What to do when you want to quit blogging

In this post, I will share with you what to do when you want to quit blogging. I share with you why I wanted to quit and what I did to motivate myself to keep going.

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I started blogging about 2 years ago. At the time, I wanted to learn everything I could and do the best that I could.

In so doing, I read many blog posts about blogging and social media, course making, marketing and so on.

At the time, it was extremely overwhelming. Every post I read made me feel that I had to do a million things every day to be a successful blogger.

What to do when you want to quit blogging?

1. Take stock of what you are doing

Over the last two years, I spent so much time on blogging, commenting, pinning, Facebook posts and so on. I was spending hours every day following the advice of other bloggers.

They had seen success and I wanted to emulate their strategy.

Every day I scheduled my post on tailwind and refined other posts, commented on 10-30 other blog posts, made Facebook posts and engaged around the internet. Every week I created new content and made pins and shared them every opportunity I had.

I am not going to lie. Doing all those things gave me some decent numbers. I was seeing 200-400 visits to my blog every day and some sustainable growth in my email list and Pinterest following.

2. Finding the problem

Doing all of that every day was too much for me. It burned me out and I wanted to quit.

Even if I was seeing growth, I was not seeing the numbers I got I should have and I started to feel there was no point in what I was doing.

So, I had two choices: quit or keep going.

4 things to do when you want to quit blogging

Since you are reading this new post, I obviously did not stop, I kept going.

So what made me keep going?

1. I took time off!!

I know! It seems unheard of in the blogging world.

I had so much fear that if I stopped then my growth would end and all my hard work in the past year would mean nothing.

But I needed to regroup.

During the time off I took some time to reflect on my blogging. I asked myself these questions:

  1. Why was I blogging
  2. How much time did I want to spend on my blog

2. Asked myself why I blog

What to do when you want to quit blogging. I have been wrestling with this for a while. So, I started by asking myself why I blogged? This was a key question for me because the answer would lead to why I kept going.

I thought back to when I first started. What made me start to blog?

I needed a creative outlet and something I could do that was interesting that would keep me engaged, that stimulated me and that challenged me to learn something. I needed all those things but on my own time and that I could do at home.

I have always loved writing and I was interested in marketing and social media so blogging seemed to be a good fit.

Even though I did have the goal to one day make money, I knew that possibility would be something to achieve in the future when I could spend hours every day dedicated to it.

I was not blogging for business but pleasure.

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3. Redefined success

Since my goal for blogging was for pleasure and a hobby, I had to redefine success.

Prior to this realization, if I got less than 200 views to my blog every day, I would be discouraged. But now, because I do this mostly for me, I don’t keep track of my numbers.

I used to check numbers 5-10 times a day. Now, I check them maybe once every couple of days.

Success has stopped being about the numbers but about the joy  I get from writing and creating posts.

This new view has helped me to keep going.

4. Asked myself: How much time do I have

On a day to day basis, I was spending anywhere from 1 to 4 hours every day doing all the tasks I thought I needed to accomplish to meet some unmet goal I had.

Realistically, I was spending time that I did not have. Because I spent so much time blogging, other things were being neglected. My kids were watching more tv and the house was getting to be a mess with no time or energy to change that.

So, I reassessed how much time a week I wanted to spend writing and promoting. I made a new schedule that met my needs and I know I can sustain for a long time to come.

Word of warning

Since I have decreased the amount of time and effort into my blog, my numbers have taken a significant dip. I no longer get hundreds of visitors a day. I get anywhere from 50-200 depending on the day and if I have set my tailwind queue for the week.

So, I am not suggesting that taking a back seat is for everyone. But, I do think it’s good for everyone to assess why they are blogging and how much time they have and maybe change what success looks like.

Having this new mindset has been extremely healthy for me and I have found a balance that I’m happy with.

Where to go from here

Honestly, I’m not sure. I know that life has phases and that for now, I am in a phase of decreasing how much time I am blogging and spending more time with kids and doing other things.

I also know that one day, I do want to go back to spending more time blogging and using the base of followers I do have to do something with.

I do have some ideas for books and courses that I hope one day I have time to create.

In the meantime, I will try to continue to publish one blog per week and learn what I can when I have time to learn it.

Have you ever wanted to quit something but kept going? What helped you stay motivated? What to do when you want to quit blogging?

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