The Legacy of Amy Carmichael: An Example of Courage, Compassion, and Faith

Discover the remarkable story of Amy Carmichael, a missionary whose life was marked by courage, compassion, and unwavering faith. Follow her story from her humble beginnings in Northern Ireland to her transformative mission in India. Amy’s journey serves as a powerful example of what it means to live a life of purpose and dedication to serving others. Learn about her incredible life and explore the lasting impact of her legacy on the world.

All about Amy

Amy Carmichael was a remarkable missionary who left a lasting mark on the world through her dedication to serving others and her deep faith in God’s call.

Amy was born in Northern Ireland in 1867, Amy’s early life was marked by a deep sense of compassion and a passionate desire to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

It was during her teenage years that Amy first felt the call to missionary work. Inspired by the stories of missionaries serving in distant lands, she felt a stirring in her heart to dedicate her life to spreading the love of Christ to those who had never heard His name.

Little did she know that this calling would lead her to the distant shores of India and into the heart of one of the most challenging and dangerous missions of her time.

Amy’s mission in India was not an easy one. Faced with the harsh realities of poverty, injustice, and the deeply entrenched system of temple prostitution, she knew that she had to take action.

With unwavering courage and determination, Amy embarked on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate young girls who had been sold into temple slavery.

Despite facing numerous obstacles and dangers, including threats to her own life, Amy remained steadfast in her mission.

She established the Dohnavur Fellowship, a sanctuary for rescued children, where she provided them with love, care, and education.

Through her tireless efforts, Amy saved countless lives and offered hope to those who had been cast aside by society.

What truly set Amy apart was her unshakeable faith in God’s provision and guidance. In the face of adversity, she leaned on her belief that God was with her every step of the way, providing her with the strength and courage she needed to carry on.

Her life was a testament to the power of faith in action, as she fearlessly pursued God’s call to love and serve others, no matter the cost.

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Her blue eyes

** As a child, Amy’s favourite colour was blue. She was discontent with the fact that she was born with brown eyes and used to pinch her youngest brother’s cheeks to see the prettiest colour of blue as his eyes filled with tears.

Her mother taught her from a young age that God would answer her prayers if she prayed. 

So, every night before Amy went to bed, she prayed for God to change her eyes to the colour blue. 

In the morning, she would wake up, jump out of bed, and run to the mirror–only to be disappointed to see two brown eyes staring back at her. 

Her mother then explained that sometimes God answers ‘no,’ and that she had to accept that God gave her brown eyes for a reason. 

Amy Carmichael would later come to realize as an adult that her brown eyes helped her gain access to the Indian temples.

In 1901, Amy Carmichael moved to Dohnavur, India. There, Amy founded Dohnavur Fellowship, which became a home for former child prostitutes. When Amy stepped into the struggle to end the wicked service, she found that even the missionary community condemned her work.

Although people trafficking was not new, they thought she exaggerated the situation of temple prostitution.

The truth of what went on behind the temple scenes was so hard to get people to understand, that Amy found she must pretend to be an Indian and visit the temples herself. She would dye and stain her light skin brown with coffee or tea bags, and her brown eyes helped her fit right in as a Hindu.

No one would guess that the dark-skinned woman wearing a light blue sari, which was associated with the lowest caste, the untouchables, was a missionary from Ireland. 

Amy devoted the next fifty-five years of her life in India rescuing children from the temples and raising them as her own. She eventually became known by the children and the community as “Amma,” which is Tamil for ‘mother.

To this day, Amy Carmichael is known for opening a safe house called Dohnavur Fellowship after rescuing children from being trafficked in the Hindu temples.

She served in India for fifty-five years without a furlough, and in the last twenty years of her life, she remained bedridden and wrote several books and poems about her deep love for Christ.

Her dedication to serving God has inspired many Christians to become missionaries and to remain steadfast in their faith. Her story continues to inspire Christians from around the world. 

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Dedication to serve God

Amy dedicated her life to serving others, often putting their needs above her own. We can learn to cultivate a spirit of selflessness and sacrificial love, seeking opportunities to serve and uplift those around us.

Today, Amy Carmichael’s legacy lives on through the countless lives she touched and the lasting impact of her work.

Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the difference that one person can make when they are willing to step out in faith and answer God’s call to love and serve others.

May we all be inspired by her example and strive to follow in her footsteps.

Steps to Be More Like Amy

1. Cultivate Compassion:

Make a conscious effort to empathize with others and seek opportunities to help those in need, whether it’s through volunteering, donating to charity, or simply offering a listening ear to someone who is struggling.

2. Step Out in Faith:

Take bold steps in following God’s call, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone or facing challenges along the way. Trust in God’s guidance and provision as we pursue His will for our lives.

3. Serve Others Selflessly:

Look for ways to serve others selflessly, putting their needs above our own. This could involve volunteering in our community, serving in our church, or finding creative ways to support those who are marginalized or vulnerable.

4. Leave a Lasting Legacy of Love:

Live our lives in such a way that our actions and deeds leave a lasting impact on those around us. Leave a legacy of love, compassion, and service that will continue to inspire and bless others for generations to come, just as Amy Carmichael’s legacy continues to do.

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