

In the fall of 2011, my husband experienced his first severe panic attack. We didn’t know what it was or what had caused it. 

Friends invited my husband and me to a birthday party. That same day, my husband had made a slight error at work. While at the party, my husband couldn’t keep himself from worrying about the mistake he made. 

That worry soon became panic, and he started having a hard time breathing. 

Thankfully, a friend noticed my husband’s behaviour and sat him down. Our friend had recently recovered from his own mental health crisis and so knew that my husband needed help. 

Our friend not only helped my husband out of his panic attack, but he was the one to tell us what this was and insisted on connecting my husband to a counsellor. 

Direct Intervention

Because of that discussion, we started our road to recovery. 

I am convinced that it was God who caused my husband to have a panic attack at that party so that our friend could see and intervene. 

I truly believe that without that party, there would have been a completely different ending to this story. 

God had heard my prayers and sent us help exactly when we needed it. 

I share this with you so you know that God hears. He loves you and wants to help you. If you are too stubborn (like me) to seek help on your own, then I urge you to pray. 

You may not know what you are praying for, and you may not like how The Lord answers, but God hears, and He loves you very much. 

7 simple ways to improve your mental health 

If you’re like me, the idea of facing mental health in your marriage, or any other relationship seems scary.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There are things you can do to improve your mental health and ways you can be ready to face it. 

1. Educate Yourself 

My husband and I grew up in the 80s when mental health was still taboo and misunderstood. Because of that, schools and our parents never taught us about mental health and what it may look like. 

This was also a time when mental health was never discussed in church. People mostly faced these issues with quick remarks about not having enough faith and to not worry about tomorrow. Neither of these solutions seemed to “fix” our issue. 

What I have realized is that the first step to overcoming mental health is to educate yourself. 

To know what mental health looks like, it’s important to know what mental health is. 

Some knowledge will come through personal experience. You can also learn about mental health by talking to people you know about mental health and reading as much as you can about it. 

Thankfully, today, we live in a society that knows more about mental health and has created more support for it. 

I have even found that more Christians are willing to discuss their struggles. 

All these positive changes make it so much easier to learn about mental health and prepare us for when we may be facing it. Either with our own struggles or with the struggles of people we love. 

2. Notice Red Flags

When I first met my husband, I learned pretty quickly that he did not do well under pressure. 

When we got married, I soon learned that he would sometimes feel unwell, not willing to go out and be with people, and would sometimes get irritated. 

These are all pretty common in all of our lives, and so I thought little of them. 

What I didn’t realize was that they were all signals he wasn’t doing well and that his mental health was going down the wrong track. 

When someone has mental health problems, it shows in their behaviour and mood. If you aren’t looking clearly, then you may not realize it.

The best example I can give is remembering your children when they were babies. 

When a baby is hungry, it cries. When it’s tired, it cries. 

Adults are just like babies. When their body or mind feels stress and anxiety, it sends out signals. 

There are many signs of anxiety a person may give. 

Knowing what anxiety looks like will help you pinpoint symptoms and their root cause. 

That way, you can treat the cause, and not the symptoms. 

Catching symptoms early can help you and your loved ones face chronic anxiety and seek the help you need. 

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3. Seek treatment that works for you 

When my husband first started his mental health journey, he was under the care of a counsellor. We soon learned that this route would not work for us. 

It was a starting point, one that led us to seek medical help. Thankfully, our doctor diagnosed my husband quickly and prescribed medication that worked extremely well for him. 

For every case of mental health, there seems to be a different treatment. 

There are a variety of treatment options and it’s important to seek the one that works for you. 

For us, that included medication and lifestyle changes.

There is no shame in seeking alternative routes or seeking help that may differ from others. I am not a medical expert, so I will not go into treatment options or details. 

If you think you are struggling with mental health, please seek the help of a professional. Starting with a therapist or a doctor is a good idea.  

4. Avoid triggers

Anxiety triggers can disrupt our peace and well-being, making it essential to develop strategies to avoid or minimize their impact on our lives.

