Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Ministry

Megan Wilczek

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Megan grew up in rural Wisconsin, where she was always known as the quiet girl with a book in her hands. Now, Megan is working on her lifelong dream of becoming the author of her very own book. Out of her own struggle with trauma, addiction, and mental health, she created the Jordan Crossings Blog to empower those who are healing from trauma. Megan is a chosen child of God, writer, speaker, counselor-in-training at Liberty University, adoptive mom, and fire wife.

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Part of maintaining inner peace is knowing who you are and what your purpose is in this life.

So who does God say you are? The world would have you think you’re only worth what your accomplishments prove. If you have a dark past is there no hope? Does God measure your value based on the work you achieve for His Kingdom?
There is hope! God doesn’t judge your worth on the same scale as the world does. Use this guide to work through your unique identity struggles to learn exactly who God says you are.

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