By identifying and managing these triggers proactively, we can create a healthier and more serene environment for ourselves. In this blog post, we will explore practical techniques and lifestyle adjustments that can help you navigate through anxiety triggers with confidence and maintain a greater sense of calm.

The best way to avoid any anxiety is to stay away from any triggers.


5. Recognize Mental illness as an illness

In our society, mental illness is often misunderstood or dismissed as something less significant than physical illness.

However, it’s crucial to recognize and acknowledge that mental illness is a legitimate illness that can have a profound impact on an individual’s well-being.

Many people still hold outdated beliefs that mental health struggles are a sign of weakness or simply a result of personal flaws. By recognizing mental illness as an illness, we can debunk these misconceptions and promote a more compassionate and understanding society.

Just like physical illnesses, mental illnesses require a professional diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. Recognizing mental illness as an illness is a crucial step toward achieving parity between physical and mental health. It emphasizes the need for equal access to resources, support, and treatment options for individuals facing mental health challenges.

6. Having a Godly Perspective

In times of anxiety and uncertainty, seeking solace in our faith can provide comfort and guidance. The Bible offers profound wisdom and encouragement for those facing anxiety, reminding us of God’s presence, love, and care.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible offers comfort, guidance, and hope for those facing anxiety. By embracing the biblical perspective, we can find solace in God’s presence, trust in His sovereignty, and experience His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Let us draw near to God, seek His wisdom, and allow His Word to transform our anxious hearts into vessels of faith, hope, and peace.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7,

7. Look for the blessing

Living with anxiety can be challenging, but even in the midst of our struggles, there are hidden blessings to be found. Although anxiety may seem like a burden, it can also serve as a catalyst for personal growth, resilience, and a deeper reliance on God.

While anxiety presents challenges, it also offers hidden blessings and opportunities for growth. By shifting our perspective and actively seeking the blessings within our anxiety, we can cultivate empathy, resilience, self-awareness, gratitude, spiritual growth, and a commitment to self-care.

Remember, we are not defined by our anxiety but by how we respond to it.

Embrace the blessings that emerge from your journey and allow them to guide you toward a life filled with purpose, growth, and a deeper connection with yourself and with God.

Hope During Times of Struggle: How to Rely on God

Life is full of ups and downs, and there are moments when we find ourselves facing immense challenges and difficulties. It is during times of struggle that we often yearn for a glimmer of hope to guide us through the darkness. In the midst of our trials, one constant source of unwavering support and strength is our faith in God. Continue to read as I share how to find hope during times of struggle.

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00:00- Exploring Faith and Resilience: A Conversation with Carmen James”
02:15- Reflection on Growing Up in the Nazarene Church and Finding Faith in Adulthood
_:__:__ Reflection on Finding Faith After a Difficult Marriage and Cancer Diagnosis
09:36- Rediscovering God’s Priorities
_:__:__ Finding Faith in the Face of Cancer
14:10- Faith, Hope, and Overcoming Cancer
19:57- Exploring Faith-Based Support During Cancer Journey
25:58- Faith and Overcoming Adversity
30:39- The Power of Scripture in Healing and Encouragement
36:27-  A Reflection on Faith and Miracles
38:38- Trusting the Lord and Cancer Treatment
40:28- Experiencing God’s Presence During Cancer Treatment

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Hope During Times of Struggle: How to Rely on God

Have you ever noticed that spiritual growth only comes through trials?? I know for me, the times I grow the most in my walk with God is when I’m facing hard things. This is also true for my guest today.

Her name is Carmen, and in this episode, Carmen shares her journey through battling cancer and the profound lessons she learned along the way. Carmen’s story is one of resilience, faith, and the incredible power of community.

Throughout her trials, she discovered a deep trust in God that carried her through the darkest moments. In today’s conversation, we delve into her experiences, the transformative healing she underwent, and the role that prayer played in her journey.

Carmen’s story proves that even in the face of unimaginable difficulties, it is possible to find strength, joy, and purpose.

Carmen’s journey reminds us that our greatest battles can become the catalysts for profound personal growth and transformation. Join me as we dive into Carmen’s inspiring tale, exploring the invaluable lessons she has learned and the wisdom she gained from her encounters with both darkness and light.

So continue reading as we discover how unwavering faith in God can help us navigate the unknown and embrace the healing journey with grace.

Meet Carmen

I was born and raised in the Nazarene church. I grew up in a very strict home. We went to church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night.

My dad was very big into our church, and very much lived out. His faith has been a tremendous role model for me through the years.

But like a lot of kids, I didn’t grow up loving church. When I went off to college and was obviously out on my own. You know at that age you you’re just exploring the world. You’re out from underneath your parent’s roof and their rules. And my rules at that point didn’t include church and I really started to drift.

Church was not a priority. A relationship with God was not a priority.

I wasn’t in the word of God. I could give lip service because I’d had years of going to church, but going to church is not the same thing as being in a real relationship with the Lord.

And so I got into young adulthood and married, and he was Catholic.

I made that conversion to Catholicism, did that for about 10 years, and learned a lot, but it just wasn’t for me. After our divorce, I continued in the Catholic Church for a very short time and my second husband’s father was well shall we say an atheist.

And so that presented a lot of challenges in our marriage and how I wanted to raise the kids. And I often found myself going to church alone and trying to take three small kids by myself and it was a real struggle and I gave up. I gave in.

And that marriage ended 10 years later.

And so at that point, I was in a space where I felt like I need to get back to church. And so I went back to more of a Protestant church like I was raised in and fell in love and started taking my children because I wanted my children to have that base right.

The person who I’m married to now was not going to church at that time and I just didn’t let that deter me. But what I found over the years was it did start to impact me.

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The Importance of being equally yoked

We’re told in the Bible to be very careful about being unequally yoked.

I truly believe that people become like the five people that we spend the most time with. And that impacted me and I found myself again, once again drifting away from church.

So Long story short, five, 5 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma stage 3, which is a blood cancer.

For those of you who know nothing about that disease, that illness, that type of cancer, you hear the words incurable when you sit with that oncologist. And that dropped me to my knees. It was a big wake-up call because God had been pursuing me.

Jesus had been pursuing me, and the bells and whistles were going off on the dashboard of life.

I was just choosing to ignore and live my life the way I wanted to live on my terms. And that diagnosis brought everything to a screeching halt. It literally.

My world crashed. It was turned upside down.

In that moment, I realized that I was not in control and that someone else was calling the shots for real and had delivered me something to which I wouldn’t be able to figure a way out.

Because I’m a firstborn. A type A personality, very driven, a control freak if you will, up to that point. And this diagnosis would be the one that I would find myself on my knees begging the good Lord.

The word of God does not return empty

I love hearing testimonies of how as a kid you got to know the Lord and that it wasn’t wasted. Yes, you drifted a little bit, but because of that solid foundation, you went back to it.

I know that as a mom I always worry about whether or not we are teaching them the right things.

But it’s just an encouragement to remember that training our children in The Lord can produce fruit now and/or in the long rung.

Even if they make wrong choices, it’s not wasted. God can still redeem it and can still use it and can still, bring them back.

A Father’s example

The interesting thing behind this is my dad was diagnosed with the same cancer 12 years prior and so I watched my dad walk in faith, never wavered, and really took a hard-line position that he was going to do the aggressive chemo route and that he was going to stand in faith and believe for his healing, believe for his miracle.

He was not willing to claim the word incurable because my dad believed that The Lord is the great physician and if He wants to heal me He will. And if He doesn’t heal me here, He will heal me on the other side.

So it rocked our world when we got the news that Dad was sick and we were shocked. When this sort of thing happens, you start to ask: How did we get here and were there signs that we missed along the way?

At one point I was heartbroken and scared that I would lose my dad. And my dad said, Carmen, I’m going to tell you something right now. Don’t cry. Don’t waste your tears. I’m good. My eternity is secure. And I’m good. If the good Lord calls me home today, I’m good. Waste no tears. I’ve lived a great life.

Do I want to go in this moment? No. But it’s up to God and we have no control. So I will do my part and I will do the treatment.

But if the answer is still no and he takes me home, we’re good. We’re at peace.

And I remember thinking – wow, I’m not at peace and I’m not good with this.

And I wondered why would my God do this to my dad. He was so active in his church and volunteered and, he was always the first one to jump up and volunteer.

When the church was raising money for a project, my dad would stand up and commit thousands of dollars. And I would look at my mom and she would have this like look of horror on her face because she was like, we don’t have that money. She didn’t know where that was coming from, but that was what I learned. Faith and action. And I’m thankful for that. Because as I walked that journey with Dad, little did I know 12 years later, that was going to be me.

Carmen’s Cancer Journey

I underwent the same aggressive chemotherapy that my dad did. I lost all my hair. I was deathly ill.

At that time, I was an entrepreneur trying to run a book of business. So I have no guaranteed paycheck.

I needed to work and I was scared to death. I also recognized that God has already prepped the stage. And I already had a great example of faith.

Now did that great example make it super easy for me to go through that process? 100 % no.

In fact, I had to work through the stages of grief. I had to take my own journey in it and let it play out.

In the 1st 24 to 48 hours of reality really sinking him for me, I remember sitting at the kitchen table. My husband came home from work and sat there bawling. And my husband like, what’s going on?

And I’m like, I am just so angry at God right now. Look what happened to my dad. And now it’s happening to me and this isn’t fair. And why me? And you know the whole- what did I do to deserve this?

I had this anger that just spewed out at me and I remember who I needed to get that out.

I needed to work through that and process all of that if I was going to move forward. And I let the dust settle and I didn’t linger there.

I would say within a day or two I was out of that pit and I was like going to rise up and kick cancer to the door.

Using the pain for glory

But what I would say is there were moments in the six months of chemo and being very sick and trying to hold on to my business. I never ever blamed God, but there were moments when I didn’t see how any good can come from this.

Here’s what I know today, 5 and a half years– I received a phone call that my dad would battle cancer again.

I could not believe what I was hearing and that was hard. But I was like, oh, my gosh, we just, it just feels like we came up for air and we’re going to get hooked under yet again.

Praise God he would come through for my dad yet again. My dad is still here, he’s in his eighties, and he has now beat cancer twice. And what I have come to realize is 2 of the clients in my Virtual Wellness coaching program have found out that they have cancer as they’ve been a part of my program.

And I have one right now who’s about to battle breast cancer for the second time. We have Bible study on Monday nights over Zoom and this particular client has been very active in my Bible study. She nearly lost her husband last year. She’s been through so much. So as a tribe, we call ourselves a tribe. We’re devastated by the news. But we’re not going into battle asking for the victory. We are going into battle proclaiming the victory.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings to God

The Bible tells us the story of when Lot lost everything. He had these extreme emotions.

And so we see it in scripture.

But then when it comes to our own personal journey and we have these feelings of anger and feelings of things being unfair, I find that most Christians get really uncomfortable with those feelings.

Because you’re not allowed to be angry with Go. I’ve always felt like you like its OK, be angry but go to God with that anger. Express it and get it out on the table. Tell Him.

And so I love that you shared that you share how it’s messy. Our feelings and our faith aren’t always linear, and kind of get muddied up.

But I love that you were able to move. Out of that, into a space where you know you were trusting God through the process and then being able to use that experience to then encourage others.

God trusts us with the story

God trusts us with the story, right? He can’t trust everyone with incurable cancer.

He can’t trust everyone with breast cancer for the second time. But He’s entrusted us because He knows. That we will use that story and He will use it for our good in His glory if we allow it.

And I have been very open, very vulnerable, very raw, very real with my clients about this entire journey, very transparent.

One of the Bible verses that early on in my cancer journey really stuck out for me is from the book of Esther. And that the verse about perhaps, perhaps you were creative for such a time as this.

And in the moment I remember thinking, well, that really sucks. You mean to tell me that’s what this is all going to boil down to, that I was created for this? I mean, what good is going to come from this? What I can tell you is what I’m so passionate about. God has made it very real, the calling on my life. And who and what is my mission field?

And these women that I get to do life with and I get to be their Wellness coach. That’s my assigned mission field.

And I have watched God move inside my client’s lives. I have watched God show up.

When COVID hit, I was in a gym as a personal trainer. So basically all I did was give people great workouts. When COVID hit, I had a choice. At that moment, I prayed about it and I had a certification as a Wellness coach. But I had not used that certification.

God opened the door for me to be able to have an income, to still be able to have a job, because I could move my clients online, turn my business upside down, and go from just personal training to giving my clients workout, faith-based spiritual component, a nutrition component, a stress management component.

We talk about sleep. We talk about work-life balance, which is where I found myself when I had the cancer diagnosis. I wasn’t living in alignment with God’s priorities and there was no number work, life, balance. It was all about work.

My clients get to see me walk that out in real-time. And it’s one thing to sing a song about faith, you know, I’m always reminded of that song, Oceans.

That was such a popular song at the time I was diagnosed with cancer. I know that song because I would sing it and sob. That was my victory song, if you will because I felt like God was taking me into the deep where my feet wouldn’t touch on purpose so that I would become so dependent on him.

And when we’re never called to the deep, we don’t know the definition of faith. We can sing about it till the cows come.

But when you’re fate, when your feet don’t touch the bottom of that ocean and you have to lean on him and not yourself, that is the game changer.

Trials test your faith

I grew up in a Christian home and I thought I had faith. When you face those hard things, it’s the rubber hitting the road.

And this is when you have to decide: is this real?

And I remember for myself, it’s like I could spend all my time angry or frustrated or questioning or anything like that. But if I really believe that God is who He says He is.

I have to choose to trust.

And so it’s always these points where you have that choice.

You have the choice to say no, I don’t know what God is doing, but I trust Him.

Or it’s really a whole bunch of baloney.

But I know that it’s in those hard moments where you see Him so much stronger. That builds your faith.

Why is it the hard things that help us grow? I don’t actually want to go through all those things.

But then on the other side, it’s seeing how the Lord carried me through. He helped me grow. I understand so much more. And so there are these benefits, even though it’s sometimes a circus or a gong show or just a lot of ridiculousness.

We are the proof of God’s existence

If we’re not entrusted with the story and we don’t live it out, how will others really even know God exists?

Because if we can just be cured by modern medicine, which I know God uses medicine why am I doing this if we can just do it without him.

No one’s ever going to believe that He exists or that He is sovereign and that He is in control and He has the bigger picture.

We are the miracles.

When people say to me, I’ve never seen a miracle, I tell them “you’re looking at one”.

God knew that His strong-willed child needed something that would reguire me to need Him.

In the Bible, wasn’t it Paul who had the thorn in the flesh and He kept going back and asked God to remove it. Please remove this. Please take it. And God’s like, no, I’m not taking that away.

Why? Because it creates dependent on him.

Midset is life changing

I’ve learned a lot about mindset. I’ve learned a lot about the battlefield of the mind because that’s where the battle is won or lost.

In most things in life and the enemy very early on. When I was not rooted and grounded in the word of God, when I did not know my identity in Christ, when I did not understand love, not your life, even unto death.

I’m not here for me. I’m not here to just get married and have kids and be glam on run a business and make money and go on vacation.

I’m here to serve him.

He’s not here to serve me.

Standing of the Word of God

I love how practical scripture can be and how it becomes so real in certain circumstances.

When I was younger, I would read scripture and ask, what do you mean? I would think, this makes no sense, and how is this possible?

And then you go through an experience, it clarifies to truth of The Bible.
We know that the word of God can come in and give us life.

How did Scripture help you in your journey?

I’ve shared this story before on a couple of other podcasts. At the time that I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was in a gym, and the gentleman who owned the gym that I was renting space from, he’s a Christian. He’s now an associate pastor at a local church. 1 morning I was sick that morning. I didn’t feel like I look good. and he met me at the door and put his arm around me and he spoke scripture over me and he prayed over me and he did that more than once.

It was a game-changer for me. He was the reason I started going back to church.

God does put the right people in the right places for us. And encourages us.

He was the reason that I got back in my Bible, that I really got back in a relationship with the Lord because he ministered to me every day and he believed in me and he spoke life over me when others were not.

God puts the right people in place

When you hear incurable and people aren’t educated, sometimes they say things that mean and they’re devastating.

He was that one person that would speak the word of God, pray the word of God, and stand in the gap. And it was amazing and I’m thankful for that because. That was life-giving, life-changing.

That was God who put that person right there when I needed them the most. And I really have prayed that God would give me those same opportunities to pay that forward for others to be the one who speaks. Life stands in the gap, intercedes and walks out of the difficult.

And I was so thankful that God put him there.

The Peace of God will wash over you

We read about, you know, and the peace of God will wash over you. And that was going through my mind when you were saying that it doesn’t even necessarily need to be a specific scripture, just the opening of God’s word and speaking it out loud and speaking it over people can bring people peace.

I think sometimes people want to do this, but ask what scripture and you can get hung up on, What do I say? What do I do. Instead of just being, saying- I’m just going to speak whatever words, whatever scripture the Lord tells me to and let God bring the peace.

It’s not about magic words

I was that person early on who I googled healing scriptures. And I’m obsessed. I printed them all off. I started putting them on index cards.

I started trying to memorize them because that was me trying to take control. That was me thinking there must be this magic formula that by praying the right words or memorizing enough scripture that God was going to love me enough that He’s going to come through.

It was never about that.

The other thing that I’ve really learned since then is we don’t have to pray some big, laborious, perfect prayer when it comes to healing because it isn’t about that.

It’s about do we believe, Do we have faith? Do we understand our identity in Christ? And who God is and what He’s capable of.

But then also recognizing there are no perfect words and it doesn’t matter how much we memorize or we could drone on in prayer for 20 minutes. If there’s healing, it’s because God’s organs that God gets the glory. God does the healing.

It isn’t because 10 people laid hands on you and prayed over you. Even though we realizethe Bible tal ks about that. I’m not negating that. I’m simply saying sometimes we get hung up on that.

We worry, did I say the right words. We worry that if we say the wrong words they don’t get healed.

We can also think wedon’t have the magic scripture to give you.

At the end of it all, God knows our hearts. He knows.

It’s not about OUR faith

I want the formula. I want The Lord to just tell me what specific steps do I need to take so that my kids get saved. Lord, tell me the specific steps I need so that …fill in the blank.

You can have the most amount of faith and say all the right things and do all the right things and the Lord still chooses not to intervene.

I remember this instant in the last year at our church. Within the span of one week, two different girls got diagnosed with the same cancer.

The church gathered around both and poured the oil and prayed and laid hands on them both. And one was healed miraculously. She went to hernext appointment and it was gone.

And then the other one walked through the cancer journey.

And I wondered why this one and not this one?

And I know the mom must have been thinking the same thing and it was kind of hard to watch.

We did all the same things, and the results were very different.

But they both walked the road that the Lord had put in front of them. And both of them gave the glory to God.

And thankfully, the second one is now in remission.

That tought me that it’s not about what we do, and what we say. It’s about the Lord. And it doesn’t take a magic verse. It’s just trusting the Lord for His plan, even if we don’t know what that is or agree with it.

Praying through the pain

Carmen had six months of treatment and the oncologist said we’re going to do something called our CHOP. And for anybody who’s been through cancer, you know our CHOP is literally the most aggressive cancer protocol out on the market today and it’s.

It, you know, it knocks you. I mean, I would literally get home and I spend the next 24 hours literally beside the toilet on the bathroom floor, face down, like help me survive, like just get me through the next 24 hours. It was debilitating.

In those moments, I did pray a lot.

I had this one moment when I was walking the hospital floor, I rounded that corner with an IV pole and in the blink of an eye I saw that sun setting and I felt the Lord put his arm around me. And I knew at that minute He was walking that hall with me. His presence was so real.

I just knew he was right there beside me and we would get through it one way or the other. We were going to get through this. I mean, I didn’t know if the kid, if the chemo would work, but I knew he was there. I absolutely knew He was present.

Struggles can take various forms – whether it’s battling an illness, facing financial hardship, navigating through broken relationships, or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

It is during these moments that our faith can be tested and our hope can waver.

However, by seeking a deeper connection with God, we can find solace and renewal even in the midst of adversity.

